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Favorite place to eat: Ristorante Della Piazza --- awesome chicken parm for a theme park =D




Griffon -Don't bother on front row. Back row is best and oftentimes has the shortest line


Apollo - Back row. Period


Alpengeist - great views up front, but what forces the ride has to offer are found in the back


Loch Ness - back row. Great ejector airtime. One of the last remaining drops to still surprise my stomach


BBW - back left seat. Amazing forces on second drop. Classic ride. Try to get a few night rides on this beast.

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You shouldn't encounter huge crowds on Friday, but the park will probably be packed on Saturday by early afternoon. Here's what I would do:


1. Head for Griffon (I agree it's a backseat ride).

2. Take the skyride to Germany (gets you up close and personal with Griffon and Alpengeist).

3. Ride Big Bad Wolf (ride it again after dark, when it's even better).

4. If you want to ride in the front row, head for Alpengeist (that front-row line can get pretty long pretty quickly).

5. Ride Curse of DarKastle.

6. Ride LeScoot if you're into water rides and it's a hot day (the lines can be bad for this one when it's hot out).

7. Head for Apollo's Chariot (you can take the train from New France to Festa Italia it you want, but it's probably quicker to walk there).

8. Do the Roman Rapids (again, a pretty bad line).

9. Ride the Escape from Pompeii.

10. Ride the Loch Ness Monster.

11. Ride Corkscrew Hill (the line will could get long, but at least it's indoors and air conditioned--but if you're soaked from water rides, beware).


Above all, enjoy yourself! The baby back ribs at the Three Rivers Smokehouse are usually pretty good, too (but I also like the cannelloni at the Italian restaurant).

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If you are going to be there 2 days, there is no reason not to do both the front seats and back seats of each coaster.


The front seat of Griffon is something that should not be missed on a trip to BGE.


If you get there early in the morning you can have all of Italy to yourself for the first hour since everybody goes to Griffon. Apollo usually has an hour of no lines from 10-11am.



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I was only eight when I went so I didn't ride any coasters but I rode all three of the water rides and I thought they were all great.


I recommend Festhaus for eating at, it was pretty cool and the food was good.


And don't let the rain stop you, we went on a rainy day and there were hardly any lines, and the rain wasn't bad enough to close any of the rides.

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