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[RCT 3] Six Flags Nashville Hills

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Welcome to Six Flags Nashville Hills!


This is my first park that I have ever posted on here, so I really would love to hear any tips and comments you have for me! FIrst off, I would like to say I am not big on CSO, so if I post more parks here they will most likely by NCSO. I also know I need to use the tool to get rid of the blue sidings, and I will do that for future posts!


I would have liked to done this as a timeline park but I just started building and expanded from there so hopefully any future parks are going to be in the timeline format but unfortunately not this one. Without further ado, here is Six Flags Nashville Hills!


Welcome to Six Flags Nashville Hills! This is the DC comics area of the park. Here is a pretty good overview!


Here is the marquee attraction for this area. Superman : Ride Of Steel is a Morgan hyper coaster created in 1999. Even though the ride is akin to Mamba and Steel Force, Six Flags was talking to Morgan for this park as well as Six Flags Mexico and the ride fits well in the park serving as the symbolic coaster.


Here you can see the 209ft Superman looming over the park. In the foreground you can see Lex Luthor's Mean Machine, similar to Six Flags St. Louis' Excalibur. And in the background the 2004 Zamperla twister coaster, known as Joker's Revenge.


Here is a closer look at Joker's Revenge and it's immaculate theming. (Note : I built this ride before the Joker at Six Flags Mexico was announced.)


My favorite part of this ride is finding that skull in the spooky scenery and placing it so it overlooks the ride. The ride has a funhouse placed in the line to make the line on this low capacity coaster go by quicker.


Here is Batman : The Ride. A Vekoma SLC model that rates just as well as any others. It was built in 1997 and was the first coaster in the DC area.


Another view of Batman with Poison Ivy's Twisted Tangle and Lex Luthor's Mean Machine in the background.


One of the other flats known as Batwing. There is one more that cannot be seen called the Krypton Kruisers, a air powered bumper UFO styled ride.

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Thank you for the comments guys!


I have another update, it is not as big as the last one but its pretty sizable however! I have been in the midst of college work and papers, so without further ado, enjoy! These screens are about 85-90% finished with a few details still needed in each one.


It looks like Superman is still dominating the skyline of Six Flags Nashville Hills!


Superman now has some company down at its turnaround. I present to you Southern Thunder.


Southern Thunder is built by GCI in 2007. It replaced the Tennessee Mines Mine Ride, built by Arrow Dynamics in 1970. Here is the Magnum-esque turnaround.


Southern Thunder has a top speed of 50mph and a length of 2,776fft. Southern Thunder is now known as the older sister of the Prowler at Worlds of Fun, both relying on quick directions changes, fast speeds, and airtime hills!


Joining Southern Thunder in this section of the park is Dare Devil Dive! This Intamin ZacSpin coaster opened in 2012!


Dare Devil Dive will have you flipping in every direction possible. This unique ZacSpin even features an airtime hill with a vertical drop into a misty control tower!


Hard to picture, but nestled between these two major thrill coasters is Country Lane Drivers. Much like the name says, you will be receiving some of the most beautiful angles of the park while driving through it, great for younger ones


There is also a Wave Swinger rides named Whirlwind and a hidden train station. Please comment! =]

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