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A week after surly malcontents booed the unfortunate crew staffing Cheetah Hunt on opening day, it happened again.


The Happiest Place on Earth was anything but for 200 Star Tours fans who'd camped out overnight. Those first in line say park managers promised them a seat at the opening presentation - a press event. Denied. When a posse of park executives strolled by, the boos reportedly broke out.


Life in a America, land of the fat and sassy, is far too rich and sweet. We the privileged enjoy the luxury to rain disapproval on those who provide our recreation. That's an abuse of free speech.


Boo when you're in the bread line and the cupboard is bare - yes.


Even boo the umps - it's tradition, an expected occupational hazard.


Boo at the theme park? Someone's obnoxious sense of entitlement is showing. Don't like the service? Complain politely, and then take your business elsewhere if you're not satisfied with the resolution. Theme and amusement parks are not a right nor a necessity, although they sure make life fun and exciting. That's their purpose. If you feel the need to vent your spleen, you're doing it wrong.

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I have to say my visit to an unnamed park today was less than impressive, but did I think of booing the park managers, no. Frustrated that two of my favorite rides were closed, you bet. But it was clear that those two rides were suffering from catastrophic failures and were in pieces. Three other rides were also closed with one re-opening. Once I noticed the ride testing, I stalked it until it re-opened and enjoyed many many rides on it the rest of the evening.


When I gathered the final ride at closing time, I made sure to thank the ride staff for their hard work. Every one of them replied back with a "no, thank you, and have a good evening." If one is upset with a park, a letter or a non-confrontational discussion with a park supervisor or manager will generally solve the unhappiness, or at the very least, give you a proper explanation. Once one gets that, a simple thank you, I understand, or I appreciate your time, is all that is needed.


Kindness goes a long way, and sometimes the fat, dumb, and happy of America forget that.

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I was definitely appalled at how a lot of the people at BGT were acting on Friday. I mean, I had flown down from Virginia, woken up at the butt crack of dawn and gotten to the park an hour early to ride that thing, and then it wasn't even going to open for several hours. I had every right to be pissed about that, but I seriously just shrugged it off and enjoyed the rest of the park until it opened. Of course, I have more insight into how parks operate than a lot of those people did, but the sense of entitlement they had was sickening.

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This kind of behavior has always puzzled me. How exactly is yelling and cursing at an employee going to fix the coaster that recently broke down? I don't recall it ever having any magical affects. And tell me how griping about the slow service is going to make the line go faster? Sure, you can complain when you finally get to the front, but the fact of the matter is that you decided to wait in that line after finding out it was slow in the first place. Furthermore, you could have easily gone to an employee and found out why the line was so slow to begin with. Maybe the register is down and everything is having to be done by hand or two workers decided not to show up for work. In conclusion, use your brain and not your mouth.

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I met several BGT staff on Cheetah Hunt opening day that could have used a little booing. That was my experience and I didn't give anyone a hard time about the ride not being open. I think at least in the Cheetah Hunt case you guys are giving the park a clean pass where they don't deserve one.

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I met several BGT staff on Cheetah Hunt opening day that could have used a little booing.


Do you boo grocery checkers when their operations are too slow? Stand up at your restaurant table to belch out a Bronx cheer when your food isn't to your liking? Booing in these circumstances isn't classy - neither is booing theme / amusement park staff in any circumstances. If staff at Tampa deserved it, there are other, more helpful ways to make your unhappiness known.

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