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Myrtle Beach Pavilion rides and organ to be saved

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Those rides aren't necessarily going to be scrapped. B&C is likely trying to sell them, but I don't know how much hope there is for anyone to buy any of those rides. I agree that the haunted mansion would be the biggest loss, and unfortunately it probably has the least chance of being bought.

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Haha, well I had to add that in the post just in case, but I'm never wrong so it's all good!



And yeah, the head op was some bulky old guy (the two don't really go together, but yeah) that looked like he didn't know what he was talking about. So that was my disclaimer.

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According to the head op at the Last Ride, Hurricane has been sold and will be relocated to somewhere in Brazil.


I'm not sure about that... it looks like the Hurricane is being cut up into pieces and made into memorabilia... check out the pieces of track that are now being sold as paperweights on the MB Pavilion website:


Hurricane Paper Weight


They are even crushing up the Pavilion building and selling bags of concrete pieces.


I was in MB on November 1st, and they were just putting the construction fences around the park. Several of the rides had been packed up and moved, but no actual destruction had been done, and the Pavilion building was still in one piece-- it even had most of the crappy redemption games still in the arcade.


I will be back in MB over christmas, at the latest, so I'll have some updated pics of the carnage.

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