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UFAlien's Cedar Point TR!

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Sorry, no pictures, because my stupid camera's batteries were dead. But I recently took the 10-hour drive to Ohio to visit CP for a few days. I even got to stay in the nice resort! Anyway, I had 4 "park days," so here's my report!


DAY 1:


Arrived at about 6:00 PM, and headed into the park. It had been pouring earlier, but now it was just cloudy. The first thing I rode was the Power Tower, on the Turbo Drop side. It was good fun, and there wasn't any line, so that's a plus. Then I headed over to see if TTD was running. It wasn't since it had started sprinkling again. So instead, I rode the...



Well, this was better than I expected. It was actually quite smooth, I didn't hit my head once. There was even a little pop of air on the 2nd hill! Still, it was really short, and not too unique either.




It had dried up again, but soon enough it started to rain some more. I saw the Mantis running and decided to ride that.



Wow! This was really good. It was my first stand-up, but honestly most of the time it doesn't feel any different than a normal coaster. Still, the layout was good fun and it was pretty forceful, even if the ending was rough.




Then, I went back to the resort to get my strength up for...




I didn't go to the park today, as it was pouring the whole time and it was pretty cold. But then we had...




I got early admission and headed for the Maverick, but unfortunately it had broken down. So instead I went on...




I was pretty excited about this one, and I got a decent seat near the back. The first drop was amazing, but after that, I honestly found the ride a bit boring. It was just a series of turns and two hills with little to no airtime. It was decent, but not memorable.




From now on, I'm just going to review the rides I went on that day:




I didn't think this would be that great, but I really liked it. The launch was nice, and the twisting spikes give you an awesome feeling of weightlessness. Plus, it's set on the beach, which is beautiful.






All the effects were off, so the ride was just a pitch black bobsled. It was decent enough though, and it wasn't nearly as boring as it would have been in the light.






This was really a typical out and back woodie. Sure, it's the oldest ride in the park, but there was less airtime on this than on the Yankee Cannonball at Canobie Lake, which is a good ride. This also wasn't that memorable to me, but there really wasn't anything wrong with it.






I was surprised by this one! The ride was pretty forceful, and the Zero-G roll was awesome. There was a bit of headbanging, but nothing too bad. They've also installed little video cameras onto the trains that record your ride, you can buy the video on DVD at the photo booth, on the off chance your camera was actually working. I rode this SIX TIMES just to get a stupid video.






I was cautiously optimistic about this one. The launch was incredible, and made me shriek like I was in a bad horror flick. But the ride was WAY too short, it was over before I could really get excited.






This was the surprise of my trip. I didn't expect it to be half as good as it was. The turns were a bit slow, and only one side was running, but the ride was smooth, and actually had pretty good airtime! Also, the restraints were very comfortable, and the line was short.






I call this Narcoleptic Streak. It was just so freaking BORING. Nothing interesting happened in the layout, it was just a bunch of ovals. The trim on the first drop was horrid, and the turnaround didn't even need to be banked, the coaster was that slow. All the drops are like bunny slopes at a snowboarding place, extremely gradual and shallow, and devoid of excitement. The hills had NO airtime at all, and this ride was painful. My neck was sore for a good half hour after riding this turd.






This just blew me away. I got a front seat ride, and it was sweet. The forces were incredible, the Zero-G rolls were awesome, it had amazing airtime, and the second launch was really cool. The transitions were a bit rough, but overall, this is what TTD isn't: an actual ride instead of one element.






My last coaster of the day. I decided, well hey, it can't be any worse than Narcoleptic Streak, and it wasn't. This was surprisingly fun, much better than that piece of crap Canyon Blaster at The Great Escape.






Today was mostly rerides and the challenge park, but there was one major coaster I still needed to ride...




I was on the first train of the day, and I loved it. It was a little bumpy, but the ejector air on the return stretch was INSANE. It literally catapults you out of your seat. My butt was 5 inches above my seat half of the time, I swear.




Well, that's all folks. Comments are appreciated!

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Wow! This was really good. It was my first stand-up, but honestly most of the time it doesn't feel any different than a normal coaster. Still, the layout was good fun and it was pretty forceful, even if the ending was rough.




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I think he means the ride should have had content, rather than doing one thing? Maverick actually has a ride to it, TTD does not.


And what's so "LOL" about the Millennium Force comment? I thought the same things about the ride, if not less.

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I just visited CP for the first time last week, and honestly, I agree with his Millennium Force review 100%. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I really cannot imagine how this is anyone's #1 coaster. It was mediocre at best



also, I was expecting Mantis to be a big piece of crap the way everyone talks about it, but I really liked it! If you lean with the turns I found it to be a lot of fun

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^ He got that right. Alot of Millennium relies on where you are sitting. I first rode the back and it seemed like we were just coasting over everything not really doing much but when we got the front it was completely different. The forces were much stronger and we actually got airtime.

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My 2 rides were back right (after rain, about 5pm) and front left (about 6pm) and I still didn't care for it. It's fast, I won't deny that, but it just didn't do it for me. Did I do something wrong here or is just not my kind of ride?

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SFNERules is correct. I meant Top Thrill was one element, whereas Maverick was a RIDE that actually did a lot.


LoL You cannot be serious! TTD was designd to be the way it is just like Maverick was designed to do what it does. I do not understand the comparison. There are many people that like both and some that don't admit that they like both. They are completely different coasters and they are exactly what CP wanted out of them. If you don't like them then you should just stay at SFNE. LOL You can ride SROS over and over again! That would be fun:(

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