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  1. More changes to FastPass have gone into effect. The system has become electronic but the MaxPass phone app functions are not available yet.


    What happens now is the FP machines store each reservation onto your park ticket directly. The paper ticket that is spit out now only serves as a reminder and a receipt. This is still useful because the Disneyland phone app does not keep track of your FP reservations yet. The new scanners at the FP entrances of each ride scan your park ticket to redeem the FP reservation just like at WDW. But since there's no Magic Bands, we have to haul out our park ticket from our pocket, purse, or whatever safe place they were being stored at each ride. As you can imagine, this sometimes creates lengthy queues at the FP entrances. Most of the time though, people seemed to be doing just fine with it. There are signs posted and CMs audibly warning guests approaching FP entrances to get their park tickets out.


    One interesting circumstance that I noticed was that now almost all FP return windows were opening a few minutes after the reservation was made, right as the reservation was being made, or in some cases, even before the reservation was made. It used to be even with a 20-30min standby wait time, the FP window wouldn't be for another 2ish hours later. Yesterday, several times, it was immediate, or 30-60mins later. At about 5:30pm Star Tours had a 25min wait time, but the FP return window was 5:30pm-6:30pm. I happily picked up a FP and went straight in through the FP entrance. Didn't mind that at all!


    Also, somehow, Radiator Springs Racer FP distribution lasted well past 5pm, after Guardians' FP had sold out. The standby queue never went much past 60mins. Aside from Splash Mountain, the longest wait I saw was for Space Mountain at around 60mins. Fantasyland was in the 10-35min range pretty much all day. Pretty crazy for a Saturday in July. If price hikes and summer AP blackouts are responsible for this, I'm all for it! It all made for a terrific day.


    Overall there's a few headaches, but it will work just fine once people are used to this slightly different way of using FP. Here's some pictures I took yesterday of the new changes:


    Just picked up my FP and as of 5 minutes ago, I can ride. Totally OK with this!




    Here's the new FP scanners. There's some similarity to WDW's but no Mickey heads.


    Scan your park ticket or AP barcode and you're good to go! Easy, but I still wish I could use my Magic Band instead of having to fish this out multiple times.

  2. There isn't any argument. Rides that are built in both SFOT and SFFT, let's say, are not built with the avid coaster geek who'll readily make the trip to both parks in mind. What matters is that the parks are far enough away from each other to be in separate markets. Odds are the people who live in the Arlington area don't regularly travel to San Antonio and vice versa to have their park days slightly diminished by a common attraction.


    As someone from CA, when I travel, it always kind of amuses me to hear people who live elsewhere cringe at distances of 100+ miles as though it was some impossible length.

  3. It's going to look the same as the other 6. Just another clone of which SF will surely add 2 or 3 more and people will make the same comments. It's a clone. It's funny SFMM is trying to make this a big deal when you're opening the 7th of the same ride.


    Except about 95% of SFMM guests will be seeing this for the first time with no idea that the same ride exists in other Six Flags parks. That's why clones are built.


    On the topic of trees, tree maintenance costs money. The less trees, the less there is to maintain. They can talk about sight lines all they want. Maybe it's just coincidental that shrinking the maintenance expense enhances sight lines.


    As far as the SCV heat goes, SFMM is not and never really has been the park that excels in creature comforts for anyone. I don't expect that to ever be a priority. Just something to know going in.



    I would love to know who is paid to plan projects for Six Flags because I would love that job.


    You would feel like a professional artist who's told to paint a masterpiece with a spatula because paint brushes were too expensive.

  4. It's puzzling to me why anyone would be all "Don't touch Pirates!!!" when it's already been altered so many times and the world hasn't begun rotating backwards. Seems like the same people who wanted to "save Colossus" and "save Maelstrom" are now trying to "save" Pirates from this or any other change.


    I suspect once it's done and the new scene put in place, it'll look just fine and end up being another time to wonder what the fanboys were all freaking out about.

