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G: Whether it was good, bad, controversial; this is an old topic; this is a new topic. People that have been around for, I mean, you know, 60-year-olds were saying “We dealt with this in the 90’s.” No, we didn’t.


K: No, we didn’t.


G: No, we didn’t, it’s still lingering. And the denial of it –


K: More pervasive than ever…


G: More pervasive than ever. The, the shallow excuses, the efforts to tear away at the center of the heart of something that is so simple and so pure and so loving. The minute I saw it I said “I did it.” [hits hands together] I said “I did it.”


K: You hit that nerve!


G: I hit that nerve, and you know how you hit the nerve? Because everybody doesn’t wave a flag that says “I love [griffonj].” You’ve gotta bunch of “I love [him],” and you gotta bunch of “I hate [him],” and “I don’t get it,” and “What is this rubbish,” and “Explain it to me!” And I said, “This is it.”


K: You hit the nerve.


G: I hit the nerve.


K: Yeah, you like hitting the nerve!


G: You have to hit the nerve. If you don’t hit the nerve, no– it’s like a volcano. It can’t erupt unless something goes haywire. It has to emerge; it has to explode. I’m not interested in making lukewarm [ride designs] or lukewarm [roller coasters]. I’m not interested in just [creating a ride] and throwing it against the wall and [giving it to a designer] that I don’t even know about. What I want to do is strike your nerve over and over and over again to get you talking so you can be part of this [phase] that will change everything.




K: Is it difficult now with the pressure? I would feel, or think, that there would be pressure to continue to out-do yourself, or to continue to express yourself.


G: There’s always that pressure, but the best thing about it is it’s only a door away. It’s like, you know, I’ve got the first [phase] door, it was opened; it’s great, door stays open, you walk – I see, I see it like a hallway, my creativity. Do I sound crazy?


K: No, you do not…


G: I see - it’s a hallway, with wooden doors. The first door’s open, that’s that [phase], you walk down. There’s another door, that’s the next [phase]. And then there’s one more door, and it’s coming up, right? And I’m bangin’ on the walls, and I’m looking for hammers, I’m trying to figure out where the machine guns are, I’m looking for – I just wanna get to that freakin’ door, right.


K: Yeah, but you know it’s there.


G: I know it’s there, but can I open it? It’s not the same as just [designing a ride], it’s [designing] the next. It’s writing the next chapter of whatever lobe is in my brain that’s waiting to be unlocked. People think I sound narcissistic, it’s fine, because you know, -----, it’s all I’ve got is my creativity. So I walk down that hallway, and it happened recently.


K: The door opened?


G: The door opened. It opened; it blast open, and once it opens the light shoots right through and I’m in! And then I can relax because I know I broke through the door.


K: So then you can – is that when the [designs] flow, the [ideas], the…


G: It’s the [designs], it’s the, it’s the – it’s the journey.


K: Ah! Got it.


G: It’s the journey. It’s the new journey of all of us.



The Study of Reinvention


The definition of reinvention is to remake or make over something to achieve a different form. In many cases, this takes place on the exterior of an object, while in others it takes place on the interior. When reinvention actually occurs, the entity that undergoes the change usually becomes something different, changing from their previous state into a new, fresh, and revitalized being. This change can be drastic or minimal, but a transformation is indeed evident.


But does reinvention also result in something revolutionary? Can these so-called “changes” that ensue ultimately create something that becomes a model for the future? If so, then the present would be altered to apply itself to these modifications. The future, therefore, would always be influenced by this reinvention.



In the past, I have dealt with themes of perception and the altering of one form into another, ultimately arriving at a finished product that is the ideal form. I have also dealt with themes of genetic composition and how you are not only influenced by your DNA physically, but also emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and creatively. These themes became part of a trilogy, or a set of three phases that I set out to do in the Summer of 2011. Phase I, the Creation Phase, began in June, 2011 and finished in July, 2012. Phase II, the DNA Phase, began in July of 2012 and is ending in June of 2013. These two phases influenced not only my identity, but also my creative endeavors now, resulting in the final phase, PHASE III, that’s being released on JUNE 21, 2013.


