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[NL] Intamin Megalite

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So I just finished the layout of an Intamin Megalite in No Limits and I’m looking to hear what people think before i put supports on. Also if anyone has a name or color suggestion, please share because I'm having creative block right now.


Basically I just want to know if anything works/ doesn’t work with the layout, Specifically the little two railed ending that I think kind of drags on because it’s too slow.



Veiw from the top


Overall layout

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^ That is the Heart-line.


^^ You really need to tone down the hills in the end, it's way too much.

Half the number of them and you would get a better ride.

Also, if you have to smooth/tweak the ride quite a bit then you would have killer ride in the end.

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^ I figured that much. But how?

It's under display, you just click Show Heatline and it should show up. The annoying thing though, is that you have to do that on each of the veiws.


And that was a pretty slick coaster, the only thing I personaly didn't lke was how the lift jerked the train onto it


Thanks, but yeah, one of the things with the lift was that I changed it halfway through, because I had the impression that megalites had a really relaxed curve into and out of the lift, but after I looked at pictures of Kamikaze I realized it was just the exit and I changed it...maybe too much...

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That's not the finished product,correct? I hit a red G toward the end of the ride, and hit a few yellow G's. The layout however, was fun and gave some nice air.


Yes, I’m still going to smoothen it, which is why I haven’t started to add the supports. And the yellow G's aren’t a problem, there all intentional verticals, meaning the one positive 4.5 is just a really strong turn, and the yellow negatives mean it's extremely strong ejector. El Toro hits 1.4 or 1.5 on most of its hills and even gets to 1.6 on the one before the twister section. This ride also hits 1.6 on its max.


Just wondering…Where did you see the red G?

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Pretty fun rides!


Besides smoothing, there are a few things to touch up on. First of all, I would nix that last 2-rail section; it just doesn't add much to the ride, IMO.


Also, you have some G-force problems that you may not have picked up on.


In Picture 1, you can see that that your last 3-rail hill produces negative G's of -1.9...that's a bit 'too' forceful. Maybe try reducing the entry angle to that hill?


Finally, in Picture 2, this turn reaches 4.9 G's...not sure if you were aware of this. It's not too major, but is a bit much for an Intamin Megalite.



I'm excited to see the finished product!


Picture 2


Picture 1

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High to Me a few things have struck:

1.) The radials (vertically and horizontally) sometimes are too closely

2.) the Heartline does not run steadily, softy

3.) banking is sometimes put too much or not enough - there high lateral G's step on

4.) I would hold the end shorter


Divides the Segemente into steady segments (key: y) it does a nice smoothe distance. I mostly use 10 to 20 metres long segments;)


I hope I could help



Edit: thx for pictures !

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