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Olympia Looping from Hamburg, Summer 2010

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Hmmm. Looked on the Olympia Looping website, and saw this. I do not know how reliable this is exactly, but it is up to date (2016) and called olympialooping.com . If true, then Winter Wonderland does not have the five (metaphorically) gold ringy dingy ding-a-ling dings coaster after all.


I have seen this too however I feel like they don't want to ruin the surprise, honestly the size of the plot of land right in the middle of the thrill area indicates it, however even if its not Olympia Looping, Alpina Bahn or Test Trecke are also very impressive.

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^unless it is a large Pinfari model!


I had a quick look at the other rollercoasters, the only thing close in size is Alpina Bahn honestly, or the double wild mouse! A pinfari like Alpine Thriller is around half the size!

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While I have seen this I wouldn't say its confirmed, the dimensions of Olympia Looping according to the Olympia Looping website are 86.5m x 38.5m where as the attraction on there is 85m x 36m. It is very close but this space is a couple of metres smaller which would cause issues. I do trust airgates as it is a big website but there is still no actual proof, just thoughts.


I sure hope it does come though, much better than the Schwarzkopfs I have been on; Engima and Raptor Attack!


http://www.olympialooping.de/ <-- Website

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It has categorically NOT been confirmed. Just look at the image Airgates posted of the planning map. It clearly says "New Ride TBC".


In previous years, rides have appeared on the planning map and then pulled out, so to claim this as confirmation is very wide of the mark.


Until it is confirmed by either PWR/IMG (the event organised), or Barth (the ride owner), then don't take it as definite.

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Olympia Looping has been confirmed to make an appearance at the "Bremer Freimarkt" fair in Bremen (14th-30th of October), following Oktoberfest.

This is very surprising: A few years back, R. Barth went on record in an interview that such long distance hauls inbetween fairs were just not feasible anymore as the transport costs pretty much ate up all the profits. He explicitly mentioned the trek from Munich to Bremen in that interview.

That's why in the last few years before this one Olympia Looping only appeared at one or two big fairs in the Rhine/Ruhr area and at the Okotoberfest, instead of the 7-8 fairs throughout the country it appeared at all the years before.


So the only reason they would be doing that this year is that they are headed somewhere else. And Bremen is more or less on the way to London (and a seaport on top of that...).

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