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No Limits Stand-Up Coaster Contest

Best Standup Coaster - Choose 2  

29 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Standup Coaster - Choose 2

    • DBru's Stasiphobia
    • Jamjar's Apocalypse
    • Tanks4me05's Furchtbahn
    • Coasterlover420's Typhoon
    • Zano's Bestial
    • Mike240SX's Gigawatt
    • DATman's Rage
    • Nannerdw's Grape Crush

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^What a well-made ride! The execution of each element was falwless. I'm assuming you use tools, which you seem to have mastered. The station was also very well built and the whole ride flowed extremely well. My problem was the layout. It was just extremely repetitive. The twisting dives and low-to-the-ground turns would have been a lot more effective if they weren't all that made up the ride. I was waiting for you to throw in something that changed it up, like a loop or a zero-g roll. Something that would have made the elements your ride has stand out more than they do. It just seemed repetitive. Again, it was still an excellent ride.

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I'll get to judging these coasters in a little while, but I might have to put up the poll either Thursday or Friday because I will be gone on Saturday, so get all your coasters posted now just in case. I will be basing the poll questions on the people who re-post a download of their track, rather than from the list. Good luck to everyone who entered a track!

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Thanks to everyone that has participated in this contest. We have a winner! Nannerdw, you get the title of the person that makes the best B&M standup coaster in NoLimits! Great job everyone. You put in a great deal of work, and you all should continue playing NoLimits. Watch for my next contest.

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