All of these transitions during and in-between phases involve periods of reinvention. In all honesty, I can recall releasing VauTour before designing N9NE, designing AXiOM when releasing iDNA, and even designing the premiering ride of PHASE III just after releasing SkyRush. While I'm releasing things currently, on the surface I seem in the moment; that cannot be further from the truth. I am always looking ahead months in advance to see what is going to be released when, always searching for that ideal moment to reinvent myself in the eye of the public.



This reinvention that I discuss is real. My entire entity is going to turn, morph, change, and transform into something entirely different for PHASE III. I'm going to be spreading my wings and expanding to other sites, releasing more videos, images, and cluing more of you in on what has been happening for the past eight months underneath the DNA Phase.


The only thing I ask of you all to think of during this reinvention is that PHASE III isn't just another phase, it's a PROJECT. I consider the future designs and elements coming in the future to interconnect much more than anything I've done before in the past, and I encourage you to look at them from an artistic, creative perspective and to veer away from a realistic approach. Remember, PHASE III is a PROJECT, not just a phase.


I've been sitting in a cocoon for months, and now it's almost time to come out and spread my newly formed wings. I couldn't wait any longer to show what I've been working on...for now.





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Sonic Boom



Music can influence multiple factors in our world. For the majority of us, it brings us happiness during the course of our day. It can also change your mood, set the tone for a theatrical or cinematic piece, and even affect our actions.



During the invention, production, and now upcoming release of PHASE III, multiple albums, artists, genres, songs, and producers have influenced the visual and audible characteristics that will be experienced. Ranging from extreme EDM and dance tracks to slow pop-electro ballads, the music that influenced PHASE III all features some sort of electronic component. All of the music used for Phase I and Phase II influenced PHASE III, but this time III won't stick to just one artist and one specific album. III will feature multiple different songs, multiple artists, multiple producers...I think you get the picture.



Sticking to one type of sound can become boring, so a sonic boom might happen, as I reinvent myself and the sounds that I'm going to use in the future.







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A Scenic View


During the course of the past two years, I have grown from using minimal scenery in my designs to multiple different sets for just one element of a ride. Did you know Undertaker was my first attempt at Moby's Steel Jungle? iDNA was my first attempt at using the thin version of the set. The addition of different sets along the way became evident in THE SWARM, a heavily themed X-Car Creation in November of 2011. More detail arose in Mutation, an Inverted B&M Coaster in August, 2012, leading to similar attractions that followed like Locus and NeurENRG. Scenery, instead of being just an add-on for a design, started to become another focus that became an essential element in the experience.


To take the next step in my work, I had to realize that scenery could have multiple purposes. Something that may be a water slide support may seem much more appropriate as metallic tree branches, glass obstacles could be integrated into ride supports and interaction, and even trees could be added to draw attention, conceal, or accentuate specific ride features. Whatever may have been normal in the past is now out the window; the scenery witnessed in PHASE III will be inventive and creative.


I discovered that to be inventive, you have to use things for purposes that they weren't designed for, and that's what reinvention is all about.



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The year 2013 offered a lot to be inspired from. Graduating from high school, starting a new chapter of life, and turning 18, 2K13 gave me a chance to reinvent myself - both my real life and my fantastical one.


PHASE III is inspired by the year 2013 in the sense that it ends in a three, dealing with the third and final phase of a trilogy. It's symbolic of the ultimate mile in a marathon, a runner working their hardest to achieve greatness. The year 2K13 features my favorite letter, K, being that my real name starts with the letter K. The year 2013, when added together, also equals 6, and with only 6 days remaining until PHASE III is released and named, reinvention is coming. 2K13 offers the ability to reinvent myself, turning my world upside-down, much like AXiOM did, to discover multiple new things and experience different opportunities. And what number do you get when you turn 6 upside-down? That's right, 9, my favorite number.


So why such a fuss about 2K13 and it equaling 6? Well, remember how I have designed and produced 9 rides for each phase that I have done so far? This time, I've only done 6. I'll let you ponder that awhile, and until tomorrow, keep reinvention on the mind - always.



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The patterns on a person's hand determine a lot about them people say. Since I try not to reveal anything about my realistic personality, griffonj2022 has remained my alter ego that I go to for creative purposes. However, showing my hand won't do anything but prove that I have five fingers. Or so you think.


