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Ein, Zwei, DreierLooping Challenge: VOTE NOW!

Pick any TWO Schwarzkopf Looping Coaster contenders for a TPR Bag of Crap!  

51 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick any TWO Schwarzkopf Looping Coaster contenders for a TPR Bag of Crap!

    • A.J.
    • AJClarke0912
    • Midgetman82
    • kingdachriss
    • hyyyper
    • gerstlauer1
    • AlmereStars

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Greetings once again, TPR Challenge followers,


I've been off to Japan, and had a wonderful time doing so, and now it's time to vote for your favorite Schwarzkopf-inspired Looping coaster in this TPR Challenge: You get two votes, and please remember to download and RIDE each coaster!


1.) A.J. "Looping Flyer"




2.) AJClarke0912 Super Schleifen Bahn




3.) Midgetman82 Flamingo




4.) Kingdachriss Bratwurst Baron




5.) hyyyper Speedglow




6.) gerstlauer1 White Ray




7.) AlmereStars Predator




As a reminder, any voting irregularities (Cheating, false votes, etc.) will result in PERMANENT ban from TPR. Play fair, everyone.


To increase your votes: Post a link to your coaster from the Exchange to your Facebook page, and then tell your friends about it.


Voting will last one week, and conclude on Monday Morning, 9/19/11- Good luck to everyone!

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Tnx for everyone who voted for me so far!


Personally I think AJClarke0912's coaster is the best, good job!!


But in the hope to gain some votes, I am shamelessly posting the video of my coaster again. (If this is against the rules of the competition, then please remove it)



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Congratulations to our two winners of this TPR Challenge:


Popular vote winner: AJClarke0912


And.... for my choice of what I found to be the best interpretation of a Schwarzkopf Looping coaster: Gertslauer1. His coaster featured quite a few of the Schwarzkopf elements that made his ride a success: Twin loops, a layout that was reminiscent of the Lisbergbanen coaster, and a custom built layout. An excellent job with the designs.


Please PM your addresses to QueerRudie ASAP so we may get your TPR bags of Crap out to you quickly! And I'll be seeing you all again soon- I've just picked up a small park in England that's a gem- but for some reason, the people are all scared of big rides!



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