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Busch Gardens Montu Question

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My friend is going to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Park in about a week or so, and he would like to know how smooth, Kumba Montu and Sheikra are, and he wants to know if they hurt at all or if they are very rough.


I have been told that Gwazi is very rough, but what about all of the steel coasters?


Please Let Me Know


I would like to have just a few answers


My friend would like to know before he goes

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Montu and Sheikra are very smooth,even though Kumba is the oldest of their major coasters I don't find it to be too rough but be careful with your head getting bumped around against the restraints.Gwazi has always been somewhat rough but lately in my last visits it seems to have gotten to the point that if you don't break a rib on it you've done good.It used to be "Fun" rough,now it's "Ouch"rough.

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I have not rode on Gwazi or Kumba post refurbs so I would hope they would be smoother than before, Montu is not bad, sit in the back, you get the most G's in the batwing going into the tunnel, love it. I do agree with others Shiekra is butter, ultra smoth.


So on the smoothness scale:


1. Shiekra

2. Montu

3. Kumba

4. Scorpion

5. Cheetah Chase

6. Gwazi

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Sheikra has some rattle that is more noticeable the fewer people/less weight you have in your row. Its especially apparent when sitting on the ends, but isnt due to poor workmanship, but rather due to the inherent nature of cantilevering the train off the track like that.

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