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[RCT2] PROJECT I: Playland Park (NCSO)

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1931 - 1932 Update


In the midst of the Great Depression, Playland Park continues to be operating as usual from the wealth of the Richardson family. Though, one event in particular will greatly change the course of Playland history...




In 1932, Playland Park opened Bumper Boats, one of the first ever built. It replaced Golf-by-the-Sea, a miniature golf course that existed in the 1930 & 1931 seasons.







Something that changed the history of Playland Park...








In 1932, a tragic moment happened. A great tidal wave surged its way through the beach and into Playland Park. The tidal wave rose water at levels 10 feet from the ground.



The current guests in the park swam in the deep waters.




Big Dipper right up to the water.



The water created much damage to the park and scarred the lives of thousands on this hot summer day.



Jack Rabbit over water.



After the tidal wave, the park was abandoned. Richardson couldn't pay for the damages and re-open the park. Plus, that tidal wave scared many away. The park was shut down and ceased all operations. Playland is no more.


Playland Park: 1913 - 1932

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1947 Update


Playland in destruction! This is what 15 years of abandonment created. No captions are needed for these photos, but look closely at the devastation.


(Also, these are the oldest color photos of Playland Park)





















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1963 Update


Playland Park is going to re-open for the 1964 season! Ever since the 1932 closure, Thomas Richardson lost all of his money during the Great Depression. However, his son, George Richardson, was the former mayor of Seaside Beach, CA (the city where Playland Park is in) and has won public support to re-open Playland. George Richardson will be in charge of the park, though he will not be the owner. The city of Seaside Beach are the new owners of Playland Park. Anyways, here are some photos of the new construction!



Big Dipper is recieving a complete re-track and some supports have been put in to replace the ones burned in the fire.





A new wooden coaster seems to be under construction.





Little Dipper's re-do. Some of the track has even been re-painted!





Leap the Dips still needs to get a new station roof.





Phantom Castle has suffered much damage though the giant hole is getting filled in. Also, look at the new pavement and the re-paint of Dodgems.

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1964 Update



Playland Park had its grand re-opening and thousands poured into an amusement park that wasn't open in over two decades. The park re-opened with everything exactly the way it was in 1932 except for Playland's new attraction.




Pacific Flyer opened with the park's re-opening in 1964. Pacific Flyer is 75' tall making it the second tallest coaster in Playland Park. The 3051' length makes Pacific Flyer the longest coaster in Playland Park.




Pacific Flyer features a dive into the ground.




Pacific Flyer has a long 945-degree helix!




Pacific Flyer is the only coaster at Playland Park with a double dip as the first drop with massive airtime.

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Pacific Flyer looks AWESOME! Nice work man! Those helixes and the dive into the ground make the ride look promising. Nice to see Playland Park back in full swing after the devastating accident. I sense a good future for the park


Keep up the good work Bro.

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1965 - 1966 Update



Playland Park's new 1965 ride is the Rocky Shore Expedition. Climb into the submarine with many different scenes including a lake, a beach, and a volcano.





In the middle is Rocky Shore's station. Also, you can see that Pacific Flyer recieved a new color scheme in 1965.





Wildcat is Playland Park's new 1966 roller coaster. Manufactured by Schwarzkopf, it is Playland's first family steel roller coaster. It seems to have a temporary look and many believe that this area will have dramatic change in the future.





Pacific Flyer's helix is no longer alone.

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Thanks for all who commented.


1967 Update



A new 150' Von Roll observation tower was built in 1967. The old 1924 Crooked House was removed for "Sky Tower".




Sky Tower's queue line. Some of the old Crooked House queue theming was kept.




Construction was seen behind Rocky Shore Expedition. This seems to be for the new 1968 ride.




Some footers have been poured. Perhaps the 1968 ride will be a roller coaster?




The construction area is a rather large area. Something big is coming...



This is the end of the 1967 Update. Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.

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Thanks for all who commented.


1968 Update



Playland Park's new ride is the legendary Coyote Creek Mine Ride.




As you can see, the Mine Ride was squeezed next to Auto Race and Rocky Shore Expedition.




Coyote Creek Mine Ride has a very steep drop at its final lift hill.




The coaster speeds through a tunnel in a long helix.




Here is the station for Coyote Creek Mine Ride.




Look at this mess of track!



This is the end of the 1968 Update. Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.

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