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RCT2 Challenge - Let's Go Bobsledding!

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Bringing the Olympics Home

Source: http://www.thetraveltart.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Vancouver-Winter-Olympics-2010-Bobsleigh-Track.jpg


Your team has been hired to create a recreation bobsleigh track that families and anyone else that wants to can take a run on. The problem is, bobsledding requires immense strength to just get the sled going. Mack Rides has offered to assist your team with their bobsled roller coaster system, and Intamin AG is willing to put their Swiss Bob roller coaster into limited production to assist you as well. Your job as an individual is to create the best design using a clean slate to present to the boss.


The rules are simple.

Design a bobsled roller coaster that captures the spirit and intensity of olympic bobsledding.


Here are the constraints.

A. You are able to use the following coaster types:

  • Bobsleigh Roller Coaster
  • Flying Turns


B. Your coaster must have a height change of at least 90 feet.


C. Your coaster must have two distinct sections - a downhill section, and a lift section.


D. The downhill section of your coaster must last for at least one minute.


E. The downhill section of your coaster cannot have any uphill sections.


F. The downhill section of your coaster must be uninterrupted between the station and final brake run (meaning, no mid-course brake runs).


G. Your coaster is allowed a maximum of two crossovers.


H. The downhill section of your coaster must have at minimum:

  • Twelve turns - changes in direction.
  • One straightaway section - at least twelve sections of straight track, downhill sections count as straight.
  • One labyrinth - three turns made in quick (at least 20mph) succession.


I. If you are using the bobsleigh coaster, you cannot have more than three cars per train.


J. Your coaster cannot crash! EVER!


Now that you have the constraints, here are some tips!


Positive Gs are good! Bobsledders experience upwards of 4 Gs in turns! You want to recreate that experience!


Get creative! You will not be given a workbench! You are allowed to use any map size (be warned though, it may affect your score), rides, terrain, and scenery you want.


Get feedback! Feel free to use this thread as an emotional picker-upper. People can mimic your style all you want - but you're the one that knows it the best.


Bobsleigh? Flying Turns? It doesn't matter! All coasters submitted will be judged in the same way, regardless of which type you used.


This is NOT a Mack Bobsled/Intamin Swiss Bob contest! The object is to not design a typical Mack Bobsled or Intamin Swiss Bob. They are simply the mediums that you are allowed to make your design on. They aren't the designers, YOU are!


How will the coasters be judged?


The coasters will be judged in the following manner.

Intensity Target - is the track intense enough to pass as a bobsled track? 1 point for every tenth of a G above +1.5 (looking at max. vertical in the test results), with a maximum of 10 points.

Realism - does the coaster look like a bobsled track? 0 to 10 points.

Viewing - are there places along the track for spectators to watch? 0 to 10 points.

Presentation - did the creator of the track take the time to make it look good, or was it just pathways and one of the in-game themed station platforms? 0 to 10 points.

Map Size - does the track take up a lot of space? Automatic 10 points, with 1 point lost for every five tile-wide ring that the track does not touch.

Criteria - does the coaster meet the constraints as stated in the first post of the thread? Either 0 or 10 points, nothing else.



Keep in mind that while custom scenery is great, using it will not automatically give you 10 points as a presentation score. I am looking for how much effort you took in making the track look good, and not what scenery you used.



Now for the deadline.


The deadline for this challenge is Thursday February 24 at 11:59pm Eastern.



How do I submit my design?


To submit your entry, simply upload it to the Game Exchange with the following prefix before its name -




Remember that the deadline for this challenge is Thursday, February 24.


Interested in taking part in this contest?


Just plop a post in this thread and you'll be added to the contestant pool! Anyone can enter the contest or drop themselves from the contest until Thursday February 17 - a week before the deadline.


The Contenders

Kraken & Manta








Remember, you can still enter the contest until a week before the deadline!


Feel free to ask any questions about rules, designs, or other related topics in the thread.



Edited by A.J.
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Here's an explanation of the map size rule.


I've placed Flying Dutchman Gold Mine on a 25x25 slab.


Since an entire 5-space wide ring of empty space is around the coaster (the BROWN land), 1 point would be deducted from the Map Size score.

The TAN land would not deduct any points, because a 5-wide ring will NOT fit, even though there is a section of 5-wide land.


It all boils down to this - if you use a big map, make sure you take advantage of the space, or you're going to get points deducted.


PLEASE NOTE!!! I actually showed my example wrong. In the actual judging, scenery will be turned off and a 5-wide ring will be traced around the track's perimeter.


Edited by A.J.
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Can we have flat rides to go along with it?


And can there be multiple coasters?

It won't help or hurt, unless the other coaster is another bobsleigh or flying turns. If that is the case, each coaster will be judged separately with the same 60-point scale.

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I'm in... We're allowed trainers, right?


Yes. However, the coaster itself cannot be hacked in any way (aside from renew/reliable). You're welcome to hack the surroundings though.

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After quick review of typical bobsleigh tracks, K&M, you are right.


I am now allowing a maximum of two crossovers.

Thanks, that limit is very fair

Forgot to mention that I'm in.


Also, two other questions. Before/after the lift can we have some block sections to add more trains? And also could we have a entry station at the top of the bobsled and an exit station at the bottom?


Sorry if I'm asking to many questions

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Before/after the lift can we have some block sections to add more trains? And also could we have a entry station at the top of the bobsled and an exit station at the bottom?

Must not have made it clear - two stations is what you are supposed to do, and any amount of block sections are okay in the lift section.

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I'm in, but for the map size, I didn't find the instructions clear; is there a certain map size or isn't there?


There is no specific map size limit. However, if you use a really big map and leave a lot of empty space around your coaster, you're going to lose points.

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Well I spent the evening moving mountains and so the basic land forms are done and the buildings, viewing areas and other attractions are all planned out. Now I just need to decide which version of ride vehicles to use...


Flying Turns

38mph - empty

41mph - full

1min 14 seconds total time.

Much better capacity and better G's in the turns but just doesn't look like a real Bob Sled.


Bob Sleigh (single car)

29mph - empty

32mph - full

1min 33 seconds total time.

Mush better looking then the Flying Turn but very low capacity and not a very forceful ride.


I just can't decide.


Anyway a few shots of the finished terrain and building/viewing locations.



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