There are five major things that will occur in PHASE III that I have never done before:


1. I will expand to other sites other than just TPR. It may be happening sooner than you expect.

2. I will release something I have been working on since October that will allow for more interactivity.

3. I will collaborate with multiple people on many occasions.

4. I will now be creating "films" instead of "videos"; the only change is that they will be longer and feature storylines.

5. I will reject my past and look toward the future.



Only 5 more days until I reinvent myself. I can't believe a small idea back in October has lead to so much hiding underneath these words.


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If the Key Fits...


Tomorrow I am releasing the final ride of the DNA Phase.


As I've said before, #9 is a "gateway drug" to PHASE III. This is in no way a promotion of drugs or harmful substances, but instead a metaphoric statement that relates a key to a lock. #9 acts as the final ride of the DNA Phase, closing out that chapter of my creative endeavors, but also acts as an unlocking mechanism for PHASE III; in short, it's closing one door and opening another.


I see my creative process much like a hallway. As I turn around where I'm standing in the hallway, the closed door for the Creation Phase lies off in the distance, and closer to me lies the open door for the DNA Phase. The door for the Creation Phase was opened in June of 2011 only to be closed in July of last year. That phase came and went, and that door opened and closed. After that door closing, the door for the DNA Phase opened, releasing 9 unique attractions that told you all more about my DNA and who griffonj2022 really is. That door still sits open at the moment, but tomorrow it's slowly going to close.


When I turn around, these two doors are now behind me. I see a large wooden door with gold letters that state "PHASE III" written across it, and I can see a glowing light seeping out beneath the bottom of the door. In the summer of last year, I knew that door was going to open, but I didn't know when. In October, that door creaked open a tiny bit, only to then metaphorically fully blast open after the first ride came into my head. The door for PHASE III has been open for a solid 8 months now, and it's been waiting for me to release it to the world.


Like many people say, when one door opens, another one closes. This can't be more true: when the door for the DNA Phase closes for you all, including myself, the door for PHASE III opens up. The question is, which key do I use to unlock it so you all can see what's behind the door?



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Within our physical world lies limitations. Boundaries and rules are set in place so people can conform to what other people or society desires. These restrictions, laws, or "obstacles" are put in place for good reason, but what if they didn't exist. Is there a place where there are no rules?


Bourne, the final ride of the DNA Phase, was designed to illustrate this idea. An archaic term for boundary or limit, Bourne takes the idea of a normal B&M Wing Coaster and throws it out the window. It resides in a place where the boundaries don't exist; the environment is full of creative energy and inventive ideas. This same realm of RCT3 is where PHASE III lies.


You see, Bourne was created not only to be the finale of Phase II, but also to build up anticipation for PHASE III. Bourne acts as a locking mechanism for the closing of one door but as the key for the next one that's waiting to be unlocked. It's the attraction that links the two ideas together in a metaphorical and literal sense. Bourne, in all honesty, is an experimental ride that was intentionally boundary breaking.


What does this have to do with PHASE III then? Bourne broke the boundary. Literally. In PHASE III, all rules and limitations are gone. In Phase I, realism was the key idea; in Phase II, a blend of realism and fantasy occured; now, for PHASE III, pure fantastical imagery comes into play. Think you know what lies beyond the door? Check out Bourne HERE to see a preview of what's to come...



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I'd Rather Dye...


The permanence of ink is untraceable. Someone, a very long time ago, discovered that ink couldn't be removed, taken away, changed, altered, or abolished. Ink, or dye for that matter, took something and changed it into something different. It gave it new life by making it appear greater than before, or it destroyed it.


Many people have considered pen and ink to be the most classic form of writing. A pen and ink symbolizes permanence; yet, when something is crossed out in ink, it symbolizes termination. Writing has transformed from using ink to doing what I'm doing now - typing.


But, what fascinates me about ink and dyes is their reaction to water. When initially dropped in, they remain in a confined ball for a few seconds. After that, all chaos breaks loose, and the dye flows throughout the water in any way, mean, shape, or form that it chooses. This, in my mind, is revolutionary.


How can something so small make such an impact? How can one drop of green dye, small and innocent, make such a huge impact to the naked eye? I feel as if PHASE III is a small drop of dye right now, sitting at the end of the dropper waiting to plunge into the water that is the world. It's sitting precariously at the tip, waiting patiently, and growing larger until it finally falls. After that, it will spread out to touch hundreds of thousands of people (hopefully!) with it's ideas and themes.


