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Photo TR: Inducky.

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We did it about a month ago and I've been putting off posting this for....whatever reason. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this fine read.


Waking up early from my long night of putting up with drunken yahoo's,

I headed over to Tsuki's.

She was ready for a g-r-r-eat day of coastering... and ALOT of driving.

Oh, and Eric appeared in my back seat some how.

Uh oh, Jailbait!


Ah, such interesting country. Corn... oh! Corn! And Look! Korn!

Optimus Prime!


We stopped briefly at Hardees (cause I know you all were wondering). I like it here, but it's not nearly as awesome as Carl's Jr. back west.

It's like Carl's Lite.

Nice new Antenentnnee thang.


Must. Follow. Truck.




Coming into Kentucky, what's the first thing we see?

A huge picture of The "Kernal" Sanders!


Come get some chicken in ya!


Thar be our first stop, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.


Five bucks for parking, and this guy took our money.

I would have payed ten bucks if he had made some hilariously offensive racial slur.


Go, Greezed Lightnin', go.


"YOU are HERE!!"


*ominous muzack*

Protect your feet!


Oh no! It's hideous! It's horrifying! It's business up front and party in the back!

And thus began....


Mullet Watch 2007


This feller was first. Here, we found...

Mullet #2.

"Why? Just... just why?"


Lightnin' was fun. Not as good as it could have been.


Chang was next.


Also, I thought it was interesting that the water park is nestled in the middle of the theme park.


Something must've been very picture worthy... to bad I didn't get a picture of it.








Mullet #3!


"Buy our crap or DIE an early age!"

Mulllllletttt Four!


Brian BIGWORM! Goooorrrrdonnnn!


Hey, man. Watch those fingers. They could get you kicked out...




D'oh! Way to flip off a camera.


They let us go, though. Cause they knew we were about to be punished enough on...

One nice thing about it, it had these

They were nice.

Una-Boob! Oops... careful, he's a trap!


Okay... I know that they are balloons. But c'mon. Do they have to look so much like... uh.... nevermind.


Ohhh yeahhhhh...


Mile High Club members ONLY.


Ha, they wish.


Time for a ride on everyone's favorite sisters.

Must eat ACEr.

Jeez! Mullet #5.

Eric fears the mullet.


vvvvvPotentially Offensive Jokevvvvv

Hey! We found the little girls feet! And some extra ones. Maybe they're COLLECTING them.




And now. The waiting song.

"IIiiiiii'mmmmm waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting. Waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting. Shayting, Fainting, baiting, waiting..."


Okay, it needs some work.


Mullet #6. Mullet Watch 2007 is becoming more important than ever.


Fun and short. Very rough, though.


Seems like all of the coasters are rough here.


Okay guys, let's motor.


G'bye SFKK. Thanks for not stealing our feet.


Hmm... I wonder which one is ours. The buses? No... The Semi? Yeah that's it!




Tsuki, you drive now I want to take pictures of....

All the corn!


Man there really is nothing out here...

Except THAT!



Yeahhh, tickets.


"That's it. No more gay pictures of flowers!"


Oh HELL yes!

Free Pepsi yadda yadda yadda.



Something about this really freaks me out.


What's better than free Pepsi?



This is gonna be awesome.

Something is wrong with this man's shirt...

Mullet Number Seven! Oh no!

Brawwwk! Theming!

Yikes, this stuffs dangerous.

Tsuki makes a new friend on her front row ride on Voyage.

"Yeah. It was awesome."



Time for some legendary action on... well... The Legend.



Time for Raven. NEVERMORE!

This looks pretty cool on the outside.

Kinda lame on the inside, though. NEVERMORE.


Raven was great, too. Didn't compare to Voyage, though.


Then of course we went here to ride they're frightening kiddie coaster.

I even got a special birthday greet before our ride. Even though, my birthday isn't for a couple of months....


Screw this, more Voyage. At night!


After a fun filled day of coastering, Eric wanted one last thrill at the hotel room.

He then died.










The next day we made it back up to Indianapolis.

Must ride Kiddie Koaster.

Beware of the giant trash receptacles!

There's a kiddie coaster somewhere inside here...

Ah, there it is.

Oh, sorry... it's a family coaster...


BaQ Row!



Yay "family" coasters!

"Yeah, Kombo!"



"Don't make me tell you again!"


Oh my...


Well, we got some chicken at a crowded popeyes and

finally made it home.


Oh yeah... and we saw this angry feller.


The End.

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Friends+Theme Parks=Instant Mayhem and at least 1 Kodak moment. Always a good decision!


So how close did you all get to getting tossed after "stated your opinion" on the wait?


To humerously answer your "Why?" on the mullet question: Sometimes, just baaaaaaad choice. Other times, it's a way around conservative parents who don't like long hair, but will eventually become long hair in 1st year of college. LOL! Yep, I had one...but I got better.


Perhaps a rat-tail watch on the next trip?


Good report man!

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Nice TR, with some cool pics. I must say though, I think you were trying a little too hard with the mullets. Of the seven, probably only three were a genuine mullet. The others were just bad haircuts.


Also, I thought it was interesting that the water park is nestled in the middle of the theme park.


Yeah, whoever came up with that idea deserves a good flogging. As if the road right through the middle of the park isn't dumb enough, they took their biggest half of the park and placed a water park in the middle of it. Just seems pretty stupid to me, but whatever! Again, sweet TR.


And Hardee's totally owns Carl's Jr.

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So how close did you all get to getting tossed after "stated your opinion" on the wait?


Good report man!



And to answer your question, the kodak dude almost had us booted. But he let us go when he realized we'd come all the way to Chicago. He was being lenient.


Of the seven, probably only three were a genuine mullet. The others were just bad haircuts.


You know, you're right. But Mullet is such a funny word.


And Hardees doesn't have the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger nor does it have the amazing Crisp Cut Fries. This is why Carl's Jr. rokks harder. Sorry.



Thanks, guys, for your comments. They are muchly appreciated.

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Oh, and I forgot to mention in the report (it may not matter to anyone else, but I feel it needs to be said), the whole way down to Holiday World we were blasting "Little Girls" by Oingo Boingo. Any one who has heard this should know how great it is to be accidentally singing it out loud in a family park.

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