  5. Just a heads up, it appears that the reopening of the Hall of Presidents may be delayed due to an argument between Disney Imagineers and White House executives over who gets to write the animatronic president's speech. Sources close to the situation are claiming that the executives have informed the imagineers that they're writing the speech and that the imagineers "have no input on it".


    I know it sounds like I'm making this up, but I assure you that I'm not. I was hesitant to post this, but it's been picked up by the Washington Examiner, the Hill, the Theme Park section of Local 10 news in Miami and others and is a pretty interesting scenario as a theme park fan regardless of politics.


    Well, they can say what they want. Disney is denying it and maintaining they always intended for HoP to reopen later this year.


    It is sort of interesting to see how this is covered seeing as the news media generally hates theme parks and Disney almost as much as they hate Trump. For now it looks like they're simply capitalizing on an opportunity to make both look bad.

  6. ^ Don't overthink it. The Hyperion Theatre is the only building between Guardians and where the Marvel land is rumored to be. The trolley already goes out of Hollywoodland into BV St on one end. Now it can go out of Hollywoodland briefly into Marvel land on its other end. There's really no huge amount of mind-warping needed here, assuming it's needed at all.


    Just remember, all midwest towns in the 1900s had a medieval castle at the end of their Main Street, and a big snowy mountain off to the side.

  7. Awesome photos Robb!


    I'm generally not a huge fan of water parks. They tend to be a giant hassle with needing changes of clothes, needing a locker, can't carry around camera/wallet etc, super low capacity slides, a free for all for tubes at the lazy river and wave pool, requirement of sunscreen (hate that stuff), etc etc. Bring kids along and these problems multiply exponentially. This was probably the part of the Dubai trip I was looking forward to the least.


    As Negan would say, "I have never been so wrong in my entire life!!" I have to say our day at Wild Wadi was just about the best time at a water park that I can remember. Not only was the place visually stunning, up there with some of the best theme park theming around much less water park theming, but the staff was extremely courteous and polite, the restrooms were clean, the park guests were orderly, the tech with the photographers and all was convenient, and all of the hassels I was familiar with experiencing at a water park were virtually non-existent. The slides were actually really fun. That really long master blaster that went all over the park was great for my first master blaster. There was no one trick pony tornado slide that you gotta haul a heavy 4-leaf clover raft up to. Instead, one slide had 2 or 3 tornadoes in it. The launch box body slide was amazingly comfortable, and great for my first launch box slide. It was also the first time I had ever been with a group that rented a cabana. OMG OMG OMG what a difference that made!! Spending the last hour or so of our time just kicking back in the shade, cool drink, awesome surroundings, no unruly crowd...that may have been the best part of the whole day. Then right as we left, the park staff brought fresh watermelon for us! They didn't need to do that, but they did anyway. That gave me a very positive lasting impression of the park, the staff, and our day. That was great. Now I might be hopelessly spoiled and need a cabana for every water park day going forward.


    Still not a big fan of American water parks but I would go back to Wild Wadi in a heartbeat!

  8. Right, MaxPass would have made it incredibly simple to max out (pardon the pun) FastPasses to both DL and DCA at the same time. MaxPass should theoretically still allow holding of FP times in both parks at the same time, assuming it parallels how the paper system now works, but this move greatly reduces the max amount of FP times any one guest can reserve during any one day, and that's a good thing.



    For example, it's 2pm and I use MaxPass to reserve a FP time for Hyperspace Mountain for 10pm-11pm. I can now get another FP time at 4pm. I can NOT immediately use MaxPass to reserve a DCA ride, nor can I walk over to DCA to a FP machine like I used to.


    Now it's 4pm. I open MaxPass and reserve Midway Mania at 8:30pm-9:30pm. I now hold valid FP times to a ride in both DL and DCA, but I had to wait longer now that the loophole's been closed. The current paper system allows this also.


    Extend this over an entire park day and you'll see how the max amount of FP's any one guest could have reserved with MaxPass has now been reduced. This will hopefully help FP's from selling out too quickly once MaxPass comes online which, again, is a GOOD thing. The short-sighted complainers, of course, don't understand this.

