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TR PHOTO: Kings Island opening day.

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Well here is my trip report from Kings Island. When I got to the park it was full of people,and well of course me and my best friend chose Drop Tower as our first ride of the day.It broke down like twice while me and my friend was in line,but it was an minor break down. After that we went to the Crypt to see if they change the ride program and sadly the didn't come true,but they retheme a little. I could find some Tomb Raider theming still in the line,but by the way I still think Tomb Raider had an better ride program and theming. After that we tried to hit our first coaster,so we chose the Beast and well the line went really fast. Although it broke down while we were right next to the train of the coaster,but right after it broke down my mom text me to come on and eat. Well we got out of line and then the ride op annouce that the ride has been fix. We were bummed,but we had to go and eat though. After we got done eating we headed for Firehawk,and boy was the line long. Although we didn't care it was always this long,so I took an few pictures of the coaster and before we knew it the line was moving. When I got on the train I was pump,but I forgot how scary it was. I screamed like an man until the ride was over. Then when we got off the ride,we decided to head for Congo Falls and well I didn't ride it,becuase I remeber how bad you get wet. Well after proving my friend wrong we headed for Diamondback and well Vortex open and so on the way I took more pictures and then before I knew we were at the entrance of Diamondback. I didn't notice an rattling while riding it this time which was good,becuase it annoyed me alot while riding. When we got off we head for Whitewater Canyon,and boy was it fun and wet. I thought I was going to be like that all day,but the wetness lasted about 15 or 20 minutes. We thought why not go back to the Action Zone an ride Invertigo,so we waited like forever. Although Invertigo was actually really smooth,no head banging at all. So it started to get late and so we went over to ride the Flight of Fear. I swear I could hear the old rocket sounds that they used to have when the car lauch,up and running. But you had to pay close attention to hear it,becuase it was really loud in the station. After our awesome ride on Flight of Fear we head for our last ride of the night Vortex,well it was kinda rough,but it was still smooth though. The park was ready for opening though,becuase they only had one thing that made me mad was that Windseeker wasn't open. The rest of the day was wonderful and awesome.


I see Diamondback.




Face/Off wait I mean Invertigo.


First ride of the day.


Second ride of the day,which was really not worth the wait. Although if it was still Tomb Raider it would be worth it.



I got this photo from the line.


Also this one.


And this one.


I have never seen this snake before,but it took me an while to realize what it was though.


Some dead dude.


Well here some pictures of the Beast while it was open.


Also Vortex,but it was closed.


Sorry about the finger,didn't know it was there.


Well it broke down,and we went to go an eat. I took this photo of Vortex.


Guess what coaster we are at?





I remeber waiting in line for this one during it's opening week.



Diamondback is going up the hill.


Here was the next ride,but I didn't ride it. My friend did and he said that he won't get wet.


Umm.. Well he was wrong.


Invertigo waited for us later.


After my friends wet expericene,we headed for Diamondback. Well Vortex open so I took some pictures.



Sexy loop.


Well here it is,my second favorite B&M.



Airtime hill.


After that we rode Whitewater Canyon,sorry no photos. Although he decided to head for Invertigo and well here an picture of my favorite woodie Son of Beast.


Well here it is Invertigo!




The loop.


I wanted an blur picture.


Big footer.


After our awesome ride on Invertigo,I wanted to ride Viking Fury. On the way there I tried to get an picture with Sling Shot and Son of Beast.


Here it is.


Here the big line we waited.



After that we headed for Flight of Fear. I took more Firehawk photo and this Diamondback photo. Also my friend wanted to be in the Diamondback photo.




When I was little I thought this sign really meant that.




More theming.


Some more theming.


I have never notice that this was here before.


Last photo of theming.


Well we went to Vortex for the last ride of the day and seen Windseeker light up,it was awesome.


Well this is the last photo of the trip report. Also it is Invertigo and Drop Tower.

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Nice TR


What is so different about Cyrpt other than the name change?




Well the ride has an new ride system and they cut out the third row of the ride.The car doesn't spin anymore instead it just take you upside down two times,and I mean in upside in like an loop. Also the only effect they have now is just one crappy fire effect. Tomb Raider was better in my opinion,but the Crypt at Kings Dominion is really good.

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Great Photo TR, I haven't been to Kings Island since 2009, so it hasn't been too long. You're still lucky to live by such a close "big" theme park... Al though Kings Island didn't impress me too much, with me finding the rides a little dull, it would still be a nice park to live by!


Thanks for posting. Never realized how close Diamondback got to the Crypt!

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I don't find it bad to ride at all and I'm not a huge fan of "spinny rides", though I have been getting better about that. The ride is more relaxing than intense for me, of course if you are afraid of heights it could be different for you. But for me classic swing rides make my stomach more queasy than WindSeeker.

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I don't find it bad to ride at all and I'm not a huge fan of "spinny rides", though I have been getting better about that. The ride is more relaxing than intense for me, of course if you are afraid of heights it could be different for you. But for me classic swing rides make my stomach more queasy than WindSeeker.


Thanks,I think I can handle the height well since I'm used to I305 & DT & can handle riding them without a problem.

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