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Just in case you were jonsing for a 2-month-old Holiwood nights TR, this is for you!


Lori & I planned on driving down to Holiday World for the Holiwood Nights. A few days before we headed out, she had the brilliant idea of driving partway a day early, buy our Maxx Passes at KI, and get some morning rides in before continuing to HWN. It was a good idea!


(The last two pics are out of order... Sorry! Just pretend they're right after the shot of Lori playing the Ring Toss game, ok? Ok!)


And that’s our trip! We had a great time! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


And a little Wicked Twister for ya.


This ride is themed like a dragster!


In the morning, we had to drive back to Detroit and go straight to work! Ugh! We soooooo wanted to go back in the park for some Draggie, but instead I had to settle for taking pictures from the hotel parking lot.


Lastly, on to Cedar Point. The rates at Breakers early in the season are pretty reasonable, so we were finally able to stay there! Turned out to be a great idea, cause at the end of the day, instead of driving 2 ½ hours home, we jumped in the huge hot-tub, and enjoyed the waves of the lake and the colors of the sunset. Ahhhhhhhh.


From the wheel, we could see the cast of ye old Pirate themed water show practicing their fencing, yar har ye matey.


D’ya think this might do it?


The ferris wheel offers a nice view of the part, and turns surprisingly fast. It kept making a disturbing noise, so I was looking for what might cause it.


Apparently, it had been an electric powered ride, and they built the coaster on top of the old non-hilly track.


Look at this track! The whole thing looks like it was hammered together one night at a huge Let’s Build A Coaster Party where everyone was fully inebriated.


Lost Coaster was freaking insane!


The Hurricane is out over the water for most of the course.


So, the coasters are pretty much built above everything else. Here’s Cornball Express acting like the Chicago El. We heard so much good stuff about Cornball, but neither of us understood the appeal. We didn’t care much for it.


Whack-a-mole POV! Careful playing this… You might get whacked!


Playing the frog game.


Lori loves her some games. Notice the assorted prizes already on her person.


We played Fascination in air-conditioned comfort. The game host was awesome! A very quiet, older Korean woman who kept cheering for us as we played. We both thought she was super-cool!


Awwww yeah! Air conditioning! The majority of the park was from the 50’s, and hasn’t been updated, so it has a nice, wholesome nostalgic feel to it.


Here she is still zoning out 15 seconds later.


From our table, I saw this ride op on the chairlift… Here she is zoning out.


They had pics of many of the musicians that had played there in the past. The only name I recognized was Tommy Dorsey.


Then breakfast at this funky restaurant, that also was decorated in the 40’s-50s. It was different… Cool in a funky authentic sort of way.


Next morning, right to business… Squish some pennies!


Purty coaster-style sunset.


Finally, we’re at Indiana Beach. We stayed at a little hotel rite inside the park. The room was unbelievably tiny, and had been decorated in the 50’s. Still, it was quaint. This is our first look at Hoosier Hurricane.


It’s all fairly tight. Don't take the tour if you're claustrophobic!


The tour was actually very cool. We truly enjoyed it. At one point, when you’re the furthest you can go, the tour guide turned off the boat lights, and had everyone be silent. It was eerie! Then had banged the boat with his seat cusion, and you could hear the boom echo down the caverns.


It’s in the big whole that used to be a pond. One day, the farmer who owned the land came out to discover his pond had disappeared. Turns out, the bottom broke thru to the underground cavern and all the water drained out.


This is the entrance into the cavern.


This shot if for Rick… He has a thing for tunnel-walkways.


For those of you who haven’t been there yet, I must warn you… Holidog is freakin’ huge! After a great time at HW, we headed to Indiana Beach for our first visit. On the way, we stopped at BlueSpring Cavern. We were a little concerned as we drove up, we found ourselves on this little rural road to nowhere. Lori kept humming the theme from Deliverence.


But in a good way! Here he is getting his Credit Whore credit.


I slowly began to learn that Rick is, how shall we say…. Looney.


Me likey.


… the Voyage! In my eyes, this is the perfect rollercoaster. For years and years, I’ve wanted a coaster that is all-out crazy and intense. So many coasters didn’t deliver. This one does.


It’s a very cute ride. HW continues their tradition of excellent themeing. The cycle runs a long time! I didn’t feel so good afterwards! Turkey Whirl is right next to….


Rick & I decide to give the Turkey Whirl a whirl.


Hheeeeeeeeellllllllllllllppppppppppp mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


Lori won two! In your face, Gyendolynne!


Gwen won a penguin!


Gwendolynne and Lori love skeebal.


So, just as the Holiday World was closing on Friday night, I recognize Rick from his TR’s. We all went to the hotel bar and laughed our asses off for hours! The next morning, Rick began documenting all the fun.


So we left KI for HW around 1:30, and decided to go on Gridlock: Ride of Suckdom.


The resemblance is quite disconcerting!


Ahhhhhh. Back in my natural environment.


Showing off my manly-muscles.


Fresh off our first ride of the season.


The past few times we’ve been there, the first couple hours on the Beast is emp-tee. Lori & I both love this ride.


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! That silly fence is removed from the Beast. (Notice how I’m pretending this isn’t old news?)


Lori loves the fountain & International Street at King’s Island.


Yep, all the rumors are true! The campground has been removed!

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That "Fascination" game looks pretty interesting. (I refuse to say "fascinating" for sake of pun.)


There really are some vivid colours in those pictures! My favourite is the lift hill shot of the Voyage.


Great TR!

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Man, Lindsay Lohan sure has gone downhill fast since getting arrested.


Nice Photo TR, makes me even more excited for the midwest trip!

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Yep that's right! The prize is the personal satisfaction you must have felt having solved the puzzle! Congrats!


Actually, it was really easy. I must be a coaster supernerd.


Anyway, cool TR, very nice photos, but I would have liked to see more of Kings Island and Cedar Point. And what in the world was CCI thinking when they built Lost Coaster? That one turn is so stupidly tight

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Man, Lindsay Lohan sure has gone downhill fast since getting arrested.


Nice Photo TR, makes me even more excited for the midwest trip!


I was just happy to see ride ops reading instead of text messaging for a change. Haha.

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There weren't that many people there, so it was easy to get into the back seat.


It just wasn't all that exciting for us. It had a bit of air, but other than that, it was so-so.


We liked LoCoSuMo MUCH better! That ride was crazy!

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Well, I can't speak for Mark because we sometimes have different reasons for why we like particular coasters.


I WANTED to love Cornball Express just because of the name alone. I like rollercoasters for the following basic reasons, if it makes me giggle, makes gasp in shock and/or gets me up outta my seat. Those reasons make a ride fun for me.


Cornball did none of those things, no matter what seat we tried. Really.


On another note, I wish Mark had got a picture of the ride OP on the drop ride. That Op asked if we could check our own harnesses because he was feeling too lazy to get back up. (we had ridden and asked for a reride since there wasn't anyone else waiting)

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That Op asked if we could check our own harnesses because he was feeling too lazy to get back up.


Oh, yea! I forgot about that. How hilarious.


We ride Double Shot, the ride ends and our restraints get released Since we're the only guests even in that section of the park, we ask if we can just ride again, and the ride op says "Sure. Go ahead and pull down your restraints. And can you check them for me? I'm too lazy to get up."



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