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First time going to CP in 3 weeks

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First post on the CP thread:


So I'm from Florida. I've wanted to go to CP for about 3 years now and never could find the time or people to go with to make it happen. Well, I am probably going to be making my first trip there on Friday, October 9th. And i had some questions that i figured you guys would be great at answering:


1) Expected wait times for the big 3 : MF, TTD, & Maverick?

2) Are their halloween nights any good (keeping in mind ive been to HHN at universal several times)? What time do they start? seperate admission? if this is on the main CP website, i swear i couldn't find it.

3) VIP passes: i know how they work, and i'm really thinking about taking one deep in the pocket and paying for 2 (my friend won't pay for one) because i mean, im traveling by plane to get there, then driving 3 hours to arrive at the park, to spend ONE day, i dont want to stand in lines. this might be the only time i get to go in the next 10 years. but my quesiton is, do they work for the halloween night thing?

4)Best order to ride the rides if you have the VIP?

5)I used to have a total iron stomach when i was about 15 (now 22), but if i ride rollercoasters consecutively, i start to get nausia/headache once i get off. Anybody know of a good anti-nausia pill for that? haha. random question i know.

6) any other important/fun things i should know? anyone recommend i do anything in particular?


thanks for the help guys. much appreciated.


[EDIT] And i just noticed the park is only open from 6-Midnight on the friday. So i think ill shoot for the following saturday (12 to 12). Oo! I bet the night rides are fun.

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1. I can tell you right now, especially if you are wanting to go on Saturday, Millenium Force, Maverick, and Top Thrill will all have wait times upwards of 2 hours, especially due to the fact Halloweekends draws in larger than normal crowds.


2. I don't know how good the event is at Cedar Point, but if it's like the other CF haunts, it should be pretty good. Cedar Point does try to make things a little more family friendly though due to being a larger park. The mazes are free with admission so make sure to check them out anyways.


3. The VIP tours are operated until November 1st, so yes it is still done even for Halloweekends. Since you are going to be there for only 1 day and you've never been before, if you are willing to spend the $375 per person, then I say do it. It would be the only way you would be able to ride everything and see most of the shows. It would let you make the most of your time.


4. The best thing to do on the VIP tour is, just have fun. You have front of the line access to every single ride, so just pick one and ride. You don't have to worry about crowds at all.


5. One word, Dramamine. It's the ultimate in motion sickness protection. Caution, it can make you drowsy, which might not be good in the special lighting in some of the mazes.


6. If you care about history, there's a nice museum inside the park. Also, make sure you don't forget about the flat rides. Max Air, Skyhawk, and Chaos are really good rides. Also, make sure you do Demon Drop, it's one of the only remaining drop towers of its kind. Also, if you don't do the VIP, do not waste your time waiting for the drop side of Power Tower. It always has a longer wait than the launched side and I actually prefer the launched side anyways.


Well, that's all I can say other than, have fun at America's Rollercoast!

(Yea, yea, I know, shameless endorsement. Hey, I work for Cedar Fair, what would you expect?)

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I actually went to CP for the first time last year around this same time. I went on a Saturday, and crowds were huge....I think I only got around to riding 8 or 9 coasters and 2 flats I really wanted to do. I have heard that going on a Friday night in October is a much better idea, however, not all the rides will be open.


I can assure you that on a nice Saturday in October, CP has more than just a "big three." Raptor and Mantis draw huge lines...Gemini's line was overflowing but moving very fast last year....I waited 45 minutes for Mean Streak.


As far as the event, I thought it was pretty good. I don't think it would compare to an HHN though. I personaly think that north of Florida, Kennywood runs the best Halloween events, followed by the CF parks.

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I've come across some more questions...


So, I'm going to be going on Saturday, October 10th (open from 12 til midnight) & (contingent on availability) will have a VIP pass. So...


1) Will there be Fireworks on that day?

2) Will the starlight experience be up? Not even sure exactly what that is other than just a bunch of lights...

3) What time in the day does the Halloween event start in that 12-12 operating hour time block? Do you have to purchase a separate ticket to get in? Will the VIP pass work during those hours too? What exactly takes place for the halloween event?

4) What's the temperature normally like at that time? And obviously i know no one can predict rain, but does it typically rain in the area around that time?

5) Regarding the VIP pass, it says its good for 9 hours with the 1 hour break. Is that one hour break included in the 9 hours? As in, you really only get 8 hours of VIP access? Since the park is open from 12 til 12, and since VIP access gets you in an hour early, is that extra hour early included in the 9 hours you get? If not, what time will the VIP tie start?

[EDIT] 6) How soon should i get the VIP pass to make sure i get one before they run out?


OK- i know thats a bit ridiculous, but i just want to make sure i get this right. Cuz ill be broke for a while haha...


[EDIT2] Ok- according to the website, they are sold out of VIP passes for that day, as well as almost everyday for the rest of the year. Is there any humanly possible way for me to get one?

