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RCT2- The Challenge to End all Challenges

Who has done the best throughout the entire Challenge?  

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  1. 1. Who has done the best throughout the entire Challenge?

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    • Coasterfreak101
    • CoasterNut17
    • ShadowRider
    • Putterfish
    • TheLegendaryMatthew
    • The Ghost
    • Cyber.Fiber

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^Yeah. Good idea!


Here is my entry. It is called "Melt," based on a remote Alaskan research base that spilled some hazardous chemicals that are now melting everything! Not just snow, but trees too! They can't get any help because between them and the nearest city lies hundreds of miles of treacherous icy terrain. Can you stop it before it gets to the base?


The coaster also has many underground sections. Yeah!

-Please download the coaster before voting.


Very impressive coaster! I don't like the fast unbanked underground s-turn, but that's the only complaint I have. The storyline is cool and it all matches.

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Here's my entry: Frostbite


This coaster features twisted first drop followed by 2 loopings. Another looping follows after a high-speed turn. Then there's another high-speed turn right under the first drop which leads in the cobraroll. A MCBR follows

after some turns, followed by a double corkscrew and a helix into the final brakes. This is all set in a sleepy, snowy winter wonderland village.



A bit of information:



Yellow: The lifthill is 28.5m tall (95 feet) and is supported like the real Arrow loopingcoasters.


Brown: The station of the coaster is simple, yet not too simple. The queu features outdoor and indoor sections.


Black: There's a moveable transfertrack to add to the realism


Red: This part is supposed to be the central part of the village. There's a townhouse and a square. In the back you'll find the mineshaft and entrance to the mine.


Grey: these are the houses that are further from the central part of the village. Some feature a garden, others have an outhouse.


Green: There's a walkway over the lake right under the double corkscrew so people can enjoy watching the coaster.

Challenge to End All Challenges.SV6

The savegame

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Everyone please submit your July entries by 11:59 tonight!


I'm sorry we are 2 days behind, but something came up. If your entry is not submitted by this deadline, you will not get any votes for this month, but you ARE NOT disqualified.


At 12:00am, you may send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE with your vote. DO NOT post your vote here.


Good luck everyone!

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Please send me a PM with your vote, and you MAY NOT vote for yourself!



For those of you who did not get your submission in for this month, do not fret, you are NOT disqualified; you will just be a month behind in votes.



Good luck!

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