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Photo TR: The Great Escape

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So I decided to head up to The Great Escape today. I wasn't sure if I was going to go, but checking the weather report, there was only a slight chance of rain in the afternoon. I figured I would do this park and then hit up Hoffman's Playland on the way back home, because I hear that they have the world's best Lusse Auto Skooters in the world, so I figured I would check them out to see if the person that I heard it from is just plain crazy, or an evil genius.


The trip up to Lake George is about 2 1/2 hours for me. About halfway through the trip, it started to pour. Not rain - pour. It was a freakin monsoon. I figured I was halfway through, so there was really no turning back. It didn't let up. I got there figuring that the place would be closed or something, but to my surprise it was open and rides were actually running. We know how to do it up here in the north.


Anyway, I spent 4 hours in the park before realizing that I was drenched and couldn't take anymore. I then made it to Hoffman's, finding it without a problem thank you very much. Sadly, it was closed. I waited around for a few minutes to see if there would be a miracle and the skies would clear up, but they didn't, and I will have to save them for another time. It should be soon though, because I REALLY liked The Great Escape, and I might head up there within the next couple of weeks again. Needless to say, about 15 miles down the road, the sun came out, but I didn't feel like turning around to go back to Hoffman's (yes, I'm stubborn). It sucks though, because I was really excited for those things. Oh well, like I said, it will be soon enough.


Don't make me go back out there!


Here is a sexy shot of my drenched legs and tight, wet shorts. I don't know what that white stuff was, but I swear it was somehow rain related. Don't get the wrong idea out there you pervs.


OMG! The rumors are true! It is a hostile Disney take over! Run for your lives!... Nope, for some reason Six Flags is just selling Disney stuff. Weird.


The park is a great mix of old and new and is very family friendly, which is probably why Shapiro is so in love with the place.


like dead horse, maybe a dog with a saddle, skeleton guy.


Mildly amusing for the longest wait of the day (15 minutes) due to the horrible capacity. But once again, a very good theme job...


More of the cool theme stuff.


I thought the theming was great for the ride though, which is something that I was very impressed with throughout the park.


AKA - The most pointless coaster of all time.


I was excited about this one because I have this thing about relocated Great Adventure rides, but it was closed.


I really like this park, but the layout is so confusing. First, there are 3 ways to get everywhere (short, normal, long - I managed to take the longs). And you have to walk through the water park. It's like water park, then not, water park, then not.


I usually really like rain, but this was just crazy, as you can tell by my attempt at a worn out face. Lukily my girlfriend's hoodie was in the back seat of my car... too bad it didn't help much.


So yeah, I got a little photo happy with the Comet. And I waited 10 minutes to get this shot, so you better like it dammit!


Those turnarounds are pretty relentless though. See the fear on those people's faces. Oh wait, that's not because of the turnarounds - it's because they are getting pelted in the face with hail!


Those two little hills are jackhammer city.


I had heard a lot of great things about this ride, but I found it to be merely a decent ride.


After the flats, I made my way back to the Comet.


Since it was absolutely POURING out, the coasters were just starting to test when I got to the park at about 11:30, but some flats were open. I hit up this scrambler and it was run very well. Way to go Todd!


Welcome to Lake George!


More lodge goodness from the bridge to the park. I love how the water slides go out of the building.


This is the new Great Escape Lodge that just opened this year. Shapiro is a big fan of it, and from the looks of it, so am I.

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Dude I am sooo disappointed in you.


Actually its ok. When I went there might have been 6 people at Hoffman's, so with it raining, they may have been closed due to lack of patrons for all I know!


Nice report, glad you liked the place, foot or standing water and all

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I bet that jackhammering on the comet was a tad bit too much for ya huh...


Jarvis "looks like you got your coaster cherry bursted" Morant!

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Larrygator, since I grew up less than a mile from Hoffmans, I'll give you the directions. From New York... Take the NYS Thruway (87N) North toward Albany. Take Exit 24 off the Thruway. After going through the tolls, take the middle road, staying on 87N, (now the Adirondack Northway) toward Albany Internationa Airport, Saratoga, Lake George (I believe it's 1A). Continue on 87N to Exit 5, Latham. Take a left off the ramp onto Route 155. Go roughly 2 miles, through 1 light, at the second light, take a right onto Route 9 South (a major intersection). Hoffmans will be on your right in about a mile.

Hope that helps on your next trip.

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I waited almost 2 hrs for Nightmare the last time I went (the year it opened) I ha dnever been on a jet star and it was really the only thing to do. What do they run like 2 cars on that ride?

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^ I thought it was four, but I could be very wrong. It is probably 2 or 3, but I just couldn't keep track.


Larry, I'll probably be going up within the next couple of weeks, but, it will be during the week and I'm sure you have to work. It is very easy to find the way I go up - just taking 87, it is just a couple of miles off the exit, but I believe that I took exit 6, not 5.

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If you take exit 6, take a right off the exit, continue to the Latham traffic circle, or the rotary as they call it here in Boston.... Get off the first exit of the rotary, and that will put you on Route 9 South, from there it's maybe two miles on the right.... Just less traffic taking Exit 5,

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