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HUSS Giant Rides

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^How long has Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom had theirs? the Rainbow at Great Escape has been there since 1987, but there was a Ranger before it which came in 1982, and I heard that they are almost identical in the way they are built, so I think maybe they might have just "transfomed" [the only word I can think of] the Ranger into the Rainbow.


I love Huss Rides in general, one of my favorites is the Condor. But only when its run right, Great Escapes is terrible. It's incredibly slow, has a short cycle and SEATBELTS were added in 2004. Not good. But like La Rondes Condor, that thing is crazy, it goes soo fast, and what I like most is when the arms stop spinning and just the wheels with the cars spin, then the cars just don't swing out, they stay out

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that sounds like an e-stop. from what i've read about 'em, they swing to a stop.


The giant frisbees do this as well. When they e-stop they go into a free swing mode. They just swing back and forth (without the spinning) until it finally slows down and stops on it's own.


I haven't seen it personally, but I've heard it takes quite some time for it to fully stop.

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It took a really long time for the Rainbow to stop too, about 15 minutes. I would hate being stuck on that, you can only take the Rainbow for so long.


That kind of happened to me on the Huss Pirate they have there. The wheel under the boat that makes it swing..it broke. And it just kept swinging for what seemed like forever. Like 10 people puked, it was about 100 degress out and I was really thirsty [i had planned to get a drink right after getting off].Yeah, worst ride experience ever.


As much as I like Huss Rides, they seem to break down alot. Like Great Escapes Condor was open about 3 times this whole season, you can never tell if it will be open when you go or not. It will be working fine for a few days, then be closed for 2 months, its ridiculous. But Great Escapes doesnt matter that much anyone, its horribly slow, short and takes FOREVER to load [the un-needed seatbelts made that worse].


One thing I REALLY like about Huss Rides though, are the very minimal restraints on most of them, IMO it makes them even better.

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For breakdowns, the Huss Swing Around, Troika, and Condor at my park are hardly ever down. The Top Spin does have some problems, and the Frisbee was a ride that was down for a year because they needed a part because some accident happened in Germany (Maybe, it was Germany at a carnival.). They were told to inspect the ride, and they found a crack, so they had to fix it by getting a part.


Troika was only down because SFOT stoled our part, and they didn't have enough time to buy a new one for SFOT. On the way to SFOT from Astroworld, the part on that Troika got damaged, and it was the new ride, so they had to get a new part fast.


When the Top Spin breaks down, you might get stuck in the air. It's also a ride that goes down because of low-staffing. I don't like the ride, but I understand why that ride goes down.


The thing is that these rides can't last forever. The Rainbow was put in 1987 is what you said. That's 21 years of service. Rides are going to wear down year after year. It's just that's what happens. Than, you need new parts because you don't want to buy a new one, or they don't make a new one. They are sick of buying new parts, and it's probably not getting a strong turn-out of people.


So, eventually they probably want to buy a new ride. I don't understand why Huss didn't weight that thing by putting a heavy weight in the middle so it shouldn't matter where you sit. There are other versions of that ride. A.R.M. makes ones, and Zamperla does. However, Zamperla is very slow, and boring, and there is some defect with that ride. Chance made one, but they don't anymore just like Huss.


Wisdom's, KMG's, and Satori's don't go up that high, and are carnival rides that could be put in an amusement park. Condor, and Frisbee's are carnival rides for sure. I have seen a Swing Around, or it looks one also out of the states.


Why don't you see these rides at carnivals in the U.S.A. ? It's because they take too many trailers to transport, and they aren't worth it. Before, they even had Enterprises at carnivals. Actually, they had one at the Ohio State Fair last year, and it travels with Wade Show. One trailer rides are more prevelant in the U.S.A. because they are less expensive to operate.


Of course, you have a Mondial Top Scan, Roller Coasters (Zyklons, Mice), Flying Bobs, and I would think the Fabbri Breakdance are all two or more trailers. Heck, they even have Zierier Wave Swingers that travel on a carnival. Of course, these are usually only the state fairs because it takes so long to put them up.


They also have a version of the Top Spin by Fabbri that's called Space Loop. http://www.fabbrigroup.com/rides.php?cat=used&index=fabbrigroup&pp=2

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Who makes the "1001 Nights" ride? IMO, it's definitely the most boring Rainbow/Falling Star type ride available...


Weber, I think. That company is gone now[i think.] A.R.M. are horrible, I've been on one, I hated the OTSRs, expecially on that type of ride.


And Condors being carnival rides? I can't imagine how many trailers it would take to move that. I've only ever heard of one, the Ikarus one thats not used anymore.


Great Escapes Condor is always down, or it seems like that. It's soo slow and IMO should just be removed and placed with something better.


Now that I think of it though, since Six Flags has owned Great Escape, the Rainbow, Condor and the Pirate have all be tamed down a ton. If anyones ever been on La Ronde's Condor and seen how fast that thing is, Great Escapes used to be good like that. Same with the Rainbow. There used to be quite a bit of airtime on that, solo riders could ride and there wasnt any seatbelts. The Pirate used to have alot longer cycle too.

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