It's lacks evolution in it's design, but it's revolutionary in it's potential.



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I don't get how this hasn't gotten any comments.. you clearly deserve more. This is looking nice so far Griffon!


It's convoluted and confusing???? I don't have time to read paragraphs of confusing "deep" thoughts.


Number one rule of internet forums: Short and sweet. Attention span of the averge reader per page - 10 seconds. Then they move on.

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It's convoluted and confusing???? I don't have time to read paragraphs of confusing "deep" thoughts.


Number one rule of internet forums: Short and sweet. Attention span of the averge reader per page - 10 seconds. Then they move on.

I'm sorry, you lost my attention after the word "number".

Edited by A.J.
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Evolutionary in it's design, ®evolutionary in it's potential.



The creation of a website was something that came out of a NeurENRG moment. I kept looking for something more interactive, ultimately deciding on an app for Apple and Android products, but canned that idea due to lack of interest. A website, however, seemed more fitting. It allows for constant change and evolution, interactivity with everyone who uses it, and offers me a place to put things to "test out" or release hidden projects. I've also fixed the problem of having to register for the site at the beginning, that was unnecessary. If you would like to browse the site, feel free to. You only need to have a login for ®EVOLVE, an extra page of the site where I will drop exclusive content that I haven't before from time to time.




Why call it THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE? When I first started Phase I, I wanted that to be called The Evolution Phase. But, when you think about it, you have to be born before you can evolve, so I locked the idea away for a later date. In October of last year, I saw the first element of the premiering ride for PHASE III, and I knew that it would show evolution as a designer, so I finally had the opportunity to use that name for a phase. The revolution part comes in when you get into tracklisting, as the "middle" section of the phase won't be designed by me, but will be designed by you.


You will hear me refer to the phase as both THE EVOLUTION PHASE and THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE; they are interchangeable. However, the phase correlates to my real life as well. Remember how I'm always searching for that place between reality and fantasy? I think I found it. Friday, I graduated from high school, and yesterday was my graduation party. These moments in a person's life and evolutionary. You're evolving from one person into another, and revolutionizing your world as well. It's a connection between THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE and real life, a place where reality and fantasy can meld into one.




As I mentioned, each ride will show my evolution as a designer. A lot of them launch, more than once possibly, and hopefully they will all be released on time. I've got a set time schedule out for the summer before I go away to school, so I'm hoping that each ride is put out on time before then. Only three are coming this summer, and then more in the winter, and then next spring will finish out the phase.




Be sure to check out the website in the link above and tell me what you think. It's been a long, working process, and I hope it turned out as great as I envisioned it. Soon, very soon, The Butterfly Effect will be released - a short film that explains some of what's going to happen in the first ride of THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE. Ready to evolve along with me?



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The Butterfly Effect


When someone thinks of evolution and change, one immediate vision that comes to mind is a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. This metamorphosis, both physically and mentally, allows for rebirth on all levels of life. The Butterfly Effect explores this idea, having a butterfly emerge from it's cocoon and find a new home after it's change. The short film also includes a sneak peek at the premiering ride of THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE, a ride that is linked to the imagery and ideas of The Butterfly Effect. Are you ready to evolve along with the Monarch?


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Artistically, it's pretty. Nice shots, but I will have to stand by this as well: It is the Twin Peaks of coasterdom. I'm beyond confused myself, and lost entirely on what you're actually trying to show us.


I'd strongly consider thinning out the artistic side, and stick to more core-base items. It would really be a better image after all, and show your skills a bit better. Otherwise, you'll be following this path...






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Artistically, it's pretty. Nice shots, but I will have to stand by this as well: It is the Twin Peaks of coasterdom. I'm beyond confused myself, and lost entirely on what you're actually trying to show us.


I'd strongly consider thinning out the artistic side, and stick to more core-base items. It would really be a better image after all, and show your skills a bit better. Otherwise, you'll be following this path...







