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The Dragon and The Snake [RCT2]

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Hi, since I've posted a screen in the preview thread you guys know what this is about.


Its an asian themed design with a sort dueling coaster design

I say sort off because I didn't really want them to duel all that much,

The dragon part is a flyer and soars high above the ridge is situated in nd really fliesover the mountains, The snake (Stand-up) on the other hand has no wings so I designed the coaster to really crawl the mountain and use way more terrain features except from the inversion it has, all in all they have some meeting spots and really find eachother to the later part of the design.


Plz let me know what you guys think since only the entrance part is worth showing at the time, sry but you'll have to wait a few days before I release any coaster screens.


overall progress is about 35%


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I know the blue clashes with everything but thats on purpose, it had to be dared because the complete area looks damn well fine with it, I didn't fit in the screen but it does if you look at the complete colour scheme of the design itself, it works in the bigger picture.


Anyway I had this screen finished sooner than expected so I'd like your opinions on this one,


How you think this compares to each other?


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At first it looks like the Dragon is gonna win by a mile but near the end its really close, I won't tell who wins but meet each other along the way aswell, as for the rest the pacing is realistic throughout the rides in terms of what speed is good for a pretzel and Immelman a loop a barrel roll, stuff like that.


LOL a worthy screen is something I myself am proud of showing, something that looks pretty much finished and shows some certain level of skill. And I think this is one of those rare screens

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  • 3 months later...

Thats because it was never to be like you said you'd expect them to be...


It are 2 completely different creatures and that showed in the coasters(or at least was meant so)


While the dragon has its very powerfull wings so it can fly around the mountain the snake had to crawl close to the ground and stay low for most part(inversions not included)


They where never designed to really meet eachother rather than the end of both layouts

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