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  1. Exactly. We all make "choices" on how we spend our money and what value we place on those things. And that value goes beyond the actual ticket price. I feel as though I get way more personal value out of my Disney pass that goes above and beyond the ticket price. I can say the same for my MacBook also!


    I go once or twice a month and I feel the same way about the value. That's what drew me into becoming an AP holder in the first place, despite the stupid traffic that Robb knows so well. It doesn't make me feel any better about how the top tier WDW AP for locals is now about $100 less than I'll be renewing my DLR-only AP for.

  2. Let's take it a step further and you can't afford it period. Does that suck? I bet it does. If you're a regular Disney guest now, I seriously, seriously doubt that the change in pricing is such that it will radically alter your life and make you unable to go to the park any more.


    That's the question I had, and the answer is it's not. The fact is a few bucks more a month isn't going to make a difference to anyone unless they were already pretty much done with paying year to year for an AP anyway.


    Most everybody ranting and raving about how awful the price hikes are and right now claiming they aren't going to go anymore are going to realize how little the hike is, renew, and still go as though nothing happened until the next hike comes down. Then the cycle starts over again just like it's going around again now. It's hollow, shallow feigned outrage which makes it all the more sad. The park's still going to be packed next month for Star Wars, and then for the holidays, and on and on.

  3. Are you a pass holder? If not then you should "shush" as this doesn't really concern you does it? The minute you are shelling out over $700/year to go to Disneyland you can kindly contribute to the conversation


    Since by your standards I'm qualified, I'll ask you to shush. In fact, I'll encourage you to STOP. This is EXACTLY the kind of whiny entitled attitude that gives Californians like me a bad name. Disney doesn't owe you a darn thing besides letting you through the turnstiles for 12 months. If you don't want to pay what Disney's asking you to pay in return for the product they deliver, don't go. Real simple.


    And with that attitude, nobody will miss you.

  4. In addition to the cost of living being higher in SoCal than in Orlando, they also have a much larger population. You have to price it high enough so that you don't have millions of people within 3 hours of the park coming in every weekend.


    This is also true, and I addressed that point on my socials yesterday when the news broke, but somehow seemingly none of these millions of people understands this.


    My social feeds are all cluttered with people who think they're entitled to go every weekend for pennies, and if Disney doesn't price it this way, Disney's a bunch of greedheads who hate families and make it so Cinderella can't go to the ball.

  5. And here I almost expected to see a few pages of Annual Passholders crying in their Cheerios about the announced price hikes. The only beef I have with them is the fact that now the first and second tier AP are both more expensive than the top tier WDW AP, which on its face seems ridiculous, but it's just another example of how living in SoCal is vastly more expensive than Orlando, FL.


    The part I don't quite understand is why does a Disneyland price hike even make news? Everybody raises prices from restaurants to sports tickets to theatre and I've never seen any news headlines about that. Yet today's hike was front & center on OC Register's website. Did OC Register run a front & center article about Angels or Ducks tickets going up? Doesn't really make sense other than because overly sensationalized news media.

  6. Sort of funny how nobody complains about these 20+ year old animated movies' presence, but they will complain about Frozen that's barely 2 years old and after it's become the most successful animated film in history. Of course its being added to every show. Do people not notice all the other movies that are almost always part of every new show that's been made for the past 20-30 years?


    Frozen is simply taking its place amongst the Snow White's, Pinocchio's, Aladdin's, Lion King's etc of Disney lore. They'll get used it same as they've gotten used to the others.

  7. It could simply mean that there will be extremely limited access since to get to that area of the park, people will either have to get through the construction zones for Star Wars or Toy Story Lands. The crowds in the streets for the Dancing Lights can be absolutely crushing. This sounds more like a choice was made to simply not have that crowd control headache.


    I'm trying to visualize the Dancing Lights crowds trying to get through the skinny work walled alleys of DCA's Paradise Pier back in 2010ish when World of Color and Mermaid were being built. That wouldn't end well.

