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What should Six Flags Darien Lake receive in the coming year

Guest Tanks4me

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You are right. ever since 8/2002, i rode predator, and i was hooked on coasters. At least they didn't demolish it. But Lightning Racer, Hercules, and Mean Streak are better in my woodie top 5.

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this is kind of funny, i never thought that there would be a thread on my local park...and here it is already! (and not even created by me! ) lol...viper is good, but lately when ive ridden it the part of the seat that you put yur back on (w/e u call it) has bothered me with its odd shape during most of the ride. but i absolutly love the second half of the ride- especially the headchopper with the pine trees and the tunnelled helix. and robb- are u being serious about viper being better than x in some cases? (btw- yea, that sucks about the kiddy credit!)

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^^ I can tell you that the last rides I had on Darien's Viper were better than the last rides I had on X!


--Robb "Who would rather have Viper in place of X!" Alvey


This isn't really inspiring me for my first ever X ride next week... :?


Dave "stocking up on the Tylenol with Morphine now" Thomas

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