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East Coast Bash - Kings Dominion - August 22nd!

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So my friend that I'm most likely going with is coming back from vacation mid-Saturday afternoon, and my mom won't let me buy a ticket until he does. By the time we do, it will be Saturday night...would the tickets still be open to purchase?

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Actually, Amy sent our payments in last night. She sent it thru pay pal. She had to sign up for pay pal in the process.


The only problem is that she is not sure if she did it right. There should be 3 of us.


Any way of confirming that you received the payment Rob?

Next time, I will do it myself...lol

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Does anyone know if we will be able to get a l(o)cker when we get there in the morning? My wife and I would like to go to the waterpark for the TPR takeover but don't want to have to run back out to the car to get our swimsuits. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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This may be the end of the "Intimidatour" but this is gonna be awesome. I am going to be driving up from South Carolina. My fiance is going with me , this being our first road trip together . I drive up to VA about a couple hours or so before packet pick up. . Stay in a hotel for the night after picking up Pufferfish. Then we start our own "road to CP". Hit there and KI then go home.



My fiance is SO excited to be doing this coaster trip!. The ERT on 305 is going to be sweeeeeeet.

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Call me a n00b, but I'v ebeen automatically assuming what ERT is. Can I get the official definition?



(n.) Used frequently inside circles of theme park/roller coaster enthusiasts, it is an acronym meaning "exclusive ride time." For clubs and organizations, the park will open either allow members in earlier than the advertised time or allow them to stay in the park after the advertised time. Not all the rides will necessarily be open, however the ones that are are usually the high-profile, [E-ticket] rides.


Thank you Urban Dictionary

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Our trip to the park will be incomplete people...sorry.


I got this directly off the parks website.


I was looking under the rides section, and found this next to the bumper cars.




No trip to an amusement park would be complete without a ride on a classic bumper car!


Closed for the rest of the season so we can prepare an exciting Haunt maze.


Does anyone see the irony in that?...lol

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