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What sounds better to you? Please explain

Deep Fried Mars Bar or Deep Fried hot dog wrapped in cheese beef and bacon  

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  1. 1. Deep Fried Mars Bar or Deep Fried hot dog wrapped in cheese beef and bacon

    • Deep Fried Mars Bar
    • Deep Fried Hotdog

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Me and one of my friends are arguing which people would prefer more:


A deep fried Mars Bar


or a hot dog that's been wrapped in bacon and tossed into a deep fryer.


What would you prefer and why? Please comment.






P.S. I prefer the Deep Fried Mars Bars because they are so good and just melt in your mouth and also taste so crunchy as well.


P.P.S. I forgot to mention the hotdog was wrapped in ground beef and cheese as well. btw would you eat anything from this guy's house? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hg3PxPgqsMw

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I've never had a fried chocolate bar, but would imagine they are similar to fried oreos. They are good, but I'm not a huge chocolate fan.


On the other hand, I have eaten the hot dog described (or something very close to it). It was a corn dog (fried hot dog) on a bun with bacon, chili, and cheese. It was extremely messy, but very tasty. I'm gonna go with the hot dog.

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Okay, I'll bite.


For some unknown reason, I'm currently really feelin' the idea of a deep-fried Mars Bar.

The hot dog wrapped in bacon sounds like something I'd rather have un-fried.

This could all change if I ever actually found myself in the situation of being offered both.

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Deep fried candy bar because I've had a deep fried snickers and something about the frying makes them better. The bacon wrapped, beef surrounded, cheese topped, deep fried hot dog sounds a bit too over the top for me. I value my life a little more than that.

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I have never seen a Mars bar. What is it comparable to in the candy world? It's similar to a Snickers bar

And what type of hotdog? Skin or no skin? From the looks of the video I'd say skin.


Darn. Tough choice. I'll go with the hotdog option.

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