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  1. camera = pain. It can reeeally mess someone's day up. If they say no they say it for a reason; the object can become projectile. Yeah, a cool picture is nice, but is it worth someones life? I dont think so.
  2. not gonna lie this sounds really exciting. 'cause music is almost as cool as rides. ; p
  3. Flat rides usually act up more in the cold, especially portable models...
  4. Thats awesome. I mean, why not just get a seasons pass? I mean, if you're close enough to drive like a maniac and get free tickets, than you must be pretty damned close anyways.
  5. Is it strange that I found myself more amused by the advertisements than by the information itself.... such a pretty ride, that disk-o. And the vekoma splash coaster. Than again I'm not so sure I liike the idea of giving vekoma water...
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