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  1. wow that is some way to present a park design. Keep up the good work!
  2. No, fair, why not edit the scenario to present in LL, install the scenario into RCT2, add custom scenery and rides, and just fix the landscaping and paths? That's what I did!
  3. When I try to load or save scenarios, tracks, landscapes, etc., the game ignores the action and proceeds to what it was doing, Is there something wrong that's keeping me from loading or saving? I need help ASAP! EDIT-- the configuration I am using is Windows 95 and the game is installed on a Windows 7 PC.
  4. When I played RCT3, all I did was like the theme. But I am more of a classics person, so I'm choosing the play of 2. It gives you an easier oppurtunity when making custom flats. nin makes a great point here.
  5. It's cool, I like the themeing around it, but you should edit that last update photo to an overview..
  6. Aww come on! On Windows 7, RCT2 tried to function but the loading screen kept doing short loads repeatedly and never loaded. When I took the disk out, it stopped with a large area of grass and a message saying "File Contains Invalid Data". And when I open up either SOB or 8cars it just says "RCT2 is not running or cannot be detected". I'm stuck . Can someone PLEASE help me with how to get RCT2 successfully configured with a Windows 7 computer so that the trainers can detect the game and actually work? P.S. I am going to need this immediately so I can get my real-world parks snapped together.
  7. I love summer! So, I am making a summer park!
  8. Wow that woodie was the awesomest coaster classic I've ever seen! Things are going around pretty well. P.S. I am on punishment today and cannot go on the computer at all until tomorrow, so the download can wait a little bit longer.
  9. Hey, try making Bumbly Beach historyfreak! I LOVE RCT RECREATIONS!!!
  10. I want the same as ^. Use the supports and tunnels, but use custom scenery for the station/brakes buildings. Also try Cedar Point's GateKeeper. If you have that sky rider B&M coaster track, start ma,ing your own GateKeeper. I'd LOVE to see that ride in the post, and in-game!
  11. It stands fore No Custom Scenery Objects. Also, its spelled NCSO.
  12. Wow thanks for granting my wishes XYZ! Now I can't wait to see some classics like JackRabbit and Racer from Kennywood!
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