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The PTR Adventures of Jordan!

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28_98.jpgCan someone please tell me what this support is for? I'm literally baffled over it's purpose.


I believe that's used to get the cars off the transfer track when they're being refurbished. Maintenance puts a wheel and pulley assembly on it, and they disconnect each each car of the train off one by one. From there they lower the car to ground level.


If you look at other B&M floorless/hyper designs, you'll see they have them too. For example I know Scream at Magic Mountain has one.

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Dear Jordan !


It was really nice to meet you in person. I love the way you are into coasters and parks...and it was a pleasure to show you a little around at Europa (i hope you remember me a little...do you ???).


Aside from the fact that you are not nearly the Blue Fire Fanboy that I am I totally appreciate you reviews and opinions..and your honesty ! And of course the love you put in those Coaster Models...


I read about everything i found on your website which is GREAT !


Looking forward to read more of your reviews and reports...


Gero (aka *GeorgeT*)


(Besides...it was probably a Schwarzwaelder Kirsch Cake...cause Kirch would mean something like *Church*...while Kirsch is the german word for Cherry... )

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After checking out Busch Gardens Williamsburg the day before, we headed up North to go to Kings Dominion. This was actually my first time at the park, and I have to say I really liked it. Like, I REALLY liked the park. I thought it had an excellent ride selection, I fun and different layout, and an absolute ton of things to do.


Of course, one of the things I was really looking forward to riding was Intimidator305. I'll save the review for the pictures, but all I can say is WOW-what a truly fantastic ride. The shocker of the trip, if it can even be a shocker, was Dominator! This coaster absolutely rocked my world! Outside of that, I really enjoyed the rapids ride, Whitewater Canyon. After all the European rapids, I was super excited for this one, and it did not disappoint.


Anyways, on to the pictures! Enjoy them! After this, I will start my European pictures, with Chessington Worlds of Adventure.


Did you know, I absolutely love tower rides. I think they really make a park, and are a great experience for everyone.


Doesn't even matter if it was built of a parking lot...it is a phenomenal (and extremely different) ride.


Kid wood coasters! I love the idea! And I thought this was a great one.


Volcano: The Blast Coaster. I think much like everyone else on the planet, this is one of those coasters you want to ride as a kid.


Rides that roll back are great. Still haven't gotten a roll back, though.


Fantastic ride! Absolutely incredible to get to ride in person. I wish it did more when it goes into the Volcano, though.


Flight of fear! Premier rides are fun, and this one didn't disappoint.


Anacanda-another arrow looper. I swear you can see Mr. Toomer bending clothes hangers with this one.


Backlot Stunt Coaster! These rides are some of my favorite smaller family coasters.


The home stretch of i305. Definitely full of airtime.


These quick transitions provide fantastic "pops" of air. And really, the restraints don't matter at all.


So this coaster took number 6 in my top 10. I think the work they are doing this off season might put it in a position to gain some ground, too.


Again, nice pops of airtime here. Really an all around solid ride.


One of my favorite parts of the ride is how well kept the grounds are. And I just like this picture.


From lots of supports, to no supports.


Crypt! It was a hot, hot day when we were there. And this ride pushed my body haha. Top Spins are always fun, though.


Avalanche! Can never get enough bobsled coasters.


Typical lift hill shot...Honest review, the trims were noticeable, but by no means did they "ruin" the ride. There was still airtime and the train still hauled through the course, so its whatever, haters.


Crypt theming!


Ghoster Coaster-great color too!


Gah! Couldn't get enough Dominator. We came back in the morning of the second day, did the water park for a little, and then sessioned i305 and Dominator. Best morning at a park ever!


Shockwave! Only my second TOGO ever... (They really aren't that bad, lets be honest)


There is still plenty of hang time coming off the back of that hill


Headed towards the back of the park! The ferris wheel was a nice one. I also really like this picture


Hurler looks heavenly. woah


Hurler through a tree! This ride wasn't that bad either, despite how much it gets trashed.


Shoot. Im forgetting the name of this flume. It had a great queue, though! And it was next to America's best rapids ride!


Perhaps atop the Carousel.


Old PTCs. My absolute favorite. I need one of these in my mark so bad. Anyone selling?


Such a great ride. I literally couldn't get enough of it. And I definitely didnt want to quit riding it. Except for Dominator.


I think one of the reasons I loved Dominator so much was the layout. It was unlike any other B&M I've ridden, and it was really forceful. I loved how big the loop was, and how it went into the low-to-the-ground turn.


A simple picture, but one of my favorites! Just look at all the stuff to make a coaster go.


I hope you enjoyed this update! Stay tuned for the Europe trip! I can hardly wait to post that update!


Dominator! This ride took a position right behind i305 at number 7. It is my second favorite B&M, only behind Riddler's Revenge.

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I know you didn't ask but I'm going to answer anyways . That green piece of nylon that's curved on top is used to toggle the train's anti-rollbacks up and down as the train passes. The proximity switch you see directly after that counts the anti-rollbacks to make sure they're all accounted for. All B&Ms have this.


Fantastic trip report. Thank you for Posting.

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GREAT report!


You had some shots that I've never seen before of Kings Dominion. I'm glad you enjoyed the park so much including Intimidator 305... and I couldn't agree more with your quote "Honest review, the trims were noticeable, but by no means did they "ruin" the ride. There was still airtime and the train still hauled through the course, so its whatever, haters."

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Great pictures Jordan!!! I really hope your European pictures are at the same level of quality.



I'm looking forward to my second visit to Dominion this summer...... I305 mmmmm. My last visit in 2008 Dominator was definitaly the best coaster in the park..... I305 mmmmmm.


Thanks for posting.



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