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Project S (RCT2)

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At school I am doing the topic "How Build a Roller Coaster" and have decided to use RCT2 to build one with complete theming, supports, and a real life environment.


So far I have completed the layout, which I am quite satisfied with and have nearly finished the supports. Here are some pics of what I have done so far.



Any comments/criticism that you have will help me a lot.


Station, everything around the station is incomplete.


Quite pleased with how this turned out...


Need some help supporting this. Any pics of rides with large loops will help a lot.


Need help with this as well. (Same as above)


Have some idea about the barrel roll, but not the corkscrews.


What I've done so far.

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While I agree that NL would be better suited for this type thing, I think RCT will work well enough, the game does have force readings available with graphs and so on, they may not be as realistic as NL but still very informative.


Very nice looking coaster there Stoksy and a really good job on the supports so far.


Happy to see you went with a standard cobra roll instead of the unrealistic flat section versions that are so prominent with large coaster like this. The only part I don't like is that little up section of track right before the first corkscrew. But this is RCT and that's just the way things go with games limited track choices.

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I think the support u already have on the cobra roll should be diagonal slanted supports. And slanted supports holding up the half loops like regular large loops. But I might be mistaken. I probably am! Hey but who's gonna really go in that much of roller coaster supports

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Thanks heaps for all the comments guys, I have a couple of pics of coaster supports that I am going to use but it's really hard to do "in-game"


dmaxsba - The only reason I have that little hill before the corkscrew is because of the height, I would have prefered the option to build a large corkscrew, but such are the limitations of RCT.



Depends how I feel about playing RCT today (really want to start FIFA 09) but I may have an update sometime later with supports on the vertical loop finished (Doesn't look the greatest but does the job) and possibly a completed cobra roll (only need to support the half loops as both corkscrews are finished).




NOTE: Unfortunately I don't have NL, hence the reason I am using RCT2. I would've used RCT3 but I'm no good at custom supporting coasters, especially since I only recently found some cs for the game.

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After seeing all the comments I actually did some work on the coaster, finished all the supports *sighs* and am just wondering how I'm going to theme the ride. (Need a few areas) Generic (entrance), Future (Alien Landing sight near immelmann), Interactive (no idea) and action (Don't know how to theme this one).



Hope you enjoy the update and keep those comments coming, there are greatly appreciated.


A little sloppy, but it does the job.


I quite like these supports...


Are there enough supports?


Future "alien landing site"


WTF can I put here?!

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Great on the supports!



To fill that in I have some Ideas:


1. An interactive walk way so the peeps can watch the ride.

2. Some kind of pond with maybe a water fixture.

3. Prehaps add more terrian.


Personally, I would go with the walk way. Think of this project like the coaster designs on NE, They just do not build a coaster, but they build an enviroment around the coaster.


Still looking good though, Stoksy, and I wish you luck on this school project!

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^Only problem with building the interactive walkway is that due to it being an NE bench, guest can't get into the park. However, I will try me best to give the ride some of that "interactive" feel, thank you for your post.

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It was the most high-tech Alien Research Facility in the world...Until it was discovered...



Take a journey through the run-down, but still functional, ARF. Some of the research equipment still works so you may experience some high temperatures and radiation burns...


Clearly unfinished, but you get the idea. The track isn't actually that colour, had some problems with editing

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That looks very nice, and cool story to go with it


OK, went over to NE and the only Geewhzz Bench I could find was from 2008, its called Geewhzz_Bench_V1. Opened it up and put in a couple rides to see if the guests could get in... boy did they! They came in and made a mess of the place in less than fifteen minutes. Even had to put 2 of them in time out!


*see picture below


Anyway, the bench opened up to guests just fine, so you must have version I couldn't find, so if you could send me the bench your working with I will try to see if I can fix it, or just send the coaster. I will have it fixed or let you know I can't fix it in less than a day.


Absolutely EVIL little monsters!

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Thanks for sending the park. The only problem with the NE bench was the using of the "OWN ALL LAND" function on 8cars. Once you de-own boarder land the entry works just fine. As soon as you own all land again it messes up again. This function of 8cars has always been a hit or miss when it comes to parks. Sometimes it works without a problem and sometimes it doesn't.


99% of the time it really isn't needed, all you have to do is invert land ownership and make land alterations and build rides and then invert land ownership back. Problem solved just so long as you never put a path outside the parks boundary. Staff and guests will not cross the boundary while walking on a path, however they will cross if they are walking on a ride station or onto a flat ride placed outside the park, the key is to make sure the rides entrance and exit are both inside the park. If you go into my Thunder Lakes park and look at the Side Friction coaster you will notice part of the ride is outside the parks boundary while other parts are not. It works just fine. The easiest way to see what parts are where is to use the restore boundary fence and then remove the scenery.


Stoksy, I sent the park back to you fixed and the path connected to your ride through the building with balloons in it.


So anyway for those you out there who also use the Geewhzz Bench here is how you fix the guest entry issue.

1) There are 3 sections of path at the entrance area. Remove ONLY the one inside the invisible entrance!

2) Exit to 8cars and hit De-own Boarder Land and go back to the park.

3) Reattach the path inside the park and continue the path to where you want it go.

4) Open the park. The little guys & gals will start entering the park in a few minutes.


I really like the layout of the coaster, however it does go a bit slow through the barrel roll, and there is not enough track at the end to realistically run 3 trains. There should be enough room on the track outside the station to hold the 2 extra trains. If there is a break down you don't want a train stuck at the mid-course brake run. Mid-course brake runs are only there for emergency stops and to slow trains down for the second part of the ride. They are not used as a storage area for trains at night or to hold a train full of guest until a problem in the station is fixed. As it is now you need to have the dispatch time set to a maximum wait time of 38 seconds to keep a train with guest on it from coming to a brief stop at the MCBR, if there were enough storage for the 2 trains outside the station the dispatch time could be set at a minimum of 42 seconds with a maximum of whatever you want it to be allowing extra time to get the trains full. The 42 came from dividing the number of trains (3) by the ride time (2m 7s).


Oh, and where's my on-ride photo?

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^The ride only has 2 trains now, and I have installed and on-ride photo section across the bridge/splashdown.



Just want to ask your opinion on this for a "future" section (Are there too many trees?):


I think there are too many trees :[

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^The black was just too sudden a change in colour, the ride wouldn't really flow IMO. I will get rid-of those trees and just leave the black ones I think.


Was playing around with the "interactive" section and came up with a nature walk type area. (Nevermind the floating peeps, that'll be fixed) Does the foliage (water plants) look okay, or did I go a bit overboard with them?


I quite like the paths, however I would prefer if they were full-tile ones

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^Thanks for the kind words. And yes, NE has had quite a large impact on how I build nowadays.


Any ideas on how to theme the "Action" area? I think it should be "superheroy" and I'm thinking some tall buildings or supervillain lares, something along those lines. However, I'm just wondering, should this are be near the station or the back of the ride where the cobra roll is?

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I think a city would be an intresting concept, that way there is conflict between both good and evil. Heck, you could even make a spin off of like a "Dueling Dragons" knockoff with a hero side, like Batman dueling one of his rivals.


I'm sure whatever you decide, it will come out nicley.

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I liked the black section of track also, I think if you tone down the red with a less shinny color of red the black will work, as for the tress and such in the area I like those also but I would add in some pines.


The water area looks perfect.


Unfortunately it's really hard to say where would be the better place to put in the building you mentioned. Your just going to have to put some time in on it and try it in both spots and see what looks better. Off hand I would say the area around the cobra roll but really both areas would work.

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