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Photo TR: Enchanted Forest and Oregon

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We went to Oregon for a friend's wedding. We'd never been before. It was very pretty. I especially liked Portland. It was sort of like New York crossed with San Fransisco (except smaller, obviously).


The only park we visited was Enchanted Forest. There's not much to it, but what there is is heavy on charm. We spent about three hours there, and that was plenty--but it was a very good three hours.


Just how close is Thrill-ville to Enchanted Forest? It's pretty close. However, The Ripper was closed, so we passed.


My wife pretty much wore this for the rest of the trip.


The exit gift shop.


This area reminds me of Holiday World.


Sort of like the Tiki Room, but with pie.


One of the may concrete tunnels. Wear long pants.


Can you spot the ghost? :p


It's just sort of built it over existing stuff.


...the trackless shooting dark ride.


The third of the park's three major attractions...


Enclosed cars, bad transistions, and no restraints. What more could you ask for?


This ride is super-funky, but fun.


A view from the parking lot.


Much of which is not very icy.


The Ice Mountain Bobsleds.


The approach to the park's only true coaster.


One more of the log flume.


My lovely wife models a free-use poncho.


Most of it is rather difficult to photograph.


The Big Timber Log Flume was really good.


The park was not busy.


When you push a button in each car, it makes an animal noise of some kind and then launches into "Old MacDonald."


This train was probably the best of them.


There are a few kiddie rides at the top of a hill.


Towards the end of the haunted house, you'll find these guys.


The walk-through haunted house. It's not bad.


Shooting gallery.


Meet Lincoln!


This is not part of the crooked house.


Well, that's it for the fairy tale section of the park. Now on to their Old West section.


...a really cool slide.


This giant shoe contains...


I live in fruit.


Little Red Riding Hood.


I'm not sure what this is about. It's in the crooked house, though. Anyone?


The Crooked Man's house. No real "tricks" inside, but it is a crooked house, which is always a plus in my book.


Enchanted Forest must be the slide capital of the world. Here's the first one, inside the witch's head.


I never understood the moral of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but here's the house.


The Enchanted Forest Dwarfs are a little bit different than the Disney ones. (Dingy?)


Moving right along.


You can go into the Gingerbread house if you're a sick freak who wants to see a little boy in a cage.


Little Bo Peep.


Little Miss Muffett and Spider-Dude.


Humpty Dumpty holding it down.


There's a sign that says "start with the castle." So we did. There are some dioramas and super-basic animatronics in there, which is cool.


It's worth noting that this sign is inside the park, once you've already paid to get in.


The (only) ticket booth. That's my friend Jason, the (then) groom-to-be.


The front entrance and exit gift shop.

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A few pictures of non-amusement park stuff (gasp) in Oregon.


I'll end with my favorite picture from the entire trip. Thanks for reading.


(A small section of) The Columbia River Gorge.


Looking down the falls.


The viewing platform at the top.


Like peanut butter and chocolate.


We had to hike it.


Multnomah Falls.


This is not a lake; it's the Columbia River.


I really wanted to see some of the Columbia River Gorge. Here's a view of Mount Hood on the way.


Another nickname is "Bridge Town."


Another view from Washington Park.


One of it's nicknames is "Rose City."


Portland was awesome.


The wedding was a vineyard.


I took, like, 20 pictures of this bridge in Newport.


How about a little lighthouse action?


The beach.


The road to the coast.


Our hotel.

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Very cool pictures! Glad to see someone from out of the Portland area enjoying some of the local sights. We visit Enchanted Forest, Washington Park, Newport Bay, and "The Gorge", at least once a year. Too bad you couldn't fit in the Oregon Zoo while you were at Washington Park. It is actually a pretty nice little zoo.


It's kind of funny, I have been planning on posting a PTR of my last trip to the Oregon Zoo from a few weeks ago and I have many of the same shots as you from Washinton Park.

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Too bad you couldn't fit in the Oregon Zoo while you were at Washington Park. It is actually a pretty nice little zoo.


The wife is really anti-zoo. Which doesn't really bother me--except when she doesn't want to go to SeaWorld(s).


We tend to move to a new area of the country every few years. Portland is now definately on the list. I think we need to see it in winter-time first, though.

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Enchanted Forest looks adorable ~ definitely on the "quaint" side but looks like a low-key & charming place to visit. Thanks for the posting the pics, especially as I don't think I'll be making it to that part of the country anytime soon.

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Ah, I've always wanted to go to a park like that, they're definitely one of the best places you can go to escape from reality. Did they make the Ice Mountain Bobsled in-house, or did they hire some crazy Japanese company to do it? Also, was the challenge of Mondor new this year?

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We took a trip to Oregon a couple years ago and visited Multnomah Falls too. It is a pretty long hike up to the top, but there's a very good view from up there.

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Great report!! I live only 10 miles from the Enchanted Forest and I've been going there my entire life (There's no other "parks" around here any way)


I was going to say that the picture you have on the 4-eyed guy in the crooked house use to scare the sh*t out of me when I was 4 or 5. (my Mom made me. She said it would "build charater" to get scared...right) So I would hide my eyes and try to run through that place and bang into every wall...Then turn around, run to the front and do it again.


Good times...good times...

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Ah, I've always wanted to go to a park like that, they're definitely one of the best places you can go to escape from reality. Did they make the Ice Mountain Bobsled in-house, or did they hire some crazy Japanese company to do it? Also, was the challenge of Mondor new this year?


Believe it or not, the Ice Mountain Bobsleds are an "in house" ride. They ad to remodel it after 2 or 3 years. I can't remember why. I roud it once in the original version. It was a 2 track ride. . I was only 10 or so so I don't remember the original version


The Challenge of Mondor was opened last Summer. It's a great dark ride!

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WHAT - No Dancing Waters???





They were quaintly cool too. And free!


And the Haunted House was always WTF in the amount of TIME it took you to walk through it. It kept going and going and....


Thanks for sharing your trip there.

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WHAT - No Dancing Waters???


Actually, I really wanted to include that in the TR, just because it was so funky, but I didn't have a good picture of it.


That's where we had lunch.

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