Thanks for your opinion! I totally get what you're saying. I agree that it has been confusing with all of the videos and images that I'm putting out there, but it does connect eventually. You'll understand the ideas and imagery within The Butterfly Effect when the first ride is released, and I promise to show off more of my skills ride-wise soon enough. A lot of work has gone into the first ride (redoing supports, multiple attempts at a station, tree placement, etc.), and hopefully it turns out well!

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I planned on releasing METAMORPHOSIS this past Friday. However, my computer is fried and has hard drive/system errors, and at the moment we're letting it rest until we come back from Cedar Point next weekend. Therefore, METAMORPHOSIS is coming July 12, 2013.


I'm not revealing a lot about this ride in the images because I want a lot of it to be a surprise, but you can get some sneak peeks at what you'll be experiencing on METAMORPHOSIS in a few weeks. The Butterfly Effect is also pretty obvious now when you watch it back, alluding to a butterfly changing as a metaphor for me changing in my designs. Within METAMORPHOSIS you will see me use multiple different scenery sets and try new things; I'm excited to see how it finally comes together!


For now, I'm going back into my "cocoon" and quieting down again until the 12th. Get ready to evolve with me...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Anyone care to take a ride on METAMORPHOSIS early? Comment below the name of the first ride I released back in June, 2011 with the ride that it was modeled after and you'll be given access to the POV. Just a little fun before the release tomorrow (crossing my fingers)!

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There comes a time in everyone's life where the Wizard of Oz Effect takes place, or when everything that was once thought of as black and white changes into color. That change, an evolution in a way, creates an entirely new vision for the person whom is experiencing it.



METAMORPHOSIS is my Wizard of Oz Effect.


Imagine undergoing an entire transformation in how a ride is designed. Imagine changing the way you look at elements of scenery that could interconnect with the riders and the experience as a whole. Imagine reinvention in the supports, footers, track connectors, and even the train car itself. Everything that was once black and white is now changing into color.



METAMORPHOSIS has a simple purpose - to reinvent oneself. METAMORPHOSIS asks it's riders to evolve along with the ride, changing and growing into something entirely different from past experiences.


Featuring a world's first Zero-G/Vertical Drop element, multiple inversions, airtime hills, quick transitions, dual launches, and a massive Inverted Hammerhead turn over the water 150 ft. below, METAMORPHOSIS challenges it's riders to take on a new design with only a lap bar to keep you contained.



This new, inventive, and creative attraction is the first ride of THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE, the third and final phase from griffonj2022. METAMORPHOSIS is also the first attraction in a set of three coming this summer within ACT 1 - EVOLUTION; the premiering ride begins to show evolution in the design and style of griffonj2022.



Everything is changing from black and white into color, are you ready to do the same?





"Evolution has begun..."


4,329 ft.


75 mph

55 mph Launch (2)

4.9 +G

1 -G

1.5 Lateral G

175 ft. Drop

5 Inversions





Welcome to PHASE III everybody!


This ride is a departure from everything that I've done in the past. What I have done is good, and some of it looks great on film, but this time, I wanted it to be different. I wanted to change everything I thought about the game and evolve as a designer. Within this attraction you will see me use different footers, track connectors, trees, rocks, paths, walls, lights, rides, and scenery sets to compose what is now called METAMORPHOSIS. She's been sitting in her cocoon for about 9 months now, and she's ready to take flight.


The release of METAMORPHOSIS will actually come in multiple sections. Today, you're getting the ride video and images to view. Next week, a main ride video will be released (think of Bourne's video that links to the other ones), as well as a separate POV video and another film called Night Flight. You can guess what that video is...


Today also coincides with the announcement of ARTPOP, the next effort from a musical artist that I follow. The ideas that run within THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE are correspondent with themes found within ARTPOP, so the announcement today and the release of METAMORPHOSIS could be considered ironic, lucky, or fate. Nevertheless, it's another correlation to my creative influences for you all to think about.


So enjoy the ride now, for there is more to come in the near "soon"! Be sure to comment!


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As much as I enjoy how much effort you put into your videos and how creative they are, a honest POV of the ride would greatly help. I feel like you can't get a full idea of the layout from looking at the different, disjointed parts.


A full unedited POV will be coming no later that Wednesday of next week. Along with the POV will be a main video for the ride (think about how Bourne's videos were laid out) and another film called Night Flight. Thanks for the comment!

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