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And Then There Were None

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Chapter 1 - Bus Ride

August 25, 2008


Chapter 2 - Lost in the Woods

September 1, 2008


Chapter 3 - Acrophobia

September 8, 2008


Chapter 4 - Shelter is Found

September 15, 2008


Chapter 5 - Esccape Attempt

September 22, 2008


Chapter 6 - Into the Shack

September 29, 2008


Chapter 7 - Acid Trip

October 6, 2008


Chapter 8 - Nasty Fall

October 13, 2008


Chapter 9 - Pair of Despair

October 20, 2008


Chapter 10 - One Soul Remaining

October 27, 2008



October 30, 2008


Finale Film - And Then There Were None

October 31, 2008

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And Then There Were None

Chapter 1 - Bus Ride


This is the story of ten people who were found dead in the Appalachian mountains last October. No one has been charged of the crimes, yet.


On a cool September morning, not long ago, eleven people found themselves stranded on the side of a seldom-used road in the Appalachian mountains. They had all received complimentary tickets for an extravagant bus tour through the mountains.


The driver of the bus, a Mr. Fred Naracott travelled back inside of the bus.


All was quiet…


As Mr. Naracott entered the bus to call for help, a most horrific thing happened:


Mr. Naracott was killed instantly in the explosion.


The explosion seemed to come from the center of the bus.


The force of the explosion blew the remaining people off of their feet.


The bus continued to burn as the people regained their senses.


A man by the name James Marston decided to not stay with the group. He thought it would be best to head back from where the bus came.


He did not make it far.


Animals in these mountains are usually very hungry.


The birds will finish what’s left.

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And Then There Were None

Chapter 2 - Lost in the Woods


The remaining nine attempted to regain some sort of control...


Trying to regroup and contemplate what all had just happened, the hopeless group was very shaken.


Wondering where to go...


The woods stood still as a few birds flew overhead...


One man by the name of Justin Wargrave decided to take control.


The others were suspicous at first, but they began to realize that they had to work with one another to get back to the bus terminal... or some place of shelter.


Wargrave decided that it would be wise to try to find a place of shelter before dusk.


The others agreed. Even those who were no longer alive.


One person noticed an odd sight - a nearly empty hill. With one dead tree.

Then, a loud, roaring voice came from somewhere in the distance:

"You are all guilty of murder. You have run from the law for long enough, your time is over."


The group began to panic, but John McDonald calmly stated that this was all part of the bus ride - that it was some sort of radical life/death reality experience. The others half-heartedly agreed, trying to calm their own anxieties. The two tour guides knew of no such thing, they had only been hired days before the trip. The group decided to try to get some sleep.


Mrs. Elaine Rogers, one of the tour guides, did not wake up. It looks as if she was frightened during her sleep.


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And Then There Were None

Chapter 3 - Acrophobia


The group, becoming more suspicous as time went on, decided to climb to the highest peaks they could find in hopes of being found...


The group climbed higher and higher, coming dangerously close to the edge.


John McDonald decided that he was well trained in this type of scenario...


The others graciously allowed him to lead the group...


Every move had to be made with caution.


Unfortunately, Mr. McDonald took a nasty fall...


Tumbling... tumbling... tumbling...




SPLAT! Hahahaha liers go splat!


Blood... Blood... EVERYWHERE!


Yet another tree dead!


- Mr. Owen

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And Then There Were None

Chapter 4 - Shelter is Found


The remaining seven continued their journey... looking for some means of shelter, food, or water.


They eventually came across an old shack.


Mr. Rogers, still grieving from the death of his wife, suggested they should not enter the shack.


The others agreed.


Mr. Wargave exclaimed that they did not have much longer to live without food or water.


All of them seemed to have blurred vision with the lack of food and water. The mind becomes weak... They split up to try to find food or water.


Ms. Emily Brent and Ms. Vera Clayton discussed what they thought was happening. Ms. Brent was very skeptical of Mr. Lombard. Ms. Clayton had her doubts about Mr. Wargrave. They both had a feeling Mr. Armstrong didn't slip.


Ms. Clayton said she could have sworn she heard someone running up from behind her - but it was too dark to determine whether it was a human or just a rodent.


As everyone was gone, the shack stood still... empty.... or that's how it appeared.


Mr. Rogers began to climb a hill... when something hit him from behind.


Only half of him was found. The other half... vanished.


Six trees left...

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And Then There Were None

Chapter 5


After finding what was left of Mr. Roger's body, the remaining group became less and less sane.


They began to turn desperate for an answer.


Ms. Brent accused each and every one of them as being the murderer.


Mr. Lombard suggested that the group stay together at all times with only one leaving at a time.


Ms. Clayton agreed that staying together at all times would be the smartest option.


Mr. Wargrave found an old jeep behind the shack that, by chance, still had some gas in it.


Ms. Clayton tried to convince Ms. Brent to go with them.


However, Ms. Brent felt she would be safer alone at the shack.


The group began to drive down a dirt road... hopefully to a town. They told Ms. Brent they would send someone to get her later.


Ms. Brent did not live long.


Five rifles were place across the pond.


The jeep didn't make it very far, leaving five people left alive.


All becoming paranoid...

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And Then There Were None

Chapter 6 - Into the Shack


Five trees left living...


The remaining five took a dip in the pond next to the shack to cool off.


Little did they know the pond was filled with specials! SPECIALS FOR THE LIARS!


Yes... try to enter my house!


Don't be shy!


Whoops! Stabbed in the face! Lie and Die!


Don't be afraid fellow liers, please enter! The fun awaits!


Closer... closer! Feel the blood!


Enter the shack!


Bright lights! Colored stars! Fun! Fun! Blood!


The four living trees!


- Mr. Owen!!!!1!!! BLOOOOOD!

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And Then There Were None

Chapter 7 - Acid Trip


Hello, it's Mr. Owen!


Four little trees left!


Welcome to the carnival, kiddies!


May I take your ticket?


Look at the pretty color! The lights! The lies!


Don't be scared... it's just pictures!


This carnival is special! The main game is free! The surprise is... there are three winners!


One of you will be sacrificed! Right here at the carnival! For your friends!


But don't worry! Each one of you has a 3 out of 4 chance of surviving! Look at those odds!


Alright... choose a number between one and four!


Everything getting faster? That means the specials are working! Alright... we have a loser!


BOOM! I'm sorry Dr. Armstrong, it seems you are the loser! You're also dead now! HAHAHA LIERS ALWAYS LOSE!


The three of you don't have much time now!

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And Then There Were None

Chapter 8 - Nasty Fall


Only three trees left alive...


What was left of the shack continued to burn.


The trio of survivors continued to climb hills in hope of a rescue.


Mr. Blore began to lose his mind...


He decided to take his life...


He fell and fell...


Never seemed to stop.




Down to two.

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