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Some (good?) pictures of Darien Lake

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The other day my friend Mandy and I went to Darien Lake. I'm not really going to do a trip report, but just show some general things along with a few pictures I think came out really nice.


I'd give the Motocoaster a 7/10. It's definitely a great addition to the park. The launch doesn't look too intense, but the ride feels much faster than it looks and is totally fun. In the morning they had to send trains out with 4ish people placed randomly, because some of the handlebars were bare metal without the rubber covers. I'm not sure why we couldn't ride like that. Later in the day I noticed they had covered them with electric tape.


I'll leave you with this. Luckily it was closed today, because I would've ended up riding it at least once, which would kill the headache I had.


Shripwreck Falls was running but without the water. I was in such a rush to get a picture with the boat on the drop I never even thought to get the splash.



And threw them on the ground. (There were broken pieces all over the boarding area, too.)


They took the lights off the Ferris Wheel for some reason.


I never noticed the pads that give the wheels some flexibility.


Another favorite.


I like the way the first part of the loop is blocked out.





I usually love Viper but today one ride was enough for my headache.


I like this one. :]


The Mind Eraser was running pretty good today.


It looks good at night.


I tried to frame this in the supports but was a little off. Still a cool looking angle.


Everyone likes it.


The queue lines up then goes up a ramp to the station.


There's a big patio area outside the ride. The entrance is set up somewhat goofy, it's actually quicker to get to the ride by going behind boomerang.


Motocoaster as seen from the entrance.

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Hey I think i actually seen you on my ride (Mind Eraser). I was the annoying one on the panel being obnoxious into the mic! I believe you were wearing the TPR shirt, right?


THEO! HAHA I remember you! I had to keep looking I wanted to see what your name was. Did you think to come here after seeing my shirt?

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Wow, you got in some great photos there. The one where half the loop is cut off, and the one right above it are my favorite.


Why couldn't Knott's make their Moto Coaster bad ass like that one?! That one actually looks like a lot of fun.


Thanks for sharing!

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^Yes, it ran fine and with both trains. The only times it was stopped on the lift was due to them spotting riders with cell phones, they'd walk up and take it from them. Operations could have been a tad faster in general though.

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Yay! My hometown park FINALLY got a new coaster. Hopefully this will mark the start of a new era for DL, that will leave behind the years of negligence under the Post-Superman Six Flags Era.


Now, just tear down the predator, replace it with something else, and my hopes for the place will go up even more.

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^^Yeah, something along those lines. I'm curious as to whether they'll keep it red, white, and blue. I just thought they'd be a little cleaner about taking the old ones down, but, whatever. The park seems to be doing much better without Six Flags, and Six Flags is doing much better without this park to worry about. Good stuff for everyone.

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Really nice pictures. The new coaster looks like a pretty fun ride. I loved Ride of Steel the couple times I visited. That third hill is just insanity in the airtime department!! I had heard that some retracking has been done on Predator, which makes me curious if it is any better, or at least rideable! After my last trip there, Predator secured the spot as the worst coaster I had ever ridden. Sad too, because it looks like a great ride.

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I had heard that some retracking has been done on Predator, which makes me curious if it is any better, or at least rideable! After my last trip there, Predator secured the spot as the worst coaster I had ever ridden. Sad too, because it looks like a great ride.


Oh, Predator's still bad. I was at Darien Lake about a month ago and rode it...I really wish I hadn't. Motocoaster was great, though!

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