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Adventure Beach [RCT2]

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Hello everybody! First post/ thread here!

Adventure Beach is my theme park in RCT2 that is built and presented in a timeline, meaning every post is a different year and we go through the history of the park... It started in another forum, so it's currently in 1968 (Click HERE if you want to see the rest of the history before 1958).

Here's a quick summery of the story,

* Opened it 1943 by K&M entertainment in the city of Pompano Beach, Florida (near Fort Lauderdale). Comet roller coaster built.

* Latter in 1943 the park expanded with Aventura roller coaster.

* In 1945 jungle area and a kid's area opened. Flying Turns roller coaster opened.

* In 1952 Storm Roller coaster opened.

* In 1957 Hacbe's Mine roller coaster opened.

* In 1960 Hurricane Donna flooded Flying Turn's track with debris, it wouldn't be opened for four years.

* In 1964 Hot Rod coaster opens along with new Ocean area.

* In 1965 Hacbe's Mine took Disco Inferno to seriously.

*[added after original post]*

* In 1968 Runaway Mine-Train built (see below)

* In 1971 Disney opens and Palm Falls built (Page 1)

* In 1975 Disney causes Pirates World to close, and Adv. Beach enters bankruptcy, and builds Sea Serpent as last attempt not to die.

* In 1978 Park receives large rise n attendance, and builds Dolphin exhibit and Florida Panther Roller Coaster.

* In 1980 Car Ride also liked disco waaay to much... burn baby burn...

* In 1981: Dirt!

* In 1982, Hurricane and Tornado open.

* In 1984 Dino Rapids opens.

* In 1986 *yet to be named* alpine themed arrow suspended coaster opens.

* In 1987 front areas of the park renovated, new main fountain that celebrates the spirit of Adventure! Also Comet's trains replaced.


ok, now that that's done ON TO 1968!

This logo was made by Ace Of Spades



After the fire mess was all cleaned up, Adv Bea hired Arrow Dynamics to build a new coaster on the ashes (literally) of the old mine ride. Arrow Dynamics had made a reputation for them selves making Matterhorn Bobsleds which out did Adv Bea's old Hacbe's Mine. But this time, Adv Bea went out to out-do Six Flag's Texas and Georgia's new mine train coasters. Adv Bea's Runaway Mine Train was made.


An overview of the new coaster,


It goes through the forest quite a bit. The park reused some of the old mine's wood that wan't burned down, which saved them money.


It goes next to the lake,


It goes under ground too, but it's a little hard to see from this pic,


Also, the boat rentals are goon (with the wind(well, really the fire)), the lake is now just there to look nice ,


I hope you like it! And I look forward to being a member of these forums!

Edited by Kraken & Manta
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Welcome to TPR!


Since the entrance is sticking up out of the custom station, I think you should change the entrance type to something smaller, or something that would blend in more (like Log Cabin).


But great job! You look like you put a lot of work into it. Can't wait to see more.

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Is Atari where all you new players are coming from? I knew a few of you were, but all of you?

Really don't care, just so happy to see more and more new players posting such high quality stuff here.


The story and pictures are all wonderful, I do agree about the station entrance suggestion.

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djbrcace1234: Thanks!

Dotrobot: Thanks!

Braztaz: Thanks, the entrance thing is a bit of an annoyance, the stations look nicer from the sides without the default entrance... I suppose just building the roof higher would work best? (please note that this update was made before you said this). Thanks again!

dmaxsba2408: Four that I know of, it's quite dead there... but here there's lots of nice people! Thanks!

CC9: How, I never seen you before in my life




1971, when Disney opened up North in Orlando. Adv Bea didn't think much of the park at first (they would soon be proven very wrong), and concentrated more on the competition from Pirate's World. One thing that Pirate's World had, and Adv Bea lacked was a good log flume. So after years of adding to the back of the park, this time the park decided to add the attraction closer to the front, and with a tropical theme instead of a forest. Palm Falls was created...


Here's an overview,


The station (again, made before your suggestion; I'll fix this the next update),


and the final drop, it's a big one!

As you can see, it rains quite a bit in South Florida...


What will happen next? I have no idea! Yet I hope you like Palm Falls!

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djbrcace1234: Thanks!

dmaxsba2408: Gracias!

triggernel: The ride was very inspired by Stanley Falls at BGT, and it is elevated over the water, so this one is too. And Thanks!

Dotrobot: Thanks, and you raise up land, place the fence on it, than zero clearance and put the land back down.



Horrible news, after four years of being dominated by the Magic Kingdom, Pirate's World (the only competition Adv Bea ever had before Disney) has closed, and the same may be coming to Adv Bea! Attendance has dropped almost 50% at the park, which has lead many investors of the park to jump ship... The park gathered up all the money they earned from the last few years to try and make a final stand to stay alive. For this they again hired Arrow Dynamics to create something amazing... the Corkscrew Coaster.


Adv Bea's Sea Serpent,


Sea Serpent was the fourth coaster to have modern inversions, this was the factor that gave the park hope. Nothing at the Magic Kingdom sent you upside-down, this did.


To also attract non-thrill riders the park took an old path that they had not used sense the 1960's, the ocean. Although retired from his job, Marvin Griffin went back to the park to design the Touch Tank, where you could feel different ocean animals.