  9. So Midway Mania's FP machines were turned on and people immediately started complaining about stand-by wait times. Also the FP system has been modified so all FP rides in both Disneyland and DCA are on the same network now. No more grabbing a FP for Indy or Space Mountain and then immediately hopping over to DCA to get a FP for Soarin'. Of course self-entitled internet people immediately started complaining about that as well. Matterhorn will have FP when it returns from its refurb so there'll undoubtedly be another round of outrage for that too.


    Obviously these changes are being made for MaxPass. These people are apparently too blinded by their own rage over losing their FP loophole/gravy train to understand that MaxPass is going to make things so much easier for all those non-terrible AP's who might be visiting with families, lots of kids, big groups, etc who can't just sprint over to Midway Mania from Space Mountain in a few minutes, and probably never knew they could have done that anyway. We can't get things we never should have been able to get in the first place but we've been able to for 15+ years because Disney never bothered to fix it before now! RAGE!!!

  10. Made the mistake of reading some of the FB comments about this ride...


    The coherent opinions seemed to center around how "boring" the ride looked. I think people have played too much RCT and think every single ride needs to give near death experiences to every rider every time or it's not worth their time. What I saw at Ferrari World was not a record breaking launch coaster, but a very good middle ground kind of launched coaster. I wish this kind of ride was in more parks to provide a stepping stone to kids and those a bit more skiddish about riding coasters compared to insane coaster nerds. A broader appeal to the general population is a GOOD thing as it should grow the theme park attendance as a whole. Why do the complainers not understand this?

  11. The WDW monorails were last updated in 1991 so something's going to be happening with them in the not too distant future. Maybe they'll pull a Disneyland and simply replace the trains and perform structural upkeep on the existing beams.


    There's road construction happening at WDW that appears to be aimed at creating a dedicated Busway down the middle of Buena Vista Drive. The Disney Springs end is already done and it looks like they're aiming to complete this all the way back to World Drive. That should make the buses run a little more efficiently. Maybe the same will come to World Drive in conjunction with whatever's going to happen up at the MK toll booth area now that the race track is history.


    Adding a new gondola system of sorts should make it that much easier to get around along with the ground improvements.

  12. I think the current update is really great this time around. It seems pretty easy to earn all the stuff plus we get to build our own World Showcase. Easily the best update in a long time. Tokyo time now.


    And here I thought I was the only one who was doing that. They're even parodying the once-rumored Mt Fuji coaster for Japan.

  13. Anyone have thoughts on the rumor that as of Sunday monthly payments for passes will no longer available (along with a possible small price reduction in at least the higher passes)? I think it's the only way to help with crowds, although a lot of people are going to be pissed off.


    The only people who would be pissed are the ones who believe that monthly payments are the only way they can afford to have an AP, and then project their entitled attitude as frustration at Disney for taking it away. The kind that have an AP just to pop in for a few hours whenever they feel like it and spend relatively little.


    I'm sure the families who drop thousands on once a year or once in a lifetime trips, who've never had the ability to pay monthly for their trip outside of credit financing, will enjoy having less of these people cramming the park.

  14. The Christmas update sucked, but there's a new one out yesterday which looks to be about traveling around to different countries. So far this has been at least mildly entertaining. There's an airport now which is a free insta-build. "AmericaTown" is now available for donuts. Cesar and Ugolin from the episode where Bart went to Paris are the top prize in Act 1 of this update.


    If anybody still has this app installed, it's worth a look.

  15. The coaster with the worst ending I've ever been on has to be Ninja @ SFMM. Because nothing says "exciting finish" like stopping, and then slowly going up a lift hill that leads nowhere but into the loading station.


    Best ending for me has been Outlaw Run's barrel rolls. Take those out and you'd still have one of the best wooden coasters in the world. The speed, air time, 90 degrees etc all make for a great ride and then it's topped off by a woodie doing barrel rolls. Love it!

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