-If there isn't, would going friday night be packed? and then saturday too?

thanks again guys.

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Here are more answers to your more questions. I'm sorry the VIP tickets are sold out, my choice for best thing to do now, especially if you do want to do everything, is do both Friday and Saturday. I'd recommend staying at Breaker's Express if there is availability. The 1 hour early entry is worth it.


1. Maybe, I don't really know if the show schedule changes for Halloweekends or not. Consult the show schedule when you are there.


2. Yes, every night after the sun sets, the Frontier Trail is lit up for each of the different seasons. It's pretty, feels a lot like your typical Christmas light show. I recomend doing it on your way out of the park, don't waste too much time by doing it during the day.


3. The event is from 12am to 12pm. You only need to buy 1 ticket for it. the event is just your standard haunt event. It had several walkthrough mazes and scarzones, etc.


4. I'd expect the temperature to get maybe in the 40s while you are there. In other words, take a jacket. A visit to Cedar Point is not complete without rain, but it is handled really well at the park so if it starts raining, go to one of the indoor mazes as they will continue to operate during the rain.


5. I don't feel I need to answer this since you said that they are sold out, but why not? The 1 hour break is included in the 9 hours you are on the tour. You do have a tour guide who is following you around the park the entire time, so they do need a break at some point. Also, your tour starts whenever they say it starts. I assume that if you were to have your tour start an hour before the park opens it is part of your 9 hour tour.


I have no idea how you can possibly hook up with a tour if they are sold out. Best bet would be to probably go to guest services that morning and see if the people who bought the tour didn't show up and then see if you could take their place.

Friday won't be as crowded as Saturday will be, but the major thing is, you have less time on Friday than you do on Saturday. Once again I seriously recommend you consider making it a 2 day trip.

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thanks for all the help guys, especially pufferfish


I called the park today and i talked to a guy that said pretty much getting a VIP pass when they are sold out is a slim to none chance.


I was wondering 2 more things that i could not get answered on the phone today because they said they are only open fri, sat, and sun from now on.


1) ANyone have any experience with getting the VIP pass even when they are sold out. Or what i could possibly say or do in order to maybe get 'waitlisted'?


2) Right now it looks like im going friday the 9th, and saturday the 10th. If i check in on friday round 2 at an on site hotel, will that get me into the park an hour early on both friday and saturday? friday it opens at 6 and saturday it opens at noon.


-also i heard that the park is pretty slow on the friday nights for halloween weekends because its only open for a few hours. true?


thanks guys.

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ok last question:


haha looks like im going friday, saturday, and i have sunday as an option (basically depending on if my friend wants to stay on sunday cuz i know i will). Going to stay at the sandcastle suites 2 nights for only 140 a night (which from what i read online its normally 250-300. And the ticket prices only come out to be 15 for friday and 25 for both sat and sun which i feel is dirt cheap.


1) Wait times on sunday in Oct (oct 11th to be exact). Mainly the wait times for Maverick, MF, and TTD?


2) Regaring bringing a bag into the park and riding rides (im talking like one of those small plastic looking backpack/sacks that you can wear); do you have to get a locker??? Or can you just toss it off to the side of the ride/ or cubbies right before you get on and then grab it when you get off?


3) Alcohol: i read that they serve alcohol in the park and you can't bring it in. But im really confused as to why it says this: "Alcoholic beverages are available for catered events, however, all alcohol must be provided by Cedar Point. Groups are not permitted to bring in their own alcoholic beverages. Guests are not permitted to enter or leave any catered area with an alcoholic beverage." Do you have to have a catered party? Or drink it within a certain area. Basically, can i buy a beer and walk around with it? haha


thanks guys.

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Beer is sold throughout the park. All individuals must be TWENTY-ONE YEARS OLD to purchase, possess or consume beer and other alcoholic beverages at all park locations. Our policy is: ONE VALID PHOTO I.D.*, ONE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE.




Sunday liquor sales are available from 1 p.m. to 12:00 midnight. All beer and alcoholic beverages MUST BE CONSUMED ON THE PREMISES.


Beer is available on Sundays.


Sounds like you should have no problems with your intent to "buy a beer and walk around with it? haha", as long as you don't take anything out of the park.

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^ I have never been questioned about walking around the park with a beer. They may say something if you try and enter a line with it though...


As far as crowds and waits, Saturday's can be brutal. Friday and Sunday are the way to go...at least when I have been there.


I just did a P:TR for Halloweekends. Not much to show in terms of the haunts, but you'll get a general idea of how the crowds differed from Friday to Saturday.


Have fun!

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im making my first trip to CP from Florida this coming Friday and Saturday. After bugging the hell out of the CP phone lines, i finally finagled my way into getting a VIP pass and im stoaked.


Anyone know off the top of their heads if all the rides were running all right this weekend? thanks everyone.

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