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Minecraft WDW Project

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Hey guys, been a loooooooooooooong time since I've been on TPR. School and life tends to get in the way of fun things. Anyway, I was messing around on youtube last night and a buddy sent me a video of Magic Kingdom re-created on minecraft.




Now it seems these people had a falling out, due to school and whatever, but, at the moment I've been having alot of time on my hands. I needed a project to do on minecraft. What better then not just MK but the whole resort? Sounds crazy, but with enough people, time, creativity, and luck it's possible. I need help, and lots of it. Who better the TPR's crew of themepark and video game nerds???



I'll be setting up a Bukkit Server too, we'll have all the tools and plug-ins required such as world edit and whatnot.


Hit this thread up if this inspired you like it has me, I think it'd be awesome if we could make this happen!


- David

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The biggest issue is going to be mapping out park boundaries, along with road and resort boundaries and natural stuff like Lakes and forests whatnot.

1 block = 3 meters in minecraft, but this may not end up being true in our world, as if I build Tower of terror exactly 60 something blocks high it's not exactly gonna look...right. Other then that, theres alot of busy work that can be done without having alot of minecraft "SKILLZ" that you could totally help out with

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I'm interested in helping out with this project too. I play Minecraft all the time and use World Edit a lot, really helps when making big things like this. Just PM me the server details and when you guys are on and i'll help out! By the way, 1 block in Minecraft is 1 meter, not 3.

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Hey guys, zombie thread, my bad. I'll shoot you guys PM's and get everyone setup. Looks like were gonna have to start from scratch, as the old map files got destroyed in a harddrive crash. This won't happen this time around as I'll be sending you guys the map files every other day or so, just incase.

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Hey guys, bumping this thread back to life because this project is more less, dead, but all is not lost, I have found another awesome group dedicated to making a WDW Minecraft recreation, and my god it's amazing. I'm not advertising them, just passing the word on because it's really cool, and any disney geek would be impressed. They already have most of the parks done, except Animal Kingdom, and several resorts, Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Poly. It's awesome.


Server IP is mcmagic.us

Webside is http://mcmagic.info/

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