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Wilderness Resort to open new location in Sevierville, TN!

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The Wisconsin Dells is known to be the water park capital of the United States, or even the world for that matter. Resorts like the Great Wolf Lodge, Kalahari, and the Wilderness line US HWY 12 in Lake Delton and Wisconsin Dells, WI. Now, for the first time, the owners of the biggest WI Dells resort, the Wilderness, are opening a new resort. This new location is to be in Sevierville, TN, very near Dollywood, Splash Country, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is part of the city's new Bridgemont Events and Entertainment destination. Opening this summer is a hotel attached to the new events center. Then later, a condominium hotel with indoor water park will be opening. There are also real estate opportunities with the building of the condos.


For more information on Bridgemont:




For more information on the Wilderness Resort at the Smokies:




For more information on the original Wilderness territory in Wisconsin:


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I'd been hoping for something like this, especially after hearing of Ogle's Water Park for the first time last week...and it's demise. Just hope there is a bit more public access than the other resort indoor water park (great bear, big bear, yogi bear?)


Glad to see so many new water parks cropping up around the south. We need them. Good news and will follow this one closely.

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^^You just heard of Ogle's going out last week??? It's been out for year's...most attribute it to Dollywood's Splash Country coming in and being more friendlier, offering more, and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH CLEANER! What really hurt ogles was there operation. There was a church group that went and a kid drowned. I don't remember though if he went to the hospital or past away but it was serious and it was said that there was very little to no implementing of safety policy when it happened.


The Wilderness sounds great! It's just one more step towards Sevier County becoming the year round destination there striving to be.

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^^You just heard of Ogle's going out last week???


You got it. Guy I work with told me about it. 1993 was the last time I was in Gatliburg/Pigeon Forge, so be patient with me. I'm catching up.


Would've like to have seen Ogle's anyway. Oh Well.


As for Wilderness, I was hoping it wouldn't repeat what Big Bear or whatever did with restricting access to park unless you rented a condo. Was hoping more for a Water Park of America or Kalahari deal that's open to everyone. Great Wolf and some of those places are tough to get in unless you book way in advance or you get forced into the most expensive suite they have because it's all their offering at that particular time. I'm not paying $400 a night for a waterpark credit. That's just how I roll.


Anyway, still good to see more stuff coming into the area.

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Well I for one spend alot of time going to indoor water parks in Wi Dells. I rarely pay more than 109.00 per night for me & spouce and my 4 children. There is always a deal going on, except in July and early August. Just stay away from the weekends. Quite frequently my family stays a weekend for under 250 food included.


Currently I know that Chula Vista (Dells) has a deal going for 50 per night per person, and that includes waterpark, amenities and all food and drink (all-inclusive). Really can't beat that.


Just my 2 cents

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^^Wow 93. That's would be A LOT of catching up then.


Something that they could do is have it included with your stay and then they could set a limit for the amount of people not staying on there property that they let in each day. That way it doesn't get to crowded for there guest and some people will still be able to visit. Especially during the months of January, February, and March they could possibly get more locals in there, who don't want to spend the night but still willing to pay for the water park. And the amount they let in could depend on how many guest they have checked in that day so during the off season more people satying else where could be let in and they would still make money off them. Then again it's just an idea.

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^ I agree whole heartedly. I work at an indoor water park of middle-size near Chicago. We are there specifically for hotel guests and groups, but also for walk-ins. However, during busy periods, like the week between Christmas and New Year's, we closed to outside visitors to allow our hotel guests the most enjoyable experience possible. That could also have to do with our resort being operated by a high-class management resource and the fact our park is at a Sheraton hotel...

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