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It's the end of a decade as we know it....

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- Favorite new coaster-X2


- Favorite new ride-Robocoaster


- Favorite new park-Chimelong Paradise


- Most memorable park moment-Stuffing my shoes with napkins so I could ride Batman and the Riddler at SFMM


- Most memorable coaster moment-Freaking out on X2's drop


- Best ERT session-Haven't had enough to make an opinion


- Least favorite coaster-Wicked Twister. Just kind of dull.


- Least favorite ride-Legoland's Coast Cruise (Oh wait, that was '99).


- Least favorite park-This little park in the middle of Guangzhou. SOOO boring.


- Most interesting ride you've seen introduced-Again, Robocoaster.


- Least interesting ride you've seen intoduced-Yabafo.


- Favorite TPR Moment- Haven't been here long enough.


- The decade's biggest flop-Hard Rock Park.


- The decade's biggest success-Gravity Group.


- The best meal you've had at a park-Hong Kong Disneyland's hot and sour soup.


- The worst meal you've had at a park-Pretty much all the other food at Disney parks.


- Best park turnaround-California Adventure (In progress)


- Worst park turnaround-Cedar Fair's parks.

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- Favorite new coaster X ( now X2 )


- Favorite new ride Perilous Plunge at Knott's


- Favorite new park DCA ( only NEW park I visited this decade )


- Most memorable park moment Six Flags Fiesta Texas with my old friends from when I use to live in Dallas. ( I can't believe we somehow all were able to meet up in San Antonio because SFOT was closed that weekend! and Astroworld was already gone )


- Most memorable coaster moment Getting stuck at the top of the chainlift on Goliath (SFMM )


- Best ERT session: 08 before knott's opened my supervisor invited me to go ride some of the rides.


- Least favorite coaster The Rattler at SFFT ( road it in 08 still think I have a bruise! )


- Least favorite ride The Zipper ( common circus ride )


- Least favorite park Universal studios Hollywood


- Most interesting ride you've seen introduced X2 by far.


- Least interesting ride you've seen intoduced Poney Express ( knott's )


- Your favorite TPR moment (favorite post, trip report, video, whatever!)

Joining the forums lol


- The decade's biggest flop Hard Rock Park


- The decade's biggest success


- The best meal you've had at a park Johnny Rockets at SFMM


- The worst meal you've had at a park


- Best park turnaround Magic Mountain from going way WAY down in the dumps, looking like it might be closing, going up for sale, to a park that is making a great comeback! Very impressed with what Six Flags has been able to do with the park thank god Burke is gone!


- Worst park turnaround dunno if it counts but SFNO


- What was the biggest trend of this past decade?

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