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Six Flags Celebration Lake

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Hello! This is a park I started a few months ago, and has a couple different themed sections. It sort of is a cross between Cedar Fair's attempt at themeing certain rides, and Six Flag's way of having a ton of trees and ride clones. I actually finished the park two weeks ago, but I'm going to do this in updates. Make it cooler!


Overview. There is also two flats, one being a roto-drop, and the other an enterprise, near the turn in the path heading up to the Mouse. More soon!


This coaster is called Shockwave, a totally awesome Shwartzkpohf (sp?) double looping coaster that was relocated from another SF park.


A very intense wild mouse.




A short walk down the path and you come to the park's first wooden coaster, Sawmill. Note: I was in the process of naming the coaster, so that is why it says Sawdust all over the place. Lol.


Nex to that, we have a small kiddie coaster called Little Legaue.


Moving on, we have a water ride themed to a small town that had gotten hit by a tsunami. Also, the park's sky tower.


Next to Whirlwind, a small flat ride called Twist.


To start, the park's first coaster, Whirlwind.

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Next update:


Teaser pic. B&M track! Till' next time...




The other station on Six Flags Express.


Also found a spot for a rustic (4)-D theater.


Station and back (straight) spike. I decided to put this coaster right on Celebration Lake, just to make it more purdy!


Oh! What's this I see? V2 (Vertial Velocity) .


The first stop on the Six Flags Express railway. It will later take you around 4 different exit points.


A little top spin hidden in the trees.


An aweome coaster that's very compact, and gives a very increased speed feel.

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Thanks for all the comments! I've got another park I'm working on now called Adventure City, and I'm paying A LOT of attention to themeing. It will feature a city section, an Africa section, and an american forest. All of my rides in that park are MINE. Again, thanks for the advice!


P.S.-I stated that this park is already built, and on the other side I have a Vu clone and a Cyclone clone, so don't be to hard on me...C'mon! I mean it's a Six Flags park after all!

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Overview of the new section. You can see how big this park is getting!


A beautiful woodie in the back section.


I also added another train station and a ferris wheel to this side of the park.


Back half (finale) of the seven looper.


Overview of the new B&M coaster, Alpine Summit.


Another view.


The B&M is part of a new snow themed section of the park.

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Not bad, others have commented on originality issues, but I don't like the name, it isn't very attractive, Seaweed Lake?. I think you can do better. Overall, nice though.

It's all seaweedy! What are your guys' suggestions on names, then? I'm really not a good namer. Thanks for the comments!

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