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Just go. You won't regret it. IF you go, go during May, first part of june, sept. or oct. on weekends and weekdays during the summer. Not sure exactly what your question is. Just view all the tr's for holiday and you will see it is a unique place. I am going on sunday so I can be one of the last few riders on Voyage before they close.

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When reading your post i think you want to go next year ?

Anyway make sure to get there like posted before in may or june when there is nothing to do over there.

Its a great park and one of the better kinds that i've seen.

I've been there 2 months ago and liked it a lot.

Unfortionally The Voyage was not my kind of thing but the Raven was a hell of a ride.

If the weather is ok you should bring some swimming clothes to cool down in there swimming pool with great slides.

One thing...make sure you bring a pepsican for reduction

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Tickets this season are $37.99 so I would guess they will be around $40 next year. Ride Voyage first thing, then go to Splashin' Safari as soon as it opens. Ride Bakuli, then Zinga, the Zoombabwe, in that order. Jungle Racers always has a small line, so there is no need to rush onto it. Around 2:30, head up to the "dry" park, and do the coasters until closing. Avoid riding the Raven and Legend in the mornings, for the lines will be HUGE, but they will defenitely go down in the afternoon. Holiday World has very fast and friendly staff. The food is great and pretty low priced. Also, take advantage of the free soft drinks and free sunscreen! Holiday World has free parking, too. All in all, Holiday World is pure awesomeness! Just go and have fun. You will NOT be dissapointed!


Oh, and if you haven't noticed, HW is one of my home parks....

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