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Photo TR: Knoebels opening weekend

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Knoebels is one of those parks you can have a good time at no matter what the conditions. Rain, crowds, cold, hot, forest fires, locusts, meteor attacks; nothing phases Knoebels. So when the weather guys were calling for rain all weekend, I wasn't about to cancel my plans. Of course, I also don't really trust the forecasters, especially after my Carowinds trip a few weeks back. I think the meteorologists need to focus more on meteors and less on weather, they just can't get it right. I'd much rather call up Meteor Notes for the local weather predictions.


"On to buisness..."


Prepared for the worst, I got to Knoebels shortly before opening and made my way to the Handstamp booth where most of my group had already formed. We then headed right to the Flyers, where Todd was proud to be the first rider of the year, a title he deserved for his long drive up from Florida. Taking in the absense of Whirlwind (and its clunking noises) we made the best of the Flyers, which isn't hard to do considering how wonderful they are. John was running them, and was having a great time doing it. After a few rides to rearrange our spines, we remembered we were at Knoebels and not just at a Flying Skooter ride in the middle of nowhere, thus we checked out the rest of the park.


Phoenix was running consistent as usual, though was a bit sluggish in the morning (its ok, its got a whole season to warm up) and did just fine by the late afternoon. After a few rides, we decided it was time for food. Cesari's Pizza, Rib BQs, Baked Potatoes, Tritaters, Perogies, birch beer, cheese on a stick, traveling tacos, sugar crisp waffles, caramel apple chips, ice cream, chicken fries, and regular fries were all consumed over the course of the weekend. We rode both trains, spiral slide, carousel, haunted house, had some hijinx on the motor boats, handslapping on the High Speed Thrill Coaster, and attempted to ride the new Flying Tigers, which our fat asses broke for a bit.


Saturday was pretty much a great day, the weather was overcast, but it didn't start raining until the park was closed. Sunday the weather was cold (like PPP nipple hardening, major shrinkage, 40s!) but once again the rain held out for most of the day, with just a little sprinkle here and there for a few minutes. It could have been a bit warmer, but thats why they make coats, and it kept the crowds away! Knoebels is such a great place, easy to spend a full day or weekend at, (unlike some other family parks with some wood coasters) and no matter what the conditions, its not tough to have fun. I'm glad the park is opened again for the season (and its only an hour and a half away from me! ) Now, onto the pictures:


The weather had other plans for the opening weekend event and sent Jesus back....as LIGHTNING!!!


The group chills out at the North Pole once it opens


Will Long shows why he doesn't yet have his license


ACErs aren't very nautical


Hand slappin' hi-jinx on the HSTC


Little Conner Ulozas enjoys his first ride ever


Also new was the Flying Tigers, which our fat asses easily broke shortly after this picture was taken


New for '05 was Fandango. Sadly it wasn't opened, nor would it give me tickets for Star Wars Episode III


With the North Pole closed, Sandborg decided to get a Proctology exam from Santa


Without Whirlwind, only the Hi-striker keeps the Flyers company


The Flyer Corps do their dance


Todd is happy to be in line for the Flyers, and almost gets his name on the sign


The main "gate"

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The weather had other plans for the opening weekend event and sent Jesus back....as LIGHTNING!!!


ROFL, I have yet to see that sign near Knoebels about Jesus. Good TR Derek. I can't wait to get back down to Pennsylvania and hit up Knoebels, maybe you can meet up with a group I might bring down.


Craiggers "Jesus Lightning!" K.

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Two comments:


1. It wouldn't be a Knoebel's update without someone licking the north pole.


2. OMG it looks SOOOO weird with Whirlwind gone!!!! :shock:


--Robb "Great update! Nice to see some familiar faces!" Alvey

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Few things...


When did Todd's kid become a teenager!?!?


It really looks strange without Whirlwind.


The boat thing was hilarious!


I love the Todd Sign!!!


Elissa "it wouldn't be a true enthusiast event without breaking something!" Alvey

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That Jesus/Lightning sign was near Dorney. I really need a picture of it as it really makes no sense!


I was sort of bummed to miss openening day, but we were in North Carolina, so we were a bit far away to drive up. I'll check the park out next month. You're absolutely right, Knoebel's is a park you can have fun at no matter what the weather conditions are. I think I could have fun there if I just went and walked around and didn't ride anything. It is indeed one of the best parks ever! And yes, it looks REALLY odd to not see the Whirlwind there! I will miss it's constant cry of pain echoing throughout the park. It's a shame it didn't "accidentally" fall on the High Stirker when they were removing it, though.


Feel free to contact me about the weather any time. My view out the window can be no less accurate than the stuff the guys come up with on TV...



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