Kristopher Perez Jr. was taking much of his first year as CEO to study Disney, and the surrounding area. He found that even though in the same city, SeaWorld and it's water park, Wet n' Wild were able to stay open with Disney's domination. He hired them to create a new, beautiful, Bottlenose Dolphin exhibit to replace the old and out of date one they currently had; so the construction began,


Jack Griffin who had inherited his father's job two years before, thought that there should also be other types of animals in the park, so a new Kiwi exhibit was created,


With all these new things that came to the park, everyone is waiting to see what becomes of it... will it be saved? Will it share the same fate as Pirate's World? Will Bob eat a Taco? We will see...


And also, I came up with a little game....

See the through-up, how many years do you think it will last!?!? Closest person gets something special



I hope you liked this update, and if you are confused by all these people, heres a chart that explains who they are,

CEO's: Kristopher Perez I (K in K&M) 1941-1974 | Kristopher Perez II 1974-? | Kristopher Perez III ?-present

Executive officers: Marvin Griffon (M in K&M) 1941-1973 | Jack Griffin 1973-? | David Griffin ?-present.

Bob random guy who eats tacos.

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djbrcace1234: Thanks!

you raise up land, place the fence on it, than zero clearance and put the land back down.





And I just have fallen in love with the supports you used for the corkscrews! I have done that before, but the Arrow coaster I have in my park outdates that classic Signature Arrow design.


My only criticism I have is yes, you have supports in the water, put how about a concrete slab on the surface as well. Just a thought


Still great work Kraken & Manta!

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I agree those corkscrews look great. You need to bring the footers above the water on your coaster. Metal supports never touch water like that. I also think since it is an early Arrow the banking at the top of the lift is not needed.


As for the vomit I'll go with 5 years.

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  • 5 weeks later...

davisal: It closed ... just kidding Thanks! If I had a little more space, the supports could have looked even better, I would have used impulse track instead.

djbrcace: I never noticed that before, thanks for the tip! It looks much better now [see picture below], and thanks!

dmaxsba: Thanks! There is some banking on them, I changed it to see what it would look like, and I prefer banked; but thanks anyway!


The vomit is gone... three years, davisal wins! You will get something soon. Not now, but soon... (mid 80's)


in the year...



The popularity of the rides added to the park in 75' proved a great choice! The park was able to bring in many people from the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area to come visit the park. Also the K&M company got a deal with Coca~Cola, which has proved to be a great deal! With K&M's second park in San Francisco adding a large Schwarzkopf looper, Adv Bea decided to add one also...


First off, the Dolphin pool built for the park has been very popular over the past three years!


Next the new coaster in the park! A Schwarzkopf looping coaster, Florida Panther.


The entrance,


Two loops! Many twists!


Also two changes made:

One is the footers added to SeaSerpant,


Second, one of the best ctr for RCT2 ever!


I hope you liked this update!

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  • 1 month later...

CC9: Thanks! Thanks! You should thank Dmax!

Djbrcace: Thanks!

Mike: Thanks!

braztaz: Thanks!


Well, now that the park is becoming larger, and adding more rides every few years, there now will be two or three years in each update, with one main year...


In the year...



A horrible disaster happened at the park, the park's car ride caught fire! A majority of the ride was destroyed by the fire, and part of the queue of the nearby chair wing was also burned. Luckily, Storm was spared from the fire being only 20 feet from the flames. The coaster was closed for inspections.




A year after the large fire, all of the track of the car ride was removed, along with it's station. Chair wing was also put into storage for a latter use or to try and sell it. The site of the fire was cleared of ash, Storm reopened, and the site has been mostly untouched...




For this year, the park added a new area! Home to a Schwarzkopf Enterprise, small restaurant, and a huge Curtis D. Summers woodie!


First, the restaurant has both outdoor and indoor eating with yummy food


Next up, the Enterprise, Tornado. Along with a small lake.


Now for some wood! Hurricane is the tallest coaster in the park, 120ft, and one of the most thrilling!


The turn-around,


Some air time hills in the supports of the lift,


The maintenance building, where the coaster trains go to take naps,


Last is the station building,


As of the end of 1982, nothing changed from the car ride's site... just a pile of dirt...



That's all for this update, I hope you liked it!

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Too bad about the car ride. . .


The drop for the Dinn feels too step for what Dinn coaster have made. I can understand why you used it, though, because Wilcat at Hershy Park has that same element where there is a steep twist transition.


I'm sure there are other ways to pull of that same element, but it looks nice nevertheless.

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  • 1 month later...

Braztaz: Missed that, thanks! Fixed.

Djbrcace: I used it mostly because I didn't want to use a huge amount of land Thanks!


Before I begin, I want to give a special thanks to Djbrcace, who preformed the invisible station hack for me on the ride.

Thanks soooo Much!


In the year...


It's been over ten years sence the park last added a watter ride. Seeing the park is located in Southern Florida, this is a big no-no. So this year, the park used the land of the burned car ride and the chair swing to build a river rapids ride themed to Dinosaurs. Although today, it would be considered horribly out-dated because the way it portrays the dinosaurs as reptiles.

Name Dino Rapids, it makes better use of the space than the old ride did.


The station has two loading areas, and a bridge!


The rid itself is quite fun, having dozens of dinosaurs, a cave, rock work, and trees.


Part of the ride goes under Palm Falls, this area is themed to a swamp.


The ride's final has a T-rex.


That's all for this update! Hope you liked this!

What's next, you ask? Only I know! (On second thought, DJ probably knows too...)

Edited by Kraken & Manta
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