  8. On the surface of it, it looks like the cheapest and most unoriginal thing to do. Putting lap bars and some strobe lights on it and call it new? Big effing deal.

    But with SFMM notorious for investing in great ideas only to abandon the maintenance of it two years later, it's really refreshing to see them put in some much overdo TLC. I love bashing SFMM as much as the next guy, but it's equally great to finally say something genuinely good about them. Hopefully this trend continues!


    The project reads like they're simply catching up on all the maintenance that should have been done in the past 20 years, but to SFMM, it needs to be marketable like this or the money won't be spent on it. I'll take the hokey ads if that's what it takes for Revolution to receive what it needs and not look so sad anymore.

  9. Interesting that they chose a hotel so far away from the park...


    No kidding Robb. Palm & Fountain Terrace was where I stayed for most of my Japan trip in 2007 and it was a pretty darn long shuttle ride. 15 minutes sounds about right but took longer if traffic lights and such worked against you. The feeling of immersion was gone as the shuttle traveled through some interesting neighboring areas. I remember at some point passing something that resembled a fishery. However, they tried their best to keep it going with a TV in the bus playing various Tokyo Disney Resort promo material including a song I'm sure anyone who's been to TDR is familiar with, "This is the plaaaaaaaaaace..."


    Even though a bus was needed, and will be to ferry people to/from this hotel, I enjoyed the fact that there was a schedule and they were consistently hitting it right on the minute like a train. Just goes to show that everything's better at Tokyo Disney, even the bus to your hotel!


    Oh, and here's some photos of the actual Palm Terrace from my 2007 trip. I'd have taken more but I was actually dealing with a mild concussion from whacking the back of my head on Joypolis' Spin Bullet ride. Thank heavens for the little 7-11 style store that had some really cold drinks!


    Fun little courtyard in the middle of the hotel. Will be interesting to see what becomes of this.


    More "Tokyo Disney" coming soon here!


    Here's a look at the main entrance, and a glimpse of the shuttle bus that took us to/from Tokyo Disney Resort.

  10. My biggest question is...


    What happens to all of this work if the new movies suck?


    You mean like the prequel trilogy? Didn't really seem to do much damage. New Star Tours still happened. Darth Maul's been in the Jedi Academy since that started. The people, characters, lore etc have been a part of Star Wars Weekends without much complaining about how the movies themselves mostly sucked.


    People are going to eat this up regardless because Star Wars. If the new movies are good enough and turn out to be award winners and such, that'll just be the icing on the cake for the studio.

  11. 110? the highest i can find on a forecast is 102. it hit 104 yesterday when i was there. surprisingly, it didn't feel that bad at all. felt worse the previous days where i live in cerritos with the humidity. the good thing, no lines. so i'm sure that made a massive difference.


    Weather forecasts for Valencia are rarely accurate. Case in point, today.


    The forecasts I knew of all said it was going to be warmer today than yesterday, and it was. It was 107 when I was driving through Sylmar heading home from the office at about 5pm. The SCV is almost always warmer than Sylmar, especially where SFMM is, it was very likely pushing 110 as I said it likely would. But who really cares? 104, 107, 110, whatever. The point is, it was HOT. It'll be HOT again tomorrow. So I hope folks are prepared for that.


    Hopefully it'll cool off before WCB in a couple of weeks but don't expect a huge cool down. Our hot temps usually extend clear through September, yet people are almost always surprised when that happens.

  12. I'm currently at 51,621 duct tape so I must be doing something right. Keep getting hit with "completed" across the project board though.



    EDIT: Uggggh. Hit the Project Board completed cap before 8am this morning after submitting at most 7 or 8 of whatever the highest payout job was. Now just shy of 62,000 duct tape but apparently no more project board until 1am tomorrow.


    (Note: I am not using donuts to rush any part of any task related to these projects.)

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