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The Invasion Is Coming...



No one knows of it's whereabouts, plans, or when it will attack us. One thing for sure is this - It is unlike anything humankind has ever seen before. Apocalyptic devastation is on the war path, and we are the next target. Do you know what to expect?



Expect the unexpected. The force heading towards our planet is so massive, so monstrous, that only rebellion can defeat it.



Prepare yourselves for the the Day of the Dead, for only then will the world know the truth of the apocalypse.



Six methods of destruction are said to occur, and only we can make sure they are stopped. But, the only way this can occur is by...



Hanging on the edge of your seat, for five pulse-pounding seconds, and then you will know the truth.



WAR IS COMING. Are You Ready to Fight?


I couldn't wait any longer to post this...I just had to do it.


Sorry if I'm not as explicit as you would like me to be, but that's the fun of it all. Figure this one out for yourselves and see what you get! I wasn't as secretive this time, and Project Fly is easy to figure out too!


Get ready for the invasion...




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My guesses-


Dive machine multi-looper, with 6 inversions. Has an apocalyptic theme, and will open on the Day of the Dead (I can't remember when that is )


How are my guesses?

Oh...so close. But, not close enough. The invasion can occur at any time, and it is unknown what or will take place. Be on your toes, for you may be next...


I spy X-trains, yum.

Actually, that seems to be the mechanism for which the apocalypse is said to occur from. It's a machine of mass destruction that will destroy anything within it's path, or so I've heard. The invasion has made it's way around the globe, and it seems where we are is next. Hope you're expecting the unexpected.

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WAR Is COMING to Theme Park Review


The apocalypse is coming.


Rising up out of the ground, a monstrous, death-defying race of creatures comes to our planet to exterminate anything that comes in its path, and we’re next.


Brace yourselves for one of the most terrifying experiences of your life as THE SWARM takes you by your waist up into the sky, only to hang you over the edge for five, pulse-pounding seconds. Dropping you down to the ground, the alien force then swoops you up and spins you through a Zero-G roll, only to turn around in the sky to slam you into yet another turn. Flying over the exploding water below, the creature flips you yet again, then dives down under a falling bridge. Soaring through the sky and throwing you out of it's reach, THE SWARM lashes you once again, inverting you for a fourth time. Hitting more turns, the creature then dives down into a ditch, rising up to the sky to annihilate everything around it in a chaotic explosion. Finally, THE SWARM spins through a final Zero-G roll to release you from it's grasp.


Featuring never before seen elements such as a corkscrew directly out of the station, an Invasion Dive, and 4-across X-Car trains, THE SWARM is unlike any other attraction on the planet. Breaking records for the steepest and longest X-Car, this invasion is something that comes to destroy everything that has existed before it, taking over us and our planet. Are You Ready to Fight?


Expect the Unexpected on 11[11]11.


WAR Is COMING. The apocalypse is near - THE SWARM





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This is the perfect way to pimp out your creations!


You've confused me... Do you mean the naming of them, or that THE SWARM is being released on 11[11]11? Or are you just messing with me and being totally sarcastic?


Nonetheless, I cannot wait to have this attraction take over TPR. It's going to be unlike anything else I've ever done, yet similar to everything I have done. Can't wait!



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^ I mean the presentation.


It's awesome! (Non sarcastic, totally digging this thread).


Here's something you might enjoy then!





The invasion is coming to our planet on one of the most eventful occurrences of 2011 - 11[11]11.



Soaring through the sky at menacing speed, the force comes to wreak havoc on our society and culture.



Taking it's victims up to the sky, the alien creature holds them by their waist over the edge...



And let's them go.



Spiraling and spinning the abducted, THE SWARM relentlessly hammers victims with unknown forces and elements.



Flying over destruction, victims are faced with extreme conditions. Hitting buildings, creating explosions, skimming the water, dodging water bombs, and more are challenges that they must endure.



THE SWARM is Coming. Are You Ready to Fight on 11[11]11?



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Griffin, you are one of the few people on these boards who can truly make RCT3 look fantastic.
This is amazing! One of the best rides I've seen around here!


Just you wait... If you think THE SWARM is epic, which is it of course , there is a lot more in store for you to come!


Now, here comes the part where I ask for some help in the theming process....





Get ready to face armageddon on the newest attraction from griffonj2022 - THE SWARM.



In a never-before-seen experience, riders are challenged to get abducted and face the unknown.



With hazardous conditions everywhere, Are You Ready to Fight?



Invasion is coming to Earth...










Yay or nay? Give me some suggestions on what to make explode!



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I think the tree on fire in the front of the queue line (?) is a bit excessive but the rest fits in well, and is executed pretty darn well.

Yeah, I thought it looked rather odd as well. Instead, how about a watchtower?







THE SWARM is only days away from us, already abducting innocent victims that have gotten caught in it's forces.



People say that the experience they have is unlike anything else in our universe...



It's mind-boggling...









And terrifying...



Are You Ready to Fight?



Get ready for the invasion on 11[11]11.










Can't wait for 11[11]11 can you? Neither can I!



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That's awesome! Very good job !
So cool! Great work!


Thanks you guys!


So, is THE SWARM everything you guys thought it would be, or did is surpass your expectations? I really had a fun time making this one, and really got to play around with the special effects and ride interaction with the area around it. The most fun was probably making everything blow up around it in sync with what the train and track was performing, such as the Immelman out of the ditch with the explosions around it. The interaction with the guests was also an important factor, and the scenery and theming, I think, is some of the best I've ever done.


When I was in the early design phase of THE SWARM I had two designs picked out. One, a B&M Invert, was the one that I wanted to dub "The Swarm" and do what I have done with this project to that design. However, voters chose the Maurer Sohne X-Car design (even though you didn't know it!) over my first pick, and this design became THE SWARM. Originally, when I first laid out this design, I thought it looked awful. I kept saying to myself "This is never going to look good...why did they pick this design over the invert!", but in the end I am extremely happy with the final outcome.


Overall, I want to thank everyone that keeps up with my crazy designs, record-breaking RCT3 attractions, and my inability to make a deadline. I'm truly doing all of this for you guys, and without you, where would I be now? THANKS! I would like it if you guys would suggest anything you would like to see from me in the future (Summer of 2012) as I am already locking in a time schedule for the rest of the school year. There are big things coming from myself, and I wish I could just tell you all now, but it'd ruin the fun!


Thanks again!



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