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Game: Guess the movie from the twisted synopsis

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Wow, so no one has seen this 80s film? I thought that last clue would give it away.


Alright I'll give a very straight forward summary to see if this film is even on anyone's radar.


A child prodigy gets accepted into a prestigious university's science program and is put to work in the lab on a year long project which he finds out is going to be used as a military weapon after he finishes it. So it is up to him and the friends he has made over the couse of the year to try to stop this from ever being deployed.

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I'll add a third clue and make it much less ambiguous


A well meaning environmentalist working for the city board shuts down an unlicensed operation and inadvertently causes cats & dogs to live together, the dead to rise from their graves, mass hysteria in other words, but this apocalyptic event ends happily with the worlds biggest campfire marshmallow roast.


The first two clues:


A great and powerful God's return party is crashed by four pipsqueaks.


A misbehaving major appliance hales the beginning of the end of the world.

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