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The transition into the last brakes looks painful. You've also got tires in that first section, which isn't too realistic. Think about how those tires would get torn apart with trains hitting them so quickly. I also feel that this coaster could benefit from a little bit of terraforming. Maybe put some hills in so it has ground-hugging turns, or that batwing could go below grade a little.


Other than that, it looks good. I hope you post a download soon.

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Really cool coaster! I liked the second half after the mid-course break run, but I'm afraid that if the train e-stopped on the mid-course breaks, it wouldn't have enough speed to make it through the loop. I would put in a corkscrew, zero-g roll, or some other inversion that is closer to the ground. Very good coaster overall though, I enjoyed it!

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Okay, my first ever NL review, so here goes... In short, a great coaster. The layout is original with tell-tale signs of other tried-and-tested B&M Inverts. The pacing of the inversions works very well, enough to make me think I was riding Nemesis Inferno through half of it


My only issues were the e-brake test and the placing of trees in some areas. After the MCBR, the train is unable to clear the second loop. This was easily remedied by editing the brake run to include the transport option at 16 mph, matching your minimum speed set on the brakes. The trees will need to be moved around a little as there are a number of collisions along the track.


Overall, I enjoyed this coaster very much. It's exciting to look at as much as it is to ride! 8/10


I look forward to seeing what else you can come up with.


Eric Lucas

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Although it wasn't the best trackwork, it was an awesome layout.


Personally, Im not that big of a fan of B&M Inverts (except Montu if even), but this layout I really enjoyed. The ride was paced very well with a lot of action and thrilling elements. Look forward to seeing some more of your stuff!

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Technical-I thought you did a great job with the coaster overall. Overall, the track had a great selection of elements and you executed them well too. There were a couple weird pumps though, it seemed, like in the top parts of the loop as well as a couple of the other transitions. Keep up the great work though with the track, you did a phenomenal job for not using any outside/3rd party programs. You also did a great great job with the supports that you hand made, they looked very realistic. I was disappointed though that you did have some pre fab supports as they look very different from the others. Maybe try to do them all hand made! Great job, bud!


Adrenaline-I love the bigger B&M inverts, and this one definitely classifies as a bigger one. Great elements, great drop and good pacing.


Originality-Batwings are awesome. You did a great job. Felt like if a dragon khan was an invert!



Can't wait to ride more coasters from you!

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