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  1. >_O last I checked they still had that huge crane in the skyline every time i drive to and from work/school. I dont think construction is haluted.
  2. only one, but there wasn't enough people in the park to need two trains. Batman was the only thing I saw running with two. (besides panda with five, but they were still slow.)
  3. Today I went to Six Flags New England's Dry run. They essentially let the team members invite guest to come for free and sample while they practice. I took a few pics of improvements. It was too overcast to get any great coaster shots. I'll be there again soon to get the glory shots. my first stop was at guest relations. I asked about parking passes and they didn't have them yet....?! So yeah. While I was there, the kiddy helecopters got stuck. No[/img] TDK construction photo. Not much to say. Just building framework. Johnny Rockets instead of the superhero grill. Construction on Hall of Justice and TDK has the path from DC to Wiggles blocked. new pizza stand and cold stone Did you know after 50 years, Eli Bridge scrambers must have their cars replaced? its a manufacterer's standard. : p So this year they're silver and new. Anyways, I hit scream, SupermanROS, Pandamonium, Cyclone, Blizzard River and Batman. No big complaints. SROS bunny hills got really rough. Cyclones mid ride breaks kinda dulled down the ride. Hurt a bit too. No lines though. Pity it only lasted for two hours.
  4. I feel like thats a part of the theme park experience. Any 'themed' section is going to be focused towards family to a point. And they cant cover all basis. Like DC superheroes at SF. I adore the teen titans but are they mentioned (besides robin?) nope. Come on, dads would love seeing starfire walk around just as much as wonderwoman. And wiggles. of the how many albums they play like ten songs. Disney... of what I can remember at three years old I laughed at the haunted mansion. I wanted to be scared... and I wasn't. : ( I was sad. Or at Universal when they theme a ride, its impossibe to get the whole story.... I mean. I like the sugar coating and the simplifying. Its just what I expect when I go.
  5. I have contacts with a few 'inside sources' and they're shooting for memorial day weekend. The permits are straightened out. They had one for the coaster not the building. they were worried because its an indoor ride. What happens if there is a fire or something?
  6. Compared to the SF parks I've been to it has better flats. At least it had some selection. And its not just coastercoastercoaster. I mean, at least there is selection. I was kind of upset when I found out their sky ride was a round trip instead of transit. (I didn't know.)
  7. I think it sounds like fun. I mean, especially because its not right next door, its not like the novelty will wear off right away. Too many parks for me to be all to skeptical of one
  8. awesome! I'll definatley take into consideration Quassy ('cause i'll probably get a seaosns pass for the lake) and the NH parks. I've just been to TGE last summer, so I dont think i'll be up that way soon. And the other parks in Maine sound great, and I look forward to returning to Funtown Splashtown. Thanks a bunch!
  9. that sounds like an e-stop. from what i've read about 'em, they swing to a stop.
  10. a flavored water for $1.26 at the college book store. the door jammed my ankle on the way out. : C
  11. Seems alot nicer than the thomas towns the flags have to offer. Better rides; seems more developed and better themed. anyone notice that 'jeremy's flying accademy' is a cut and paste of 'big red plans' from the SF wiggle world rides? Globe and cloud positioning and all? cranky's tower drop is pretty cute.
  12. Yeah I definitely think your right about that. Like the Rainbow that used to be at Great Escape, they would tell you to move to one side if there were too many people on one side, which makes sense, especially for that kind of ride. I've always wondered in the back of my mind everytime I'm on that, I wonder if the gondola really could tip over? tipping would be a tough thing to do, but it'll definatley fudge the motor, and also give the electrical a run for its money (like screwing with its ability to find the position its supposed to be in at the end)
  13. chill, but not cold. I keep on driving with the windows down even though I know i'll put 'em up and the heat on soon. Its so close to being do that 'omg spring' type of weather here it hurts. I want nice weather. y'know, with the warm 'n stuff?
  14. I really need to pee but i dont want to have to get up untill I leave for my next class.
  15. I mean, besides SFNE and Lake Compounce. I've been to both and enjoyed them alot. But I was wondering if anybody knew of any good parks to visit in the area? I'm from western mass, and I'm in college so my budget isn't amazing, but I'd like to know more about the parks around me. In particular I'm going to camping in Saco, Maine in mid july, but I'm willing to drive wherever. So thanks! I look forward to responses.
  16. Patron: "Excuse me, could I bring this item on the ride that might fly out of my hand and cause bodily damage to the people sitting behind me if it hits them." Park Employee: "Sure" The sad thing is, I've worked some rides where that was the case. : / shocking but true.
  17. When it comes to flips and such, its not really the ride thats the problem... its the way the place runs the ride.... I mean, if the operators (or in most cases in the US) management decides to set the top spin persay on a lame setting, its going to be a boring ride. But if they're allowed to fudge with it in manual mode, it'll be alot more interesting, at least. Or just allowed the operator to pick which cycle to use... it could be good. I also think the problem with alot of the Huss rides, is that if they're not balanced properly when operated, they can have some serious issues. How often do you walk by a US run top spin and see it properly load balanced?
  18. I read this yesterday and had nightmares about it last night.
  19. It might look dangerous, but it doesn't keep me from wanting to try it...
  20. honesty if I were the CEO I'd do a-LOT of research. I'd figure out which parks cater to which groups of people the most and develop around it. I'd also work on consistency, and making sure that everything that goes public stays that way. Not like "no re entry all day" last year. and promising rides to be ready than having construction problems. Aka, better, more practical PR. I'd stop putting money into NEW stuff for a year and put all that money into FIXING stuff. Painting tracks and better landscaping. PROPERLY TRAINING EMPLOYEES AND MAJOR FOCUS ON RETENTION. If they could keep people comming back year after year they could eventually weed out the bad people. Lower parking and seasons pass prices. I'd do standard hight checks at the front gate and assign different bracelets for different heights. No braceletts, no rides. aaaaaaaand yeah.
  21. What is your favorite kiddie ride? Not like a family ride like a log flume or ferris wheel but all out kid ride. I personally love Rock 'n Tug boats. Its almost peacefull. When I'm in a park and I'm fed up with all sorts of stuff, I just step into the tiny queue and boom. Instant gratification.
  22. So me and my mom are at The Great Escape. I figued it'd be a great place to test her limits. She was doing okay; couldn't get her on the Commet (considering the last time we went to the park 6+ years ago my dad kept calling it the vomit commet) the biggest coaster I could get her on was the Alpine Bobsleds. I told her it was just like sledding...... it'd be a smooth fun ride... Heheh. They had just opened it up after the rain, and we were whipping around and slamming into the breaks and she was wailing. Screaming. I swear she could've peed herself if she paniced just a bit more. So we return to the station, and there is no one in line. So I start begging the ride ops to let us go again, showing my knowledge and skill showing them the "lock restraint" hand sign and beg and plead for one more time. My mom is screaming, terriefied "NO! NOT AGAIN!" Aaaaaaaaaand were off. My mom cussed and swore at me the whole time. It was awesome.
  23. Personaly, I find that zoomerang is one of the best of those boomerang coasters i've been on. Its wicked smooth. its not all vekoma-ey, like your ears are bleeding.... Their flume is also pretty cool.
  24. I think the one shown only seats twenty four; i tried counting the seats with the video paused. I was gonna say I've got a bit of experience with them things, and that is very fricken impressive. I like it alot! I dont think many people can handle that kinda ride though. That and getting insurane to cover a ride like that....
  25. At least it wasn't her fault. I mean, seriously, most injuries at parks are because of the people going. And not listening to the rules 'n stuff.
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