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PTR: Thorpe Park 17th June 2007

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Yeah, you heard me, no fastpasses were needed for the whole day!!! Myself, Thorpe park maniac and a non-coaster enthusiast friend had a blast yesterday!


Here comes the essay...


After deciding we should wake up at 5:30 AM, we got ready. We packed our bags with pretty much nothing (other than lunch, a camera and batteries) and we *finally left the house at 6:45. We picked up a friend from Ongar (about 20 minutes down the road who was out catching a neighbours rabbit that had escaped. We helped for sbout 10 minutes before we decided we should stop playing and actually go.


We arrived at the station at 7:15ish and got the train at 7:35. It took about 1/2 hour to get to London, where we got the underground to Embankment and then Waterloo (random names...). We *finally* left Waterloo Station at 8:10 (or there abouts).


After a 40 minute train ride (I could've sworn last time it wasn't that long) we finally arrived. Other passengers heading to Thorpe had also boarded, dampening our spirits a bit.


We got the Shuttle Bus for 10 minutes with about 50-60 other people (it's only supposed to hold around 30 ). Stealth loomed nearer and nearer as we got closer, adding that slight tension as the train peaked the hill. A round of applause went over the bus at this as it did look amazing! (that was the first time I had seen it peak the top hat in person. All the other 3 times it was broken down).


We got half price entry (only £16!!!) and dashed for Stealth as we still needed the credit. We saw another train peak right in front of us, dashed for the queue and found out it had broken down. I (honest to God) swore I'd probably never got on the ride EVER.


We headed for N:I instead with a 45 minute queue. We were actually there for less than 1/2 hour! 2 train functions as well. From unboarding the train to loading and checking the restraints only took anywhere between 30 and 40 seconds! They were gone in one minute!!! Congrats to that team! We managed to get Carole (our friend) on it. This being her first Inverted ride, she was really scared (she had done Colossus before, but she said this was something much scarier), but still managed to ride it and enjoy it! Thorpe park maniac and I done it twice, but we all went for a third/second go and it broke down as we were deciding which row to go on.


We headed over to Slammer next. We waited for one operation until we could get on! This was another new ride for Carole, to which she was pretty shaken up by it, but she said later she loved it. Thorpe park maniac didn't go on it.


We walked passed Colossus, shaking our heads at the roughness of it... The Intamin curse has befallen it worse than ever... People were actually complaining to staff members about it... It's more than likely very painful... Maybe Vekoma painful...


We decided to do X:\WTF? next as it had no queue whatsoever. Nothings changed really. They installed new lighting, a (rather poor) video and new sound effects throughout. Nothing extensive and we all hated it. We still decided to do it twice. Another new ride for both my comrades.


Here's where my memory goes... I think the next ride was Vortex (20 minute queue). Still as fun as it always has been, but the rotations need to be faster still. Another new ride for both.


We also did Rush (Thorpe park maniacs new ride) which we did another 3 times and... OMG shocking news! BOTH SWINGS ARE OPEN!!!! This was a sight I had NEVER seen! We did this a total of 3 times.


Here I don't remember any order...


Stealth was insane!!! I rode it 3 times, twice on my own (both on and off within 5 minutes. I love Single Riders Queue!) and once with Carole whom I pretty much persuaded/forced on... She loved it. It broke down 4 times throughout the day... At least it was always up within 10 minutes...


The Flying Fish: Heh, just as good as I can remember... Does it count as a new credit???


Loggers Leap: we got soaked. We didn't realize how wet we were going to get! Carole was sitting behind me and her nose went straight into the back of my head!!! It was slightly red yesterday, but that was it.


Detonator: Down wasn't sure if I was going to do it or not... I really don't like powered drop towers...


Zodiac: Still sucks. Forceless and the operations over in minutes.


Quantum: IGNORE THIS RIDE COMPLETELY!!! People were asking me if I was really scared, to which I replied 'No. I would love to have children of my own later on in life'. Seriously, this thing crushes your groin now... It's a mess... GET RID OF IT!!!


On the way back we had a spot of bother... We needed to get to Shenfield Station, but we got kicked off the train at Gidea Park which is an hour walk or a 10 minute train ride. Damn driver being too lazy to take us home... We were stranded for 15 minutes before the next train came along...


I believe that was it (Told you it would be an essay...) So, without further ado, I bring to you; THE PICTURES!!!


I leave you with this. Yes, this was actually stuck to the wall...


Look at the twist... Ooooohhhhh


YAY!!! It's up again!!!


No joke, the 3rd time we went to ride, this is what it looked like... The queue finished fairly near the top of the volcano...


Obligatory loop shot number 3...


Or is this shot better?


Loopage action. Hot enough for you Derek?


Still having trouble naming that ride? It's Quantum. Or is it Slammer. Or is it, in fact, Zodiac? No joke, they didn't get the name right once.


guy on the left end: I CAN FLY!!!

guy on the right end: OH CRAP! OH CRAP! OH CRAP!


Super-high!!! Lovely pop of airtime here


It seems to be the other way around here... She loved it; he hated


He really enjoyed it. His friend... I wish I could say the same thing...


Holy $h*t!!! Both swings are working!!!! If the queues weren't short enough!


What's this?


Coming back... MAKE WAY!!!


Lovely corkscrew...


You've been Slammered...


40 seconds until dispatch... Ready... Steady... GO!!!


Nemesis Inferno... Through the trees!!!1!!one11!!elevnty-two


It's barely 10:30 in the morning and people are already willing to get wet...


Damn you for breaking down on us!!!


See how empty the train is??? They had spare seats everywhere!!!


Corkscrew Crazy: The first ride of the day!

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