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  1. I'm assuming that you're comparing new GR's airtime to post-2010 GR (when they started actually using the midcourse brakes), because the airtime on 2016 GR is extremely gentle compared to what it once was. In my opinion, the ride has no ejector air anymore (with the exception of the drop after the midcourse, but only if you're in the last 4 or 5 rows).


    It's ejector air if you're from CA.

  2. I guess I'm the only one that thinks the exterior concept art looks pretty ugly. You can still clearly see all the characteristics of the current building.


    It reminds me of the 98 Tomorrowland goldification.


    Eh, looks more like the BTTF -> Simpsons conversion at Universal. No huge structural changes to the building. Minor adjustments to the ride itself. Just about everything inside and outside will look and feel different to fit the new theme. If this theme is executed similar to Tokyo's ToT, it will be an incredible improvement.


    But where is the love for DCA's Tower of Terror? There isn't any.


    The only part I'll miss is the predictable bunny hill and its crazy (in CA relative terms) airtime. But even that's not going away. We'll just not know it'll happen until it happens as with FL's Tower. Not a huge loss, and everything to gain with tapping into the broad appeal of Guardians of the Galaxy.

  3. And I do not like the direction of the company in this sense. I wish Disney would go back to making more original classics instead of feeling like everything has to be based on the newest property. I did not care about Maelstrom, (and who honestly did?) but I have a problem when they feel a need to upgrade some of their newest classics. I think that the newest major non-property based attraction in a US park was Everest in 2006. I will also give Seven Dwarves a pass, because the property itself is classic enough already. But I feel that Test Track and Tower of Terror are two storylines that should remain untouched.



    Soarin' Around the World *just* opened as a major non-IP attraction.


    Test Track could easily have gone Tron themed if GM didn't renew their contract. Honestly having seen what TT 2.0 ended up being and now seeing Tron Lightcycle Power Run in Shanghai, I think the Tron theme could have made for a better attraction than what's there now. The whole car design part in the queue is fun, but the test ride itself is disjointed storytelling at best. Tron would have told a much stronger story.


    What ultimately matters is what makes for the best attraction possible. If use of an IP-based theme like Guardians makes for a much richer, more immersive experience, I'm totally OK with it. If the day ever come where the use of original themes/stories for theme park rides was completely abandoned in favor of IP-based themes, that would be a sad day, but it's not going to happen. Certainly this move doesn't signal that day is near since Twilight Zone was an IP-based theme anyway. This move swaps that out for a potentially stronger, certainly much more relevant theme. I'll miss the Twilight Zone, but DCA's version was always a scaled-down version of the original anyway. WDW has the real Tower of Terror that will still be there after Guardians has moved in. Now it won't suffer from such a comparison without much of anything being lost. Instead, we gain having an attraction unique to Disneyland, and an attraction unique to WDW (and Paris) that used to be close cousins of each other. That's a GOOD thing.


    Having this be the cornerstone of a Marvel presence in DCA is probably the best news of all. They can take what has been a mostly dead, ill-conceived area of the park for 15 years and turn it into a huge success. Can't wait to see what else is to come.

  4. I went to the park on Sunday, there were still Fast passes available at 10am for a return time of about 3pm.


    Kinda makes me wonder how many groups put people in line for both Frozen and RSR FP's in the morning, keep in contact with each other, then have someone send the entire group's tickets to whoever gets through their line first, and then quickly back to the other line before that person makes it to the machines.


    This is why FP+ so very badly needs to come to Disneyland.

  5. I don't see where a hyper would go unless it went outside the park. The plot of land you're describing is only about the size of Pony Express. I have a thought, what about a dive coaster? It could be 200 feet, the holding brake makes it totally unique to the entire western half of the United States and it could probably fit in that spot and be very compact. Plus Cedar Fair just bought one at Cedar Point.


    Sure, and they could call it "Iron Perilous Plunge" maybe.

  6. Autopia has re-opened with its Honda sponsorship after a big refurb. It looks and rides great! Almost all the cars have been repainted and sparkle like they were brand new. The ride marquee has a fresh new logo. The queue and loading area have all been re-painted with the recent Tomorrowland blue-grey-white scheme. Didn't see any changes to the ride track itself. Still has the winding paths and the off-road section near Matterhorn.


    Opinions vary across the different versions of this ride found at the different Disney resorts around the world, but Disneyland's Autopia remains an entertaining & fun ride for families to enjoy together with the swerve of the kid behind the wheel. For what it is, this new refurb and sponsorship have Autopia looking very nice. IMO, it's a vast improvement from where the disaster of the '98 Tomorrowland and subsequent years of simply keeping the ride open had left it.



    Some photos from yesterday taken with my new Galaxy S7:


    New-looking marquee!


    Not many huge structural or procedural changes to Autopia's loading area, but it's all been repainted and freshened up like new.


    The electronic billboard works again, and shows an awesome retro-future transportation video montage. Looks like the content could have been taken from old Tomorrowland-centered episodes of the Disneyland TV series. Couldn't hear anything from it though.


    Love little touches like the "Autopia" on the spare tire shell on the back. Also notice the Honda license plate frame with clever plate number.


    There appears to be a "standard body" to the Autopia cars again, which is great. Here's the view of the car ahead. Remember, no bumping!


    Look Ma, I'm a Honda driver! The new hood ornament logo will confirm that.


    My shiny new red car really popped in the springtime afternoon sun.


    The stunning realism of their LA traffic effects never ceases to amaze me.


    Here's a new sponsor banner to stare at at the conclusion of your ride. Great to see Autopia now looking and running better than it has in quite a few years!

  7. Seeing as how it's Valencia, I'd honestly be hesitant to do any of that for fear of being jumped in the parking lot on the way back to my car.


    The neighborhoods outside of some shoddy parts of Canyon Country and old Newhall are much, MUCH nicer and safer than the usual clientele at SFMM would seem to indicate. SFMM is really sort of on an island being on the west side of I-5 and far enough away from any neighborhood to be considered separate from it. Most of SFMM's guests come north up I-5 from the more questionable areas to the south of the SCV, get off, go to the park, and get right back on to go home.


    Valencia itself consistently rates as one of the safest places to live in the USA.

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