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Hey guys


This is just like Milkchan's idea but I build rides for RCT2 only. Anyway I have some very interesting models for you. Just pm me and give me a link to your park and I will post it for you by adding the download to your thread.


COASTERS Note: All coaster names can be changed

RAVEN( not a recreation)

Ride Type Intamin plug n play

Excitement 7.90

Intensity 9.90

over 16 seconds of airtime.


68 by 57 blocks of land



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Looks good, but I wish you wouldn't do this until the pairs competition is over or at least started... (or you could just make these designs off limits for the competition?)

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Don't worry DBru I still have a lot planned for the competition. That is where you will see my best work. I am just starting this now because my other individual project is not going well so this is just a downtime project. Don't worry I have some awesome new ideas that will be seen very soon


Also my ideas for the contest involve theming while these do not.

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It's looking pretty good, I noticed that your using the scenario I made . Good idea, can't wait to see more. If your doing this whole coaster company you could even hire people to build for you. Heck I'd help. Just a thought.



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^Then it's much simpler.


My computer> C drive> program files> infograms interactive> RCT2> and the screens are on the first page


For some people just posting this for other people. It's not infrograms interactive and instead is Atari. Normally if you installed triple thrill pack.

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