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RCT2 Challenge - Let's Go Bobsledding!

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Well I spent the evening moving mountains and so the basic land forms are done and the buildings, viewing areas and other attractions are all planned out. Now I just need to decide which version of ride vehicles to use...


Flying Turns

38mph - empty

41mph - full

1min 14 seconds total time.

Much better capacity and better G's in the turns but just doesn't look like a real Bob Sled.


Bob Sleigh (single car)

29mph - empty

32mph - full

1min 33 seconds total time.

Mush better looking then the Flying Turn but very low capacity and not a very forceful ride.


I just can't decide.


Anyway a few shots of the finished terrain and building/viewing locations.


I would say go with the flying turns. If you ask me, they look better than the bobsled coaster anyway, and you get more realistic behavior and better capacity out of them.

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I finally got RCT2 working again, so maybe I'll give this challenge a try. As long as school work doesn't get too hectic, I should be able to finish.


Station to Station time - 1:19

Type: 3 car bobsled


Here's a few screens so far


Loading Station


Bridge and base of viewing tower


Grandstand at the entrance of the park, by the final turns of the run.

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As I understand it, there has to be one section of track which is just 12 straight pieces of track. Of those 12 pieces, some can be a downward slope.


Yes. Explained in the rules, the downward-sloping track counts as straight, because there is no lateral change in direction.

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Edit: I've somewhat finished the layout but I love how its 57 seconds... nothing to show you just yet as I'm struggling with parts of the track.


Edit2: I just can't keep silent can I? Have to post previews.









Edit 3: Right, going in the same direction as dmaxsba and posting the layout in full.





Edit 4: 1:01 long ^^

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Do the stands and such have to reachable by real peeps?


There has to be at least one spot where guests can be "Watching _______" and looking at the ride.

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Can someone please explain what zero clearance is? If its the thing to make more objects stick together on the same tile, then I desperately need to have a guide for it. =D Cause some of my objects get deleted when a new one is added on same spot reversed or completely other end.


Redoing one area somewhat, but lights are on the way to the track.



Stands and an attempt at a lightrail.

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There's been changes to the lightrail, it now has the custom supports instead and only go on one side to allow more spectators to have an uninterupted view of the track. A lot of landscaping remains though as I will layer the slope with concrete


My biggest concern though, is that I do not want it to be during winter period.

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Or it could be during the summer as well. If they aim to open it for public that could develop into something awesome.


It even has the camerarail mounted if there'd to be an event. It also has a few cameras along the track. None visable here though.



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WHAAAA??? You haven't forgotten about this challenge, have you?


To submit your entry, simply upload it to the Game Exchange with the following prefix before its name -




Remember that the deadline for this challenge is Thursday, February 24.

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