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Random(er) Photo TR: Random stuff in my house


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So yea, I'm kinda bored and while cleaning my house for any future guests, I decided to clean up a bit. Well.. I thought why not take random photos of the crap in my house? Of course... /intro


I leave you with one last reminder of Oktoberfest, and that you never forget your first girl =)


random bill on the floor (actually I think I accidently knocked it down there)


heh I dont even remember wearing this.. I dont voluntarily wear jackets


some people use hangers, I use the arm of my sofa chair


I dont actually use my ipod enough to need a charger, but I got one


reppin' the used Geno's cup that accidently made it home from Philly.. oh well, its a souvenir now :-)


This is the Colber Repor


more PS2 stuff even though the console is at mom's house.. and yay for my favorite tie!


cleaning up... the coke can remnants, a DV tape, some porn flyers from Vegas, "The Battle of Los Angeles" and a UV filter (58mm)


lots of half-finished cokes and Matlab which wouldn't install properly the other day =(


cfquery rocks my socks


I gotta represent Goliath... whoops, not the coaster.. eh


awww.. someone was nice enough to give me a gift!


my living rom has a HUGE pile of clothes in need of a washing machine - take note of campout shirt =(


Thats actually a fairly organized mess... notice Cedar Point merch (ewww)


speaking of power tools, it wouldn't be a "Joe's House" TR without a shot of the tool closet located in my kitche


Yes, that's a missing drawer and YES that's a drill on my kitchen counter. I dont even remember what I was using it for, I think to kill a bug..


The bathroom may be the cleanest part of my house.. and YAY drugs.. drugs that knock one out when he can't sleep


its just a little ahead of its time.. errr.. well, maybe its kinda due for a flip


Calendar on an unfinished door.. eh


This makes me think of Elissa =(

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ugh, don't remind me.. it need to be dry-cleaned


.. and you know I you! (and that I miss Millionaire )


Why fold them up and put them away if you're just going to wear them in a few short days?!

Agreed, though its not a few short days for me.. I only do laundry like once a month! Ok so I was actually in the process of folding last night...

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Goddam what's up with your house! Do Monkeys live there?!


You've got stuff all over the place!


Otherwise, it resembles a "twenty somethings" pad, with empty pizza boxes, clothes laying around, an open box of condoms on the bedside table (of wait that last one wasn't there)


There's nothing better than having your own place!

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^ yeah, I'm really enjoying this being a lazy bum thing, but it will end soon =(


... an open box of condoms on the bedside table (of wait that last one wasn't there)

oh just cause its not in sight doesn't mean its not there



There's nothing better than having your own place!


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