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Photo TR of four Australian Parks


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yeah superman is a really nice coaster a little short but the launch out of the building is a nice effect.


totally agree about lethal weapon it is a weapon, designed to hurt you. yet there spending there money on upgrading another coaster that was not that rough

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i agree that the lethal weapon i ridiculously rough. but with saying that i have been on rougher at the gold coast. if anyone had been on the old thunderbolt ride at dreamworld (its been gone for probs 10 yrs) that was painful. same with the old corkscrew at seaworld. the cyclone at dreamworld is pretty rough now (luna park sydneys old big dipper ride)


if anyone has been to seaworld (gold coast) recently the re-tracked the old corkscrew ride and re-named it sea-viper its an awsome smooth ride worth a go and so is the jet rescue coaster there too

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T2 at Kentucky Kingdom makes Lethal Weapon feel like a B & M invert. I didn't think Lethal Weapon was too bad as long as you ride defensively albeit I haven't been to MW for a few years now.


I thought superman's launch had a pretty good kick to it because it has to get to it's maximum speed in a very short distance, definitely a better launch than the other superman Escape in Los Angeles.

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Thanks for this great report especially my homepark, Luna Park in Melbourne.

You didn't miss much in the Ghost train. Trust me.

Its more historical than anything good.


Queenslands Movie World & its 2 good coasters are by far my favorites here too. Good enough to fully excuse them for Lethal Weapon.


Not the worst SLC ive ridden but